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Project M Tier List : September 2022 Best Fighters!

Pokemon World of Warcraft – Project M Tier List

With the recent meta and competitive changes to Project M, there are a number of different ways to find the highest tier for your character in the game. This article will cover some of the top characters, including Charizard, Mario, Ice Climbers, and Fox Wolf Diddy MK. You may also want to check out our Project M Tier List to see how these characters compare to each other. However, before you jump in and start searching for your new favorite character, it is important to understand how to best prepare for these changes.


Having difficulty choosing the best Mario character for a tournament can be frustrating, and that’s why the Project M Tier List is so useful. There are several reasons for this. One of them is that the meta in Project+ is constantly evolving, and no character is destined to reach the top tier. As such, there is always room for improvement. The list below provides a quick look at some of the best Mario characters in the game.

Basically, the Project M Tier List ranks characters from strongest to weakest. Considering that the games are based on tournament data, each character is considered a “tier” according to their strength. While Mario is considered to be the strongest character, other game characters are strong as well, including Jigglypuff and Pikachu. In this list, the strongest characters are the most powerful fighters. If you’re interested in playing a Mario character in a tournament, you can find the top 20 characters by following the steps outlined below.


The addition of the Charizard to the Project M Tier List means that its gameplay has improved. The Charizard’s standard appearance features an armored look that is derived from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. The armored look receives a black recolor based on Aggron. While most Pokemon in the main games possess dragon-like properties and can learn Dragon-type moves, the Charizard also gains additional colors and an armored look. This armored look converts to the second blue team color.

The new Project M tier list replaces the original Charizard, which suffered from its slow attacks, a lack of defensive effectiveness, and a stamina system. The new Charizard fights alone, maximizing its air-based moveset. The tier list for the game was last updated on May 8, 2018.

Ice Climbers

The latest updates have made Ice Climbers more challenging to play and have improved their desynching and standard combat abilities. Before, they relied primarily on chaingrabbing and wobbling in battle. While they still benefit from chaingrabbing, they have become more capable without a partner. They also retained their Melee desynching methods. As a result, Ice Climbers rank 13th on the Project+ Tier List.

Ice Climbers have big strengths and weaknesses. While they are still limited by KO, their attack power has increased. Their attack power has been buffed as well, although they’re still fairly weak when the game’s AI doesn’t know when to use their attacks. While they’ve been limited by their lack of versatility in combat, they still manage to deal a good amount of damage. They’re also a duo, which means that both Popo and Nana copy your movements.

Fox Wolf Diddy MK

There’s no denying that the Fox Wolf Diddy MK character is one of the most popular characters in the game. Yet, the tier list does not make him the best character to play in MK. While Fox has been the best character to play in every game since the game was released, his ranking has dropped to the bottom of the list this time around. Here are the other best characters in the game.

If you’re wondering where the characters rank in the 3.6 tier list, there’s a table for that. You can view the characters’ ranks in the table by their highest and lowest positions. Then, you can also see their changes in overall rank. However, keep in mind that the PM Back Room has changed the list a few times. This may not be the official tier list, but it will give you an idea of which characters are better than others.


If you’re wondering why Jigglypuff made it on the Project M Tier List, it’s because her Melee form is much more consistent than her Brawl counterpart. Jigglypuff’s slow ground game and powerful attacks made her a mid-tier character in Melee. But her air game was among the strongest in Melee and her pressure game was surprisingly powerful. That’s not to say that Jigglypuff isn’t capable of winning in tournaments; in fact, she is consistently one of the best Melee characters to date.

The Project M Tier List ranks all of the characters from best to worst, according to their strengths and weaknesses. The character’s strength and stats are measured using a scale of one to four, with higher values indicating stronger and better fighters, while lower values indicate weaker and average characters. Jigglypuff’s weight, which represents her resistance to knockback, places her at 36 on the list.

image 32 project m tier list

Project M Tier List 2022 Guide – Best Fighters Down;

Project M Tier List

Project M game characters are divided into 4 groups tiers.

Metaknights and Wolf make up the top tier of group SK. They have the highest score on-game. Link and Mario are the main characters of group A. These heroes of tier A perform nearly as well as those of tier S.

Charizard is the main character of group B-tier, as well as Ike. These can be an excellent addition to your group. Bowser and Donkey Kong are the main characters of group C tier. These characters of tier c are not recommended.

Project M Tier List Best Fighter Details Wiki >>

Below are the details of Project M’s top fighters. This will enable you to find out more about your favorite Project M characters.

Wolf – Project M Tier List >>

It’s no secret that Wolf has the best in-game projectile attack. This allows Wolf to effectively zone and turn his opponents against him.

His laser moves slowly enough that Wolf can move with it. This maneuver is extremely difficult to defend and fight.

Peach – Project M Tier List >>

Because of her amazing aerial control and combination ability, Princess Peach can float straight to the top. His downstroke is something opponents will always want to remember.

Peach can take quite a bit of damage before he gets into trouble which increases his survival rate.

Captain Falcon – Project M Tier List >>

Captain Falcon can quickly dispatch enemies with his combination ability and good recovery. Captain Falcon is a very approachable fighter with great potential. You don’t have to be an expert in the art of flying.

It offers much to gamers who use it.

Wario – Project M Tier List >>

Wario, despite his weight, is surprising flexible and agile. Wario has an amazing combination. He ends up with a Bee Down which, in most cases, hits an opponent. Wario also has the equipment necessary to survive. Wario moves well in wind and this adds to its remarkable health benefits.

Overall, Wario is an excellent fighter who has very few flaws.

Meta Knight – Project M Tier List >>

Meta Knight is an aerial fighter that can be beaten with great recovery options. Contrary to popular belief, he’s not very dominant. He got the right amount of P+ balance. Meta Knight’s lighter stature may make him less resilient.

He compensates by being fast, agile, maneuverable, and extremely offensive. This is the best glass cannon receptacle for you.

Mewtwo – Project M Tier List >>

Mewtwo is the ideal choice for professional gamers. Mewtwo is a technical fighter which can be frustrating for some gamers. However, mastering his style will make it worth the effort. His aerial drift is unique and very effective when used off-stage/near ledge.

His attack range is much greater than that of most fighters which reduces the risk involved in combos.

Conclusion >>

We are proud to say that this is our philosophy. Project MThis post will provide a Tier List guide that lists all Project M characters according to their abilities and skills. Next, we mention the best fighter’s character details that will help to know more about Project M characters. We hope that you enjoy this Project M Tier List. Please leave feedback via the comment box.


While many Brawl characters reverted to the Melee version of their moves, Pikachu is the first character in the new Project M mode to return to its Melee form. With many new perks, a reworked moveset, and improved performance, Pikachu now ranks 23rd on the Project M Tier List, a spot close to the bottom of the B tier. While Pikachu was previously ranked 9th out of 26 in the Melee version, he was a close second in Brawl, where he was the top character in the game. In the new game, Pikachu gained more perks and was buffed to gain extra leverage against top-tier characters.

As expected, there are several new characters on the list, including Pikmon and Drugfreechu. Both of these characters have dropped considerably in the last few years, and the new Tier list reflects this fact. However, this doesn’t mean that all new characters will be added to the game. Some older characters haven’t been added to the game, and that’s why some players don’t know how to level them up.

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