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Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List : Update! September 2022

Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List – The Tanks

In Princess Connect! Re Dive, tiers are used to rank the playable characters. There are several ways to rank characters, but this article will only discuss the tanks. In case you’re wondering who to play as in the game, consider Saren, Hatsune, Labyrista, or Akino. These characters can all help you in the game’s middle tier, so read on for more details.

Akino is a tank in Princess Connect Re: Dive

While Akino is technically a tank in Princess Connect Re: DIVE, her low Defense stat makes her an underutilized unit. She can absorb and repel a great deal of damage, so players should maximize her healing abilities to help them survive the game. But beware of her hefty regeneration rate! Luckily, she can be an excellent pick for Piccone players as she has a decent amount of physical damage rendering potential.

The tank in Princess Connect Re: Dive is a great choice if you’re looking for a strong and versatile character. Tanks provide protection for your team and are equally important as attackers. Without proper protection, an attacker can’t beat a tank. There’s also a fan club that allows you to share your preferences for character types and their strengths and weaknesses.

Saren is a midline character

Whether you are looking for a powerful character to join your party or a good midline support, you may want to check out Saren on the Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List. With her powerful passive skill, Saren provides a moderate Physical Attack increase to the nearest ally. This is great for helping you turn things around if you need to. If you are looking for a good physical support, Saren’s Fire Slash skill is a great choice. This skill does more damage as your HP decreases, so be sure to use it as often as possible!

In the midline role, Saren has a wide range of skills, ranging from magic to physical damage. She also has a range of defensive abilities, including the ability to lower an enemy’s defence and reduce their HP. Her physical damage and dexterity make her an ideal midline character. Unlike her tanky comrades, she is an excellent secondary line of defence and is very balanced.

image 74 princess connect re dive tier list

Hatsune is a backline character

Among the many characters available in Princess Connect Re Dive, Hatsune is a backline character. She is a support character who is capable of healing the HP of her teammates, while helping the team regain their lost HP. In addition to Hatsune, you can also use Hatsune as a tank in battles. Listed below are some of her advantages.

This character has a single target heal + defence skill set and is best paired with a frontline tank character. However, her weakness is against magic-type attackers and she needs a frontline tank character to make the most of her abilities. In addition, Hatsune’s defense against non-magic attacks is weak. In short, she is a great pick for any backline character, but she must be paired with a frontline tank character to be truly effective.

Labyrista is a midline character

In the RPG Princess Connect Re Dive, players can select from over 50 playable characters. These characters are ranked based on their general effectiveness and strength. In-game units may be more or less effective depending on their position, so it’s important to be careful when strategizing your battle team. Below, you’ll find detailed character tier lists for every position in the game.

The game’s unique mechanics and diverse cast of characters make it an exciting experience. It encourages strategic thinking and requires careful planning. To maximize your chances of success in the game, consult the Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List. Once you’ve completed this guide, you’ll be able to prioritize your characters. Princess Connect Re Dive is available on PC and Mac. To start playing it, download the free trial version to see what the game has to offer.

Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List – 2022 September List Down;

It is important that you know the tier lists to be able to read the letters. The characters with higher capacities were kept in the highest tier of Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List.

What roles does Princess Connect Re Dive play?

In princess connect, there are six types of characters.

  1. Magic Attacker
  2. Supporter
  3. Healer
  4. Tanker
  5. Debuffer
  6. Physical attacker

Magic Attacker

Magic attackers can use magical powers. They don’t have a bow and saber and their main focus is on the dealer. However, the roles characters are located in the middle and back lines. They are less defensive, so be careful.

Supporter Attacker Role

The role of the supporter is to help the team. They are known as buffers.

Healer Attacker Role

It is used to save your team. Heals the HP reduced by the enemy’s war so that you stay in the game.

Tanker Attacker Role

Tanker units can be used as a shield to protect your team. This reduces the enemy’s attack. So that you don’t get hurt. Tankers are great for teams with weak characters. There are many tankers that can handle more damage.

Debuffer Ater Role

These role models are great for your team, and can also be a source of support for your team. It is a way to attack and deal damage, and it helps you win.

Physical attacker

These are the attackers. The best weapons for inflicting bodily harm are bows, swords, or other weapons. These characters are at the forefront of battle, while others are supporting them.

Rino is a backline character

In Princess Connect! Re Dive, Rino is a backline character and you can use her as a backup to help you out in the battle against enemies. While this backline character has no special abilities, she can be useful in a pinch and can be a good choice for a team. However, you have to be careful to avoid choosing her over a main character, since her skill and durability are both low. You will need to strategize and be strategic when selecting a character, so the Tier List will help you decide what is best for you.

In Princess Connect Re Dive, there are five tiers and there are strong and weak characters in each one. The strongest characters are listed in Tier One, otherwise known as the S Tier. The weakest characters are listed in Tier D, and they may not perform well in the game. However, if you’re building a team, then it’s important to have the right characters for the right roles. Rino is a backline character and can be a great addition to any team.

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