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Project Zomboid VHS Tapes – Where to Find It in 2023? Helpful Guide

Project Zomboid VHS Tapes – Where to Find?

Project Zomboid players can find VHS tapes in many places including their home, Storage Unit, and Consumption Station. They can also be found in stores that sell VHS tapes. However, there has been some controversy over whether VHS tape stores contain the VHS tapes that players desire. Some players have reported looting the VHS stores’ other sections. In addition to the VHS tape stores, players can also reap the benefits of the TV channel Life.

Retailers in Knox Country

In the video game Project Zomboid, players have to collect various VHS tapes to progress through the game. These tapes play a very important role in the game’s storyline. There are several retail locations in Knox County where you can buy these tapes.

There are two different types of VHS tapes available in the game: home recordings and retail releases. Home VHS tapes contain recordings of events that occurred before the zombies took over. These are unique recordings of pre-apocalyptic scenarios. These tapes can also provide you with XP for your skills. They can be purchased in various locations around the map, including the main city.

Players can also watch Project Zomboid VHS tapes via television. However, they must be sure to look for a specific VHS version. They can watch special VHS versions of TV shows that they catch during the first eight days of the game.

Locations of VHS stores

Project Zomboid VHS Tapes - Where to Find?

One of the biggest things that you can buy in the zombie survival game Project Zomboid is VHS tapes. You can purchase various types of VHS tapes and play them to earn experience points and level up your skills. There are several stores across the map that you can visit to obtain these tapes.

You can also find VHS tapes in random buildings, gas stations, gift stores, and storage units. Many of them are empty, but you can always check each one to find the tape you want to watch. These tapes can help you pass the time and keep you entertained until the sun comes up.

In the game, there are six stores that sell these tapes. The first VHS store is near the horse racing tracks, and the second is in an L-shaped building. The third store is near a bridge and a dock area, and the fourth one is in a retail park.

Another store is in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is home to half of the VHS stores in the game. The first is in a strip mall near the Econoroons Motel. The second is in a separate strip mall in the north-eastern part of the city. It is next to a playground.

The place to Discover VHS Ability tapes in Venture Zomboid

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  • Dwelling VHS Ability Tapes Places: These tapes don’t have a set location as such, however you’ll find them in sure spots whereas rummaging completely different houses or autos. These areas embrace desks, wardrobes, tables within the dwelling. You may also seek for them in any car close to the home on seats and glove bins.
  • Retail VHS Ability Tapes Places: There are a complete of 6 shops within the sport the place you’ll find Retail VHS Ability Tapes. Beneath are all of their areas.
    • Louisville: There are three shops on this map.
      • First Retailer: Go to the north-easternmost a part of the map. Right here you will notice the Scorching Vids VHS retailer throughout from the Grand Ohio Mall.
      • Second Retailer: Transfer to the north aspect of the map. Yow will discover the Scorching Vids VHS retailer close to the bridge.
      • Third Retailer: Head to the west aspect of the map. The primary retailer is close to the horse tracks.
    • March Ridge: Go to the Hit Vids VHS retailer within the heart of the city.
    • Muldraugh: Head to the southwest space of the map in the direction of the police station. Yow will discover the Hit Vids VHS retailer subsequent to the station.
    • Riverside: Transfer to the west aspect of the map, close to the fuel and police station. Yow will discover the VHS Retailer within the constructing with an L form. landmark right here is the parking zone close to it.

The way to Use VHS Ability Tapes

In an effort to use any VHS, you have to a TV.

  1. Proper-click on a TV.
  2. Out of your stock choose the VHS you wish to use and drag it onto the TV.
  3. Click on on the Play button to look at it.

Now that you know the way to make use of it, beneath is the checklist of all of the Ability tapes you’ll find within the sport.

Dwelling VHS Ability Tapes

  • Fight Wound Administration (First Support)
  • Granny Nani (Tailoring)
  • Muldraugh AV Membership (Electrical & Makeshift Radio Recipe)
  • OSCC ’92 (Mechanics)
  • RMFA (First Support)
  • TV restore (Electrical)
  • Tailoring 101 (Tailoring)
  • no 9 (Metalworking & Steel Fence Recipe)
  • nof vid (Metalworking + Steel Roof Recipe and Steel Wall Recipe)
  • inventory vehicles (Mechanics)

Retail VHS Ability Tapes

  • Carzone E1 (Mechanics)
  • Carzone E2 (Mechanics)
  • Carzone E3 (Mechanics)
  • Cook dinner Present E1 (Cooking & Cake Batter Recipe)
  • Cook dinner Present E2 (Cooking)
  • Cook dinner Present E3 (Cooking)
  • Cook dinner Present E4 (Cooking)
  • Cook dinner Present E5 (Cooking)
  • Cook dinner Present E6 (Cooking)
  • Cook dinner Present E7 (Cooking & Pie Dough Recipe)
  • Publicity Survival E1 (Fishing & Fishing Rod Recipe)
  • Publicity Survival E2 (Fishing)
  • Publicity Survival E3 (Farming)
  • Publicity Survival E4 (Carpentry)
  • Publicity Survival E5 (Carpentry & Foraging)
  • Publicity Survival E6 (Trapping & Lure Crate Recipe)
  • Publicity Survival E7 (Foraging)
  • Publicity Survival E8 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E1 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E2 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E3 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E4 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E5 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E6 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E7 (Carpentry)

Locations of VHS skill tapes

In Project Zomboid, players can learn new skills by watching VHS tapes. These tapes can teach you various tasks, like metalworking and hotwiring. They can also teach you how to do first aid. VHS tapes come in two types: home VHS and retail VHS. The home VHS has unique spawns, whereas the retail VHS can have duplicates.

There are a number of places where you can find VHS tapes in Project Zomboid, such as VHS stores and random buildings. You can then drag a VHS tape into the TV to watch it. There are also some places where you can loot these tapes. These locations are listed below.

The first location you need to visit is the VHS shop in the southern part of Muldraugh, and the last one is in the heart of the city. The first two locations have a VHS player interface that allows you to watch a VHS tape. To watch a VHS tape, simply right-click the television and drag a VHS tape from your inventory into the player interface. Click Play and you will be able to watch the tape, which will help you gain skill experience points.

VHS skill tapes are similar to skill books in that they grant XP depending on the skill you choose for your character. You can find VHS tapes in VHS stores in different locations, such as the garage, the basement, and even your car. These VHS tapes are best for players at low levels, as they can help them get two or three levels in a short time.

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