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ProSports11 Referral Code 2022: Get ₹50 Sign Up Bonus

ProSports11 Referral Code 2022

If you’re into fantasy sports, you may be interested in ProSports11’s new fantasy cricket app. The new app makes it easy to play fantasy cricket without having to do any KYC. ProSports11 has two different modes: regular and jackpot. In regular mode, you’ll have to submit your team before the toss, while jackpot mode allows you to make an unlimited number of bets.

ProSports11 is a fantasy cricket app

While other fantasy cricket apps may have just the basic features, the ProSports11 fantasy cricket app is more than just a good way to spend time with your friends. ProSports11 offers a whole lot of new and exciting features, plus plenty of ways to win real cash! One such way is by sharing your Referral Code with friends and family. When a friend joins ProSports11 using your Referral Code, you can get a free Rs. 500.

There are two modes in the ProSports11 fantasy cricket game. One is the regular mode, which gives you the option of creating multiple teams and selecting up to four backup players. The regular mode is more risky and allows you to take more risks. This game is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. To start your fantasy cricket team, you need one wicketkeeper, five batsmen, three all-rounders, and three to five bowlers.

It does not require KYC

If you want to earn free money from your gaming habits, you can use ProSports11 Referral Code 2022 and get an extra 25% off on all the sports bets that you place. ProSports11 offers two different types of betting modes: jackpot and regular. In jackpot mode, you need to pick your team and submit it before the toss. The other type is the regular betting, which requires KYC.

To get started with this free offer, you need to download the ProSports11 app on your smartphone or desktop. Go to the profile section of the app and paste your referral code in there. Once you get the bonus, you can use it to play fantasy cricket. You can even redeem your winnings to your Paytm passbook. To get started with this free bet, simply download the ProSports11 app from Google Play or Apple Store.

Referral code 2022 for Prosports11

Use Referral Code for Prosports11Get Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 Signup Bonus

What is ProSports11 App?

The prosports11 app is a well-known and popular news item.

ProSports11 is an app for fantasy cricket. Play fantasy cricket and earn real cash. Fantasy cricket matches can be very easy to play. This app is not for people with a lot of knowledge about cricket.
Those who have good knowledge in cricket, they can earn good money through this app & also earn from ProSports11 Referral Code.

The fantasy app has provided a cash prize of over a lakh rupees to cricket players during the recent matches. It is a good thing that the app is not as popular as it should be. However, there are still a lot of fantasy cricket players.

You can earn three things with the ProSports11 App.
1. The first is to sign up bonusRefer to the ProSports11 Referral Code and players will get Rs. Register in the app to receive a 50-100 rupee sign up bonus. This bonus is only available once.
2. The second option is to refer and earnYou can earn 500 rupees per referral. This post will explain refer and earn.
3. The third is fantasy cricketYou can make money playing fantasy games.

ProSports11 allows you to earn real money and you can also transfer your winnings to your bank account. This app allows you to withdraw 200 rupees minimum. Read this post completely and get all the information & ProSports11 Referral Code about this app.

ProSports11 App Video Intro

Features Of ProSports11 Fantasy Cricket App

  • Good App UI & UX interface
  • Easy UI & UX to play which makes it even better.
  • Sign up for Prosports11 and get Rs.50 to 100 signup bonuses by using the Referral Code (BONUS100).
  • Get 2X the winning amount
  • Maximize your bonus on every match
  • Daily Exciting Offers on prosports11
  • Earn Rs. Refer friends to earn Rs.
  • Rapid withdrawals on your account
  • Lower competition means more chances of winning.

How to download & Use ProSports11 App

It is easy to download ProSports11, just follow these steps and you can get the app.

  • The ProSports11 website offers the ability to download the app. Click here
  • After downloading the app, install it
  • Open ProSports11 app & create your account
  • Now click on Register as a New User Sign up Link
  • Fill in your login details if you already have an account.
  • Then Accept App T&C and Click on Signup button
  • After logging in successfully, enter the ProSports11 referral number (BONUS100).
  • Earn Rs. You will earn Rs. Sign up for 100 bonus
  • Check your profile and verify your mobile phone number
  • Verify your Email ID in the profile section.
  • Your account is now ready to play fantasy cricket

Referral Code ProSports11: How to Earn

To earn Rs 200 per refer, you can use the refer & earn feature. It’s easy to use. Simply copy your ProSports11 Referral Code and share it via Facebook and Whatsapp. Register with your ProSports11 referral code and share it on Facebook and Whatsapp. Referral code You will get Rs 200

ProSports11 Refer & Earn

Refer & earn is the most efficient way to 2x your earnings. To earn from ProSports11 Refer & Earn, follow the steps given below.

  • Open the ProSports11 app on your mobile device.
  • Click on Profile Section
  • In the left side, click on the button Refer & Earn.
  • Copy your referrer now and share it on social networks
  • You will be paid 50 to 100 rupees each time someone uses your referral code to sign up in the app.
  • You will get 50% on your 1st deposit.
  • Get 25% for on your next Five deposits.
  • All future deposits done by your friend & earn up to 10% .

Prosports11 App Download

Prosports11 app is not available on Playstore. This app can be downloaded directly from the official website. This link will allow you to download fantasy cricket and earn a signup bonus. Referral Code for ProSports11.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket Game On ProSports11 Fantasy

ProSports11 Fantasy Cricket Game can be played in two ways.

  1. Moderation Regular – Use regular mode for submit your team before toss.
  2. Backup Mode – Use backup mode for submit the team even after the toss.

You can choose up to 4 additional players. They cannot be used against any member of the main team. If you want to play safe but still play well, then backup mode is the best option. If you don’t want to take any risk, you can use regular mode.

Let’s now know how you can play the game by joining the match.

  • Open ProSports11 Fantasy on your mobile & desktop.
  • You must select a wicketkeeper, five batsmen, three all-rounders, and three to five bowlers for your team. Their number can be reduced or increased.
  • You must select 11 players. Each player will be given a few points. After selecting the players, the total score will be 100.
  •  Select one vice-captain and captain for your prosports11 team.
  • Successfully joined the league & play game.

Prosports11 Fantasy Cricket points System

There are three types of points in the Prosports11 Fantasy Cricket Game.

  1. Batting Point System
  2. Bowling Point System

Batting Point System

These points are Base Points (Per run), Duck, Every Six Hit, and Every Four Hit.

There are two types of betting points. These points are made up of Milestone Bonus points and Batting Strike Bonus point. Milestone Bonus Points are Scoring 50 runs or Scoring 100+ runs.

The Batting Strike Bonus also includes points such as Strike rate below 50 runs per 100 balls, Strike rate between 50-60 runs/100 balls and Strike rate between 70-70 runs/100 balls.

Bowling Point System

Bowling points can be summed up as Per Maiden Over and Wicket, Four Wicket Haul, Five Wicket Haul, or Wicket.

Two types of point systems are available in Bowling Points: Fielding Points and Pace Bonus Bonus Bonus Point.

There are 6 types of Pace Bonus Bonus points. In which Economy Below 4 runs per over, Economy Between 4 – 5 runs per over, Economy Between 5 – 6 runs per over, Economy Between 9 – 10 runs per over, Economy 12 + Economy Between 10 – 11 runs per over and Economy Above 11 runs per over included

Five types of Fielding points are available. This includes Caption and Vice-Caption points for each catch, each stumping, and each run-out.

These points might seem complicated, but if you play the game you will slowly become aware of them.

ProSports11 Promo Codes

Note: The promo codes listed below are only valid for a select number of customers. Make sure you use them before they expire to receive the extra money in your wallet.

How to do KYC in Prosports11

KYC is required in order to transfer money to a Paisa account. ProSports cannot process money without KYC. So let’s know how you can do your KYC and transfer the won money to your bank account.

To perform KYC, you will need either a PAN or Aadhaar Card. One of these documents can be used for KYC.

Follow the steps below to complete ProSports11 KYC.

  • Mobile version of the app.
  • Go to your profile section.
  • Click on the Complete KYC button.
  • With the help of Aadhaar and PAN card, complete the KYC.
  • After completing KYC, the money will be available for transfer to your bank account.

How do I Withdraw from ProSports11?

It is easy to withdraw from the ProSports 11 App. You can withdraw the winnings from the ProSports 11 app to a bank account.
The bonus amount you received via the ProSports 11 referral code cannot be withdrawn. Neither the refer & earn amount can be withdrawn.
You have to play the game with bonus amount and refer & earn amount. You can transfer this amount to our bank account for as much as the game will allow.


Friends, this post contains information about ProSports11 Fantasy Cricket and ProSports11 referral codes. Referring code will earn you an app signup bonus. You can also play online games for free by using your referral code. By using your cricket knowledge, you could earn thousands or millions of rupees through the ProSports11 Fantasy Cricket Game.

It makes fantasy sports easy

If you enjoy playing fantasy sports and are looking for an app to play them on, you may want to consider ProSports11 for mobile. This mobile app will help you build your own team, win money and monitor the performance of players, both in the real game and in the fantasy game. This app allows you to create multiple teams, join matches, and make last-minute team changes. If you have an iPhone, download the app and sign up for an account.

You can use your ProSports11 Referral Code 2022 to make your fantasy sports gaming experience even better. By using this code, you can earn Rs. 200 every time someone signs up using your referral link. ProSports11 offers up to 10 percent of referral commission and allows you to earn Rs. 200 for every referral you make. If you want to maximize your rewards, use your code and share it with friends and contacts.

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