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Discord Bot All Poketwo Commands & Helpful Instructions 2022

Discord Bot PokeTwo – PokeTwo Commands & Instructions

Before you can start using the Discord Bot PokeTwo, you must have a few things in mind. First of all, you need to give it the right permissions. You will need to grant it the View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links permissions. This is done through the bot’s dashboard. You can also change the prefix of the bot. You can also mention it in your chat to make sure it uses the correct syntax.

Discord Bot PokeTwo

The Discord Bot PokeTwo is a useful tool for players of the Pokemon GO mobile game. It allows players to chat in the same room as they play the game, and allows members to challenge each other and compete for prizes. While other bots use real Pokemon balls to collect Pokemon, the Discord Bot lets you catch and train your favorite Pokémon on the go! You don’t even need to own a Discord account or carry any balls! The bot will spawn a randomly chosen Pokemon in a Discord channel, and the user who guesses it correctly wins the Pokemon as a reward.

There are several commands that will help you get the most out of this bot. For example, using the command p!levelup will let you know when a Pokemon levels up, and p!silence will turn off these alerts. You can also use the p!redeem command to receive a certain Pokemon based on your name. This command will cost you up to 15,000 credits, and will allow you to sell it for a higher price. Besides being useful in game, the p!pokedex command allows you to see your collection of Pokemon in Discord. It will also give you the status of your PokeTwo Credits.

Discord Bot PokeTwo commands

PokeTwo commands are used to send messages to players. You can use these commands to send and receive messages to other players and exchange pokemons. You can also use these commands to sell your pokemon in the global market and trade them to other users. These commands are helpful in making your PokeTwo experience as realistic as possible.

You can add PokeTwo to any Discord server or use it in your own channel. Just be sure to grant it the right to send messages, view channels, and embed links. If you don’t have these permissions, you will be unable to use it.

To remove a PokeTwo from a server, you can right-click on it and select ‘Ban Poketwo’. Alternatively, you can disable Poketwo from speaking in any channel. To make sure that PokeTwo isn’t disturbing your team members, you can change the settings in the channel you enable it in.

Needed permissions for Discord Bot PokeTwo

When setting up a Discord bot, you need to grant it all the necessary permissions. Without these permissions, the bot can’t respond to chat messages and can’t spam. This is a great way to prevent the bot from causing problems.

Before installing Poketwo, you should check whether it has the necessary permissions on your server. In order to be able to respond to chats in real time, the bot requires the rights to view channels, send messages, and embed links. You can give it these permissions in the bot’s settings tab.

Adding a Discord Bot PokeTwo is easy and you can add it to your own server or join an official one. In either case, you need to have a Discord account to use the bot. If you choose the official server, the channel will be crowded, and a lot of pokemon will spawn. On the other hand, a private server will be more peaceful and the number of pokemon will be lower. Remember to moderate the channel so that it doesn’t get too crowded.

PokeTwo is similar to PokeCord. It uses similar commands and embeds. It also has the ability to capture random Pokemon. It also gives users the chance to compete with each other on the global scoreboard. While you’re playing the game, you can also trade with other Discord users and complete quests.

Record of All Poketwo Discord Bot Instructions

Here’s a checklist of Poketwo Discord instructions you should use in your Servers.

  • Begining of your Journey
    • p!begin – Begins your Pokemon Journey.
    • p!choose <Starter Title> – Decide your Beginning Pokemon.
    • p!assist – Shows a listing of Poketwo Instructions.
  • Pokemon associated Instructions
    • p!catch or p!c – Catches a Wild Pokemon when one spawns.
    • p!trace or p!h – Offers a touch concerning the Wild Pokemon.
    • p!pokemon – Shows the Pokemon with their Pokemon Quantity
    • p!shinyhunt <Pokemon Title> – Targets the Pokemon for a Shiny one. For each time you catch this pokemon, your odds of getting a shiny one will progressively improve.
    • p!evolve <Pokemon Title> – Evolves your pokemon in the event that they meet the necessities.
    • p!nickname <Nickname> – Set a Nickname on your Present Pokemon.
    • p!order <Quantity|Stage|IV|Pokedex> – Types your pokemon checklist within the method chosen. Notice, Quantity types out the Pokemon so as caught chronologically, not by Pokedex Quantity.
    • p!choose <Pokemon Title> – Units your lively pokemon to the enter quantity.
    • p!pokedex – Shows all caught and uncaught Pokemon for that participant.
    • p!launch <Pokemon Quantity> – Releases that Pokemon.
    • p!releaseall – Launch all your Pokemon.
    • p!unmega – Reverts a Mega Evolution. Primals are thought-about as Megas.
    • p!data – Get data on all your Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Battles with different customers
    • p!battle <@Person> or p!duel <@Person> – Battle the Person that you simply @’d.
    • p!battle add <Pokemon Quantity> – Add as much as 3 Pokemon for the Battle.
    • p!battle cancel – Cancels the present Battle.
    • p!study <Transfer Title> – Lets your Pokemon study a transfer from the out there ones.
    • p!moveinfo <Transfer Title> – Shows details about a sure transfer.
    • p!strikes <Pokemon> – Shows present moveset and out there strikes on your lively Pokemon.
    • p!moveset <Pokemon> – Shows all strikes on your Pokémon and how you can get them.
  • Miscellaneous
    • p!public sale <channel> – Change the auctions channel.
    • p!day by day or p!vote – Receives a Thriller Field if the participant votes Poketwo Discord Bot on
    • p!embedcolor – Adjustments embed colours of your present pokemon if it has embed colours.
    • p!occasion – Checks for any present occasion data.
    • p!subsequent or p!n & p!again or p!b – Scrolls to subsequent & earlier web page whereas viewing a a number of web page merchandise.
    • p!open <regular|nice|extremely|grasp> [amt] – Opens the Containers with the required rarity & quantity(amt).
    • p!prefix <worth> – Adjustments the default command prefix to the consumer given worth.
    • p!profile – Shows participant Profile.
    • p!seversilence – Disables stage up messages on the server. The Bot will DM you for a similar.
    • p!time – Tells the Time of Day.

New features in Discord Bot PokeTwo

PokeTwo commands and instructions have recently been added to the Discord bot. These commands can be used to interact with the bot and change the behavior of the bot. You can also enable or disable features on the bot, including p!profile to display the player’s profile, p!seversilence to disable level up messages, and p!daily to vote for the bot.

You can add the bot to your own server or join the official Discord server. The bot travels with your Discord account. If you use the official server, it will be packed with players and many pokemon will spawn. However, if you use the private server, it will be quieter and more peaceful, making it easier to catch pokemon. Make sure to moderate the channel to ensure a good environment.

Discord bots can now receive DMs from users and send messages to them. To enable this feature, you need to grant the bot rights to view messages, send messages, and embed links. Discord bots can also be set up to send messages in their own chats, but users should be able to disable them.

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