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How to Increase Project Zombod Players Stats Without a Cheat Code

Project Zomboid is a zombie-killing game in which you boost your strength and carry more equipment by equipping Traits. It’s possible to increase your stats without a cheat code, but the Cheats menu is not enabled by default in the game. Here’s how to fix the problem: Cheats Menu Isn’t Enabled By Default In The […]

How To Project Zomboid Tactical Axe Mods

The Project Zomboid Tactical Ax combines great range, durability, and damage. It also requires very slow swings, which can get you into trouble in some situations. The axe can be used to chop down trees, break doors, and cleave through small groups of zombies. But you have to be careful – if you’re not quick […]

How to Use the Debug Options in Project Zomboid 2022

How to Use the Debug Options in Project Zomboid? The first thing you should do if you want to use the debug options is to load an old save. When you open the debug options, you will see an option that resembles a tiny mosquito with a red background. It allows you to tweak many […]

Better Sorting in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid has been updated with some important changes to its food systems. Now, you can preserve food more realistically, and even make your own alcohol. Better Sorting in Project Zomboid is one of those changes. It allows for more realistic food preservation options, including fermenting vegetables and drying fruits. Other changes include new weapons, […]

How to Use a Project Zombod Cheat Exp 2022

Using a How to Use a Project Zombod Cheat Exp and Project Zomboid cheat is like having a secret weapon! You can do everything in the game including build zombie forts, set skill level, activate debug mode, and more! Here’s how! This article will walk you through every part of the game and show you […]

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