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Elden Ring How To Beat Putrid Crystalian in 2022 & Weak point

The Putrid Crystalian Elden Ring

The Putrid Crystalian boss is difficult in Elden Ring. Although it is not the most difficult fight, it can be frustrating due to the sheer number of enemies and difficulty of the fight. You’ll be able to unlock the powerful Comet Torrent Sorcery if you defeat the Putrid Crystalian.

Staff Crystalian

The Putrid Crystalian (or Putrid Crystalian) is a magical creature that wields a staff or ringblade. They are aggressive and engage in long-range and short range combat. To improve their chances of success, they may use special abilities or spells. Putrid Crystalians will use staffs to throw their weapons at a distance and perform spinning attacks.

The Putrid Crystalian can be found in the Elden Ring as an optional boss. It is extremely difficult to defeat and can be annoying due its sheer number. However, if this swarm is defeated, you’ll be rewarded by the Comet Torrent Sorcery.

It is possible to defeat Putrid Staff Crystalian by using a summon without one, but it is more effective to use other summons. As long as you have at most one spear and staff, a summon can be used to win this fight. A Banished Knight Oleg, or Mimic tears can be used for this fight. Make sure you fight the Staff Crystalian’s Ringblade, not the spear.

The Putrid Staff Crystalian has three main stats. It can increase Blood Loss Buildup and Briars of Sin and Punishment. This staff can cause a lot damage so make sure to level it up quickly.

Blade of Miquella

image 20 putrid crystalian

An optional boss in the Elden Ring is a putrid crystalian. It’s not easy to fight, despite its size. After defeating it, the Comet Torrent Sorcery can be used. This weapon can be used to defeat vile crystalian enemies.

Magic Damage is the weakness that makes the putrid crystalian a dangerous and deadly creature. You can counter it by using a spell or skill that deals Magic Damage like Spear and Strike. You can also use weapons or items that cause damage to the putrid cristalian.

The aggressive creatures known as putrid crystalian are armed with a staff, ringblade, or spear. They can engage in short- and long-range combat and use both magic and physical attacks. A horrible crystalian with a ringblade can throw the weapon at a distance and perform spinning strikes.

This monster is Elden Ring’s most formidable boss. She’s not impossible to defeat but it is difficult and will require a deep understanding of your build. To have a better chance of beating her, you should be open to trying out other builds.

How to beat Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring

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Strike weapons can be used against the weak spots of Putrid Crystalian to defeat them. The strikes are not very difficult, but the amount recreation makes it a challenging fight. This combat is best done with a summon. If you’re unable to summon a friend, then the Mimic tear is a good alternative. Another option is the Banished Knight Oleg summon. This could help you balance the numbers. Now let’s try to find ways to defeat them.

  • Use your summonsIt could be your friend, a mimic tear, or the banished knight to combat Putrid Crystalian (Spear).
  • Participant should attend Putrid Crystalian (Workers), be defeated.
  • The Ringblade is the only remaining Putrid Crystalian (Ringblade) and it’s best to ignore it.
  • It may be possible to steer your combat away so that it focuses on your summon.
  • You can also fight the Putrid Crystalian (Workers). Focus more on the backstab and attacking those who break poise.It can quickly take a lot of your well-being.
  • You should end the combat quickly because if your summon dies, all three summons will begin targeting you and decreasing your chances for victory.
  • You can defeat the primary one-on-1 combat Putrid Crystalian by summoning your summon. You can try to prevent Putrid Crystalian (Spear), later.
  • As in the earlier fight, break its poise and hit it with backstab assaults.
  • Once you have defeated it, go after the second one and use the same trick to remove it.

Remember to use strike weapons as often as possible in combat. These are some of the best Strike weapons you can use in combat.

  • Hammer
  • Curved Membership
  • Nightrider Flail
  • Battle Hammer
  • Grafted Dragon

It’s safe to use the next spells once you’ve built a mage structure.

  • Terra Magica
  • Rock Sling
  • Comet Azur
  • Gavel of Haima
  • Greatblade Phalanx

Putrid Crystalian

The Putrid Crystalian can be fought in Elden Ring. It is an optional boss and not easy to fight. But, defeating him will unlock Comet Torrent Sorcery which is very useful in the game’s later stages.

The Putrid Crystalian, a highly aggressive creature, attacks with a spear, ringblade, or staff. It can engage in close-range and long-range combat. It can use magic to make enemies more likely to die, and its attacks are fast. The Putrid Crystalian is able to throw his weapon far away and can even spin and attack.

The Putrid Crystalian Trio comprises three crystals that each contain a different element. They can be particularly dangerous to non-armed gamers. The Staff Crystalian is the first crystal, and the Spear Crystalian is the second. The Spear is destroyed by Spirit Ashes and the Crystalian Trio is demolished using the Staff.

After you have killed the Putrid Crystalian you can move on the next area. An Erdtree Avatar can be found beneath the large walkway. It will drop a Rotten Staff if it is killed within range. After that, you can return to the Prayer Room Grace. From there, fight your way up to two of the highest ballistae. Here, you’ll be able take out the remaining Erdtree knights and soldiers.

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