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Best Pyro Characters Genshin Impact Ranked & Tier List 2023

Best Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact

Although Best Pyro Characters Genshin Impact were once considered Genshin Impact’s best damage dealers, the competition is now much fiercer. Cryo DPS characters have replaced them as the most effective damage dealers. The top pyro characters, like Hu Tao and Diluc, are still competent, but they must be at their peak to compete with their cryo counterparts.

Hu Tao

Despite not being a top-tier character, Hu Tao is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys fighting in Pyro classes. He has a good all-round play style that can make him a great DPS choice, and his Pyro skill is one of the most powerful in the game. With this skill, you can deal pyro damage to enemies, and it is chargeable, so you can do a lot of damage to your opponents.

Diluc is another great choice for Pyro DPS. A claymore user, Diluc is one of the first characters introduced in Genshin Impact, and remains one of the best claymore users. He has a slow attack speed, which allows him to balance his attacks well. He also has an elemental skill called “Elemental Burst,” which is a very strong ability, and can knock multiple enemies to the ground. He also has good HP and can take damage well, which will boost his attack strength.


Best Pyro Characters Genshin Impact

Xinyan is a four-star character that is best paired with the rock n roll singer Eula. Together they make for an extremely powerful duo. For the best results, build Xinyan with the Song of Broken Pines build.

Xinyan has a versatile burst build that can take advantage of multiple set-ups. Although he’s not as consistent as his superconduct counterpart, he’s still a very capable burst character.


Xingqiu is a Sub DPS slash support character who is extremely versatile and has plenty of Elemental Reactions. His ability to use two sword strikes in rapid succession consumes Stamina and causes a lot of damage to his enemies. He also has the ability to dive from mid-air to strike the ground below. This attack deals AoE damage and is one of the best ways to deal with enemy enemies that are immune to Pyro effects.

In Genshin Impact, Xingqiu can use the highest quality swords available. Some good choices include the Primordial Jade Cutter and Mistsplitter Reforged. However, Sacrificial Sword is the best option when leveling up to four stars. This sword is ideal for doing a lot of damage with multiple casts of skill. If you want to avoid having to buy multiple swords, the Anenoma Kageuchi is also a good choice.

Xinyan’s passive skill

While it’s true that Xinyan has some unique scaling, clunky attack animations, and requires multiple constellations, Genshin Impact Xinyan is a great addition to physical burst damage teams. While the game is more about single-player, the passive skill can help players in co-op mode. In fact, it can be a huge help for your team.

Xinyan is capable of performing multiple roles and has a strong set of secondary skills. Xinyan’s Elemental Skill allows him to deal Pyro damage, while creating a shield. He also has an extremely strong secondary attack, Wolf’s Gravestone, which is only available from Gacha pulls.


If you like playing characters that can cause mayhem, Klee is your best bet. She’s incredibly energetic, has a mischievous demeanor, and loves fire. She can easily destroy her opponents with her Pyro catalyst abilities, and she is the perfect character to play as the primary damage dealer. However, she is a great support character as well, so make sure you choose a catalyst that will boost her damage output.

A five-star Pyro, Klee can use the Catalyst skill to throw bombs at her enemies. Her bombing abilities are particularly useful, especially with her Jumpty Dumpty Elemental Skill, which allows her to throw a Humpty-dumpty-shaped bomb at your enemies. The debris from her bombs explodes when enemies step on them, and her elemental burst will light up everything for 10 seconds. If you want to play as a Sub DPS, Klee is also a great choice.

Finest Pyro Characters in Genshin Influence Ranked in a Tier Record

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Earlier than we get into this Tier Record keep in mind that is simply my rankings of the most effective Pyro characters in Genshin Influence. You could be utilizing another character and would possibly really feel these rankings and tiers usually are not justified for them. So now allow us to rapidly examine this checklist.

10AmberD-Tier4 StarsBow
9XinyanC-Tier4 StarsClaymore
8ThomaC-Tier4 StarsPolearm
7DilucB-Tier5 StarsClaymore
6YanfeiB-Tier4 StarsCatalyst
5YoimiyaA-Tier5 StarsBow
4XianglingA-Tier4 StarsPolearm
3KleeA-Tier5 StarsCatalyst
2BenettS-Tier4 StarsSword
1Hu TaoS-Tier5 StarsPolearm

Allow us to be taught a bit concerning the high 5 characters.

1. Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact that makes use of Polearm. She is 1st on this checklist merely due to her excessive harm output. When used appropriately she will simply deal very excessive harm, particularly when in comparison with different characters within the checklist. The very best half is her balanced strikes. She can’t solely cope with regular and AoE assaults that do regular harm. However her elemental ability and elemental burst permit her to additionally deal Pyro and AoE harm. Therefore, she is an absolute S-Tier Pyro character. The one downside with this character is acquiring her may be fairly powerful.

2. Bennett – Finest Pyro Characters Ranked Genshin Influence

Bennett is a 4-star character that makes use of a sword in Genshin Influence. He has good harm output and is considerably near Hu Tao however is finest when used as a help character. Not solely are his buffs good however he additionally works nicely as a healer. And similar to Hu Tao, he has you lined with all types of regular and AoE assaults that deal regular and Pyro harm. So contemplating all of those information Bennett is worthy of being an S-Tier character.

3. Klee

Klee is an efficient selection to make use of as a Predominant DPS character. She is a 5-star character that makes use of Catalyst. All of her assaults are AoE Pyro harm targeted, so if you happen to plan on difficult hordes of enemies which might be weak to Pyro then this A-Tier character is unquestionably price selecting.

4. Xiangling

Xiangling is a 4-star character in Genshin Influence that makes use of a Polearm. The 2 greatest causes she is likely one of the finest is her AoE harm and you will get her without cost. Her skill Pyronado summons a pyronado round her that offers Pyro harm to any enemy that is available in its contact. However whereas her elemental burst is powerful, she will additionally summon Gouba that breathes hearth to deal AoE harm to the enemies.

That is the place her being free to get is available in, this character would have been a bit decrease if you happen to needed to get hold of her utilizing different strategies. However fortunately that isn’t the case, all it’s essential to do is evident the Chamber 3 of Flooring 3 of the Spiral Abyss to get her. Preserving this stuff in thoughts we will conclude she is an efficient A-Tier character.

5. Yoimiya

Yoimiya is a 5-star character within the sport. Her weapon of selection is Bow. She is a superb character for targetting single enemies. However whereas she excels there she suffers a bit in the case of her AoE harm. Contemplating all of those she is unquestionably an A-Tier character.


Yanfei is one of the best Pyro characters in the game. She’s a four-star Pyro Catalyst wielder who’s part of the Zhongli banner. Yanfei is also known as the “law that walks.” She has a mysterious connection to the mystical Eula. She uses a special weapon called the Catalyst to enhance her elemental attacks.

Hu Tao is another good Pyro character. She has a high damage output, and has well-balanced moves. She can deal with both normal and AoE attacks. She also has an elemental skill, which can boost teammates’ critical rate. Her elemental burst also allows her to deal a significant amount of damage. She’s a good pick for team play, but you’ll need a dedicated healer to maximize her potential.

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