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Punika Adventurers Tome Update! September 2022

Punika Adventurers Tome Guide

If you have been playing Punika Adventure, you might have seen the Lost Ark item, the Adventure Tome. This item explains what you need to do in each region of the game. It will also include a zone map and Quests. It also lists a few things to look for to earn rewards. We’ll go over some of these in this article. Then, we’ll discuss the Rewards for each region.


This guide explains the different ways to obtain the Lost Ark: Punika Adventurers Tome. These items will allow you to complete different regions in the game. If you have not yet unlocked the Adventurers Tome, you will need to complete Punika and then get the Skill Point Potion. The Adventurers Tome is a key item for the game that will help you advance to the next level.

The first quest in the game is to gather ingredients for a dish that is spawned in the Tikatika Colony. This dish requires you to gather a few ingredients such as 1,000x Tunia Herb, 500x Wine Bottle Hidden by Someone, and 500x Thick Lean Meat. You can also purchase these items from the Punika Wandering Merchant, as well as find them in several locations around the map.

Zone maps

In the game, you will be able to see the exact location of each zone, including the Lost Ark. To help you along the way, here is a list of all the different locations. Listed below are the different locations for the various zones in Punika Adventurers Tome: Secret Forest, Nia Village, Starsand Beach, Naruna Hot Springs, and Tideshelf Path.

The Punika region contains the Adventure Tome, Wandering Merchant, and Hidden Quests. The zone maps for these items will show you all of the locations where you can find them. You will be able to learn about how to acquire each of these items by following the zone maps for Punika. The Wandering Merchant appears in four zones and spawns in each channel once every 25 minutes. The time of his appearance is varied, but generally between 2:00 and 5:30 PM.

In the past, King Luterra died during the construction of the Kadan Cathedral, so the architecture became a tomb. After King Luterra’s death, his son, Nahun, dedicated himself to hiding the tomb. He created a series of fake keys that he scattered around the city. His son, a brave young man, was granted a knighthood ring. The boy’s sister interpreted his message, believing it was a message from the dead king.


One of the great features of Punika Adventurers Tome is its hidden stories. These stories are part of the main story, and open up the world of Arkesia. They also have the most steps of any quest in the game, and can be quite long – a six-parter can take up to 20 minutes! For a more enjoyable experience, consider doing one or two of these per day to level up your character.

You can find hidden stories and achievements in Punika, the southernmost region of Arkesia. This region is home to a beautiful island, as well as a field boss that can get annoying! You can find plenty of story missions here, and it’s a safe haven from Area Chat bots. There’s also a lot to see, so make sure you take your time to explore!

image 94 punika adventurers tome

Punika Adventurers Tome >>

These are the Lost Ark Punika Adventurers Tome Rewards and their in-game completions.

Punika Adventurers Tome Zone Maps >>

These are all Punika Zone Maps Locations.

Tideshelf Path Zone >>

Below is Punika Tideshelf’s Path Zone Map Location.

Tideshelf Path

Nia Village Zone >>

Below is the location of the Nia Village Zone Map.

Nia Village

Starsand Beach Zone >>

Below is the Starsand Beach Zone Map Location.

Starsand Beach

Naruna Hot Springs [Dungeon] Zone >>

Below is the Naruna Hot Springs Zone Map Location.

Naruna Hot Springs

Tikatika Colony Zone >>

The location of Tikatika Colony Zone Map is shown in the image below.

Tikatika Colony

Secret Forest Zone >>

Below is the Secret Forest Zone Map Location.

Secret Forest

Oreha’s Well [Dungeon] Zone >>

Here the below image is Oreha’s Well Zone Map location.

Oreha's Well

About Punika >>

Punika Adventurers Tome

Punika, an attractive island country that is located at the southern tip of Arkesia in-game, is very appealing. Here, on this beautiful island, where the scorching sunlight fattens many fruits, and the calm sea, preparations are underway for a great festival to remember Holy Beast who protected them during Chain War.

Video Guide of Lost Ark Punika Adventurers Tome >>

Here’s the Youtube video for the Punika Adventurer Tome Guide

Final Words >>

This Punika Adventurers Tome Guide should be a great experience. We covered everything you need to know about Punika Adventurers Tomes rewards and the zones maps.

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There are many ways to earn gold in The Elder Scrolls Online, but the most difficult way to get these is through the Punika Dungeon. Once you have obtained the Tome, you must finish Rapport to get the rest of the treasure. The first thing you need is Giant’s Hearts, which can be obtained from Blackfang’s Den, Atlas Island, and Freedom Island. After you have obtained these, you can use them to make Skill Point Potions. This quest is easy to do but can take a little bit of time, but once you get the reward, you’ll be glad you did.

You can get these treasures by completing quests in Punika. To do so, you need to complete Adventure Quests, which are marked with a purple exclamation mark. Getting citizens and stamps is another way to obtain powerpasses. To get the “Honorary Punikan” quest, talk to Nia in the Punika village. To receive the “Berver’s Friend” quest, you must complete the Lost Ark Punika Adventure Quest.

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