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Polly Monster Prom Game Review

Polly Monster Prom is the latest animated film featuring Sarah Anne Williams as the voice of the main character, Polina Geist. She is a light blue-grey ghost with a ponytail and pink lipstick. She is a fun-loving, carefree spirit who loves to party and take risks. She also has the quote, “YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE”. You can watch the film on Netflix. The sequel will be released on September 18, 2019.

Polly Monster Prom

Polly has a secret ending, which can only be unlocked by buying the Cursed Locket of Winston Montgomery. In this scene, Polly will convince you to use the locket unconventionally. She will ask you to test the locket before using it, so you’ll be sure to use it correctly. She will also ask you to make sure you’re hydrated and calm the Coven. It is a fun ending to the game.polly monster prom

As the protagonist of the game, Polly invites her friends to Monster Prom. During the party, she carries all the items needed for the night, including her limo and dress. However, the guests are not invited. The Monster Prom will take place at Reverse Romanian Wilkinson, which is a popular location in the city. It is also the site of the infamous Reverse Romanian Wilkinson.

Monster Prom Polly

“Monster Prom” is a game created by Twinfinite. It is the first game in the series. The first episode is a retelling of the story of the school’s annual rite of passage, the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson. In the second episode, Polly attends her own Monster Prom, and invites friends to her party. After getting invited to her party, she begins consuming drugs and engaging in sexual activities.

monster prom polly

The game is known for its wacky humor and fun characters. It features over one thousand situations and 40 secret endings. The player can choose from a variety of different options to complete each level. The game includes Stat Checks, which favor the higher-statted character. The goal is to get the highest score and complete the level as quickly as possible. Despite her unsavory past, Polly is a fun and memorable love interest in Monster Prom!

The story is very funny, with many characters that are unique and wacky. There are also over a thousand situations in the game. Unlike other games, there are also Secret Endings that will keep you guessing and laughing. Some secret endings feature Stat Checks where the character with the higher stat wins. These Stat Checks are based on the player’s current stat. If you can find the higher-stat character, you will have a much easier time beating the game.

Monster Prom Characters – Polly Geist

polly geist monster prom

Polly Geist is the main character in Monster Prom. She is a 22-year-old ghost who loves pranks, parties, and substances. She attends AWA Academy and Monster High, and is a fan of orgy and pink lipstick. She is a carefree party-goer who takes things very lightly. She also likes to dance and wear loud music. However, she doesn’t want anyone to know about her naughty past.

As a child, Polly had many phobias, but this one was her worst fear. She had a hard time coping with her fears, and she was always in a bad mood. She was afraid of heights, but she was determined to attend Monster Prom. She was so depressed that she never got her prom date, and it sucked. Her phobia of heights was very bad, so she couldn’t go.

In Monster Prom, she wears a black and white costume inspired by the alchemist’s outfit. She also wears a green bottle of liquid and several pouches on a leather belt. Her necklaces are gold with a blue charm and a gold key. She also wears a pink corsage on her wrist and gold hoop earrings. This costume is also based on her original Halloween outfit, and she often goes for a Halloween costume.





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