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Prime Drink Hydration Review

Prime Drink Hydration is bold and full of BCAAs, electrolytes and antioxidants. This drink is the ideal energy booster for any activity. Prime Hydration is a full-fat hydration booster. It contains 10% coconut water, 825g of electrolytes and has a total of 105% coconut water. It also contains 250mg BCAAs. Prime Hydration is perfect for anyone who works out, plays sports, or simply needs a quick break.

5 flavours

Five flavors are available for Prime. Each has a different flavor profile. The first is the classic orange and the second is the lemon limeade. Both have a mildly acidic flavor. We’ve provided a comparison chart below to show the differences between each flavor. We also tasted all the ingredients. We would probably choose the first flavor if given the choice.

The drink is available at Target, Kroger, GNC and Walmart for less than $2 and comes in a striking bottle. The drink is full-flavored and less sugary than other brands. Prime Hydration can be a healthier alternative to drinking water. There are some things you should consider before purchasing. There are many flavors to choose from, as well as a wide price range. You can choose from the Original, Blue Raspberry and Tropical Punch flavors if you are looking for a sports beverage with higher nutritional value.

Prime Drink


If you’re looking for a sports nutrition supplement, it is important to fully understand the ingredients of Prime drink. Water is the most hydrating component in any beverage. Citric acid is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but recent medical research raises concerns about this ingredient. Coconut water is a healthier option because it’s high in nutrients and electrolytes. KSI is a YouTube sensation that became a part the Ultimate Sidemen entertainment collective. He then began to make music.

Logan Paul, a semi-professional boxer and YouTube personality, collaborated with KSI in the creation of a sports drink. The drink was launched in American stores and is already out of stock on the website. The drink is out of stock and not being restocked. If you are interested in Prime Hydration, you can sign up for marketing text messages.


Although Prime has only been available for six months, the hype is already building. It will soon be available in the UK from Target, Kroger and Walmart. Prime is not meant as a treatment for medical conditions, but to provide a fun way to stay healthy and have fun. The price of the drink is not yet known, but it comes with a cost of $5 per can.

The drink is formulated with sports in the mind. Logan Paul, a YouTuber, has teamed with KSI in order to launch a sports beverage. Although the drink is sold in many shops, it is not available online. To learn more about the drink, you can sign up to receive marketing text messages via the website. It will be available at Walmart, Target and Ralphs once it is made available. The product will be made available in the United States beginning January 2022. However, the price has yet to be announced.

Where to Buy

Prime drink can be purchased in many locations around the globe. KSI, a well-known social media personality, founded the British company. He was known for his gaming talents and joined the Ultimate Sidemen entertainment company. He also began to make music. Prime was created with flavor in mind. The drink will come in five different flavors. Prime has no caffeine and the company claims it is comparable to other energy drinks.

Although the new sports drink has been receiving a lot of attention recently, it is still not yet available in many stores. The drink will soon become available at several major retailers, including Walmart, Target Target, GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. Prime Hydration allows you to sign-up for text messages and marketing emails. However, the company does not yet know if they will sell the drink in supermarkets.

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