PSU Tier List 2022 – Power Supply Unit Wiki September 2022

PSU Tier List 2022 – Power Supply Unit Wiki September 2022

EVGA PSU Tier List 2022

Power supply tiers are a common market segment that has a number of good power supplies. The great selection in this tier can lead to a choice overload. This list contains some of the best PSUs on the market. Let’s take a closer look. We’ve reviewed the EVGA SuperNOVA T2, the SeaSonic S12III, and the Seasonic S12II Bronze.

SuperNOVA T2

The SuperNOVA T2 is one of the top-tier power supplies on the market right now. It boasts a massive 850W power supply and an impressive 70A on the +12V rail. As one of the least expensive tier-one PSUs, it should be more than adequate for dual GPU systems. And despite the lower price, this power supply offers an impressive 7-year warranty.

Seasonic S12II Bronze

When it comes to purchasing a new power supply unit, it’s essential to make sure you get one with the right features and specs. The PSU tier list is divided into eight categories, starting with Tier S. This tier of power supplies includes some of the highest-quality options, and is also a good place to start if you’re shopping for a new one.

SeaSonic S12III

The SeaSonic S12III PSU has reached the top tier of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) Tier List for 2022. This is an incredibly impressive feat considering the relatively low cost of this unit. As its name suggests, this unit is a top-tier PSU, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your computer. In fact, this model has the lowest price tag of any PSU in the entire list.


The EVGA PSU Tier List 2022 is designed to help you choose the right power supply for your needs. There are three tiers: Tier S, Platinum, and Tier U. Platinum is the lowest priced tier and it is recommended for budget-conscious buyers. The other two tiers are for gamers and professionals who want to get the most from their power supplies. The difference between these tiers is their functionality and price range.

Segotep GP-G

The Segotep GP-G is a power supply unit that comes in two variants, a 650W and a 1000W version. It is non-LLC resonant and very hard to extinguish externally. The tier list is important because older models can be a risk to your PC. They can short circuit the motherboard or any component within your PC. On the other hand, a premium model comes with layers of protection and warranties.

SeaSonic S12

The SeaSonic S12 PSU is one of the most powerful consumer-grade power supplies available. Its 1500W monster is capable of powering a mid-sized cabin and is generally used in extreme PC builds. Here’s a closer look at the specs of this monster power supply. You might be wondering if you need it for your mid-range gaming rig or a gaming workstation.

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psu tier list

PSU Tier List 2022

PSU is called Power Supply Unit in this PSU Tier List we create a guide that divides Power Supply Unit Tier List from 8 parts of Tier – S to Tier – G. That PSU Tier List will help you to choose the best power supply unit for your pc so now let’s start the list.

  • S Tier – PSU Tier List > Platinum
  • A Tier – PSU Tier List > Diamond
  • B Tier – PSU Tier List > Golden
  • C Tier – PSU Tier List > Silver
  • D Tier – PSU Tier List > Bronze
  • E Tier – PSU Tier List > Bronze Medium
  • F Tier – PSU Tier List > Bronze Low
  • G Tier – PSU Tier List > Carbon

S Tier – PSU Tier List (Platinum)

Platinum PSUs are one of the best suitable if you have top brand models and gaming components for their 80+ rating, features, wattage range, reliability, price, & well Japanese-made components. Tier S Power Supply Units are the best option for gamers who have a large budget but cannot compromise on quality.

A Tier – PSU Tier List Diamond

PSU Tier A units are extremely reliable and provide power solutions at an affordable price. They are well-suited for demanding styles and powerhouse products.

B Tier – PSU Tier List Golden

This PSU Tier contains all the elite and experienced power supply units. It’s good to say that these ultimate power supplies are still expensive, but they are extremely useful and effective for 4k+ gaming.

C Tier – PSU Tier List (Silver)

Do you have high hopes and a low budget? You might be a tier C power supply unit user. This tier, despite being fourth on the tier list is the best, provides the best quality service at an affordable price, protects the components, and is sufficiently powered.

D Tier – PSU Tier List Bronze

This is the value-to-money tier for budget-conscious gamers seeking a mid-range gaming setup. Do not be concerned about the efficiency of these tier – D components as they are all of very well quality and have the best reputation in the industry.

E Tier – LTT PSU Tier List Bronze Medium

PSU listed under Bronze medium gives as well as good performance but if you are looking for the budget-friendly option then LTT PSU Tier E works average for you.

F Tier – LTT  PSU Tier List Bronze Low

If you are using a pc of standard low-end, you should go for LTT PSU Tier List F since these PSUs are only for power. Tier F PSUs should be avoided if you use power-hungry components.

G Tier – LTT  PSU Tier List Carbon

Tier G PSUs shouldn’t be available anymore as they pose a serious threat for your expensive models. To be frank, don’t buy them and don’t even think about them.

About PSU Power Supply Unit.

When connected to the computer, the PSU (power supply units) converts alternating current into direct current (DC). This increases performance and manages overheating.

Power supply is therefore the most crucial and central component of a laptop. The longevity of other components of the computer will depend on how well the power supply is purchased.

Even though most PCs come with an integrated power supply, some gamers prefer to have a spare. However, once you have one, you will need to be more cautious and productive.

PSU Common Ratings

Most PSUs come with a variety of unique certifications or grades. Here are some common ones:

  • 80 PLUS
  • 80 PLUS GOLD

PSUs Buying guide

Please ensure the following components are included in a power supply unit that is reliable and of the highest quality.

  1. Filters
  2. Regulator Circuits
  3. Transformers
  4. Rectifiers
  5. Optional Silent fan with feature (Optional).

PSU Hierarchy Safety Concerns

Make sure that your PSU is equipped with the following automated shutdown system in order to avoid system failures or attacks.

  • Protection Over Voltage – Pc shuts down when the 110% power hits or more of the rated grading.
  • Protection Over Current – The pc shuts down when the PSU overloaded current.
  • Protection Short circuit – Shuts down when the GPUs & CPUs, run hotter and extract more power.
  • Protection Brown Out – Eliminates the possibility of electrical grid inconsistency and voltage instability
  • Protection Over Temperature – Pc shuts down when the temperature inside the case hits the upper limit.
  • Overpower Protection: The computer shuts down if the power grading is greater than 130%.


This is the LTT PSU Tier List 2022 guide to help you choose the right power supply unit for your computer. This Power Supply Unit tier listing was helpful, we hope.

EVGA S12II Platinum

Several months ago, EVGA announced that it would no longer offer the S12II power supply. The company is making it easier for enthusiasts to purchase a PSU with a platinum tier, which is a step up from bronze. This PSU offers a high power density and a low noise level. It has a fan controller and USB 3.0. It also includes a dual-slot power switch for easy cable management.

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