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Oculus Quest 2 Beat Saber Custom Songs – How to Get Them? Helpful Guide

Oculus Quest 2 Beat Saber Custom Songs

If you’re having trouble with your Oculus Quest 2 beat sabs, you can add custom songs to the game. To do this, you will need to download the BMBF app. In this app, you will find several tabs, including a Custom Songs tab. You can then browse the selection of custom songs and download them.

Uninstalling Oculus Quest 2 beat saber

Uninstalling Oculus Quest 2 Beat Saber custom songs requires a few extra steps. First of all, you must make sure the game is updated. The update will remove all the custom songs and restore its normal functionality. If you wish to keep the custom songs, you can sideload them using SideQuest. To sideload apps, you need to sign into the Oculus Developers page with your Facebook account.

Next, go to the Oculus Quest app and find the Beat Saber tab. From there, select the New Songs or the search option. You can also go to the Beat Saber page and search for the custom songs you want to add.

Depending on which game you’re playing, it may take a while for the patch to install. You may want to create a backup before proceeding. After you’ve done this, you can simply restore the custom songs to your Quest game.

In addition, you can backup your game’s data using the SyncSaber application. This way, you’ll be able to restore it when you need it again. The SyncSaber app requires that you have a Quest headset connected to your computer.

If you’re still having trouble, you can always connect the Oculus Quest 2 to your PC and issue commands from your PC. The PC will issue commands to the headset, so you’ll be able to play the game in VR.

Adding custom songs to Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 Beat Saber Custom Songs

To add custom songs to Oculus Quest 2, you must first download the Beat Saber app. You can find this app on the left side of the main menu next to Solo. Then, click on Custom Songs. This will enable you to choose the songs you want to play during the game. The latest version of Beat Saber supports custom songs, which is 1.17.x. However, if you’re on a later version of the game, you need to downgrade to an earlier version.

After downloading and installing the app, you’ll be able to add custom songs to Oculus Quest 2. However, it’s important to note that you must use an Oculus modding kit and a BMBF patch program to add the songs to your Oculus Quest 2 experience. To add custom songs, you can also use online services like OneClickInstall to add the music files to your Oculus Quest 2 game.

Adding custom songs to Oculus Qurest 2 is a fairly simple process. All you have to do is copy and paste your custom song folders from your PC to the sdcardBMBFDataCustomSongs directory. Once you’ve done that, you should tap the Oculus button in your headset to open the Oculus menu. Choose the ‘nine-square’ icon on the right side.

Once you’ve made the changes, you can begin dragging and dropping songs from one playlist to another. After you’ve finished this step, you’ll need to sync your BeastSaber’s profile to sync the new songs.

How to Get & Play Custom Songs on Beat Saber for the Oculus Quest 2

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You will need to update Beat Saber to allow Custom Songs to be added to Beat Saber. Latest version. If you’re not sure if your version is the most current, check by checking the foot print. Main Menu. Make sure it is updated to the current version. Install third-party software if it isn’t. You will need to install this software. Side Quest. If you don’t have it installed then follow the instructions to set it up on your PC.

  • Connect your Oculus Qest 2 to your computer from this page and you can open up Side Quest.
  • You will find it. BMBF.
  • You will now need to Install BMBFThe Oculus Quest 2. This will allow us import Custom songs that we can play on Beat Saber.
  • Once it’s installed, Unplug the Headset Get it started.
  • Navigate to the main page and click on your AppsSelect the Sources Unknown category.
  • You will find this category. BMBFClick on it.
  • Then, it will ask for your permission. Allow permissions to set up. This step is necessary to upload the custom songs to Beat Saber in order to play them on the Oculus Quest 2.
  • It will then ask you to Uninstall the gameDo it! It will happen. Reinstall the gameFor you.
  • The whole process can take time, so please be patient.
  • The message will inform you that it has received your permission to send you the following: You are not permitted to install unknown apps on your device. Next, go to settings and allow installation from Unknown Source.
  • Now, install the Beat Saber moddedYou can learn more about this process.

Beat Saber: How to get more songs

After you’ve completed all the steps above, click Next. After completing the above steps, you will be taken to BMBF Page. There you’ll see a Red buttonThis is what it means Beat Saber Sync. Click it BMBFYour Beat Saber account will be synced and you’ll be able get Custom Songs for OculusQuest 2. You can now download any custom song through BMBF, and it will be downloaded to Beat Saber.

Alternatively, you could try these steps after installing BMBF.

  • Start BMBF, and then go to the Browser.
  • Click on the Beat Saber tab.
  • A search option will appear where you can search for any song that you like.
  • For your Oculus Quest 2, you can find more songs here

Syncing tracks with Beat Saber

In order to sync tracks with your Oculus Quest 2 Beat Saber, you must first uninstall the game and reinstall it. You can do this by using the Oculus button on the controller’s right side. Next, click on the Beat Saber tab to navigate to your favorite music.

Once the SideQuest dot turns green, you can continue the process. It will take a while to finish, so be patient. Once the process is complete, you can now sync tracks. If your Oculus is not able to recognize the music, you will have to downgrade to a previous version of Beat Saber.

You can also use your PC to add custom tracks. Using the BMBF app, you can add a variety of songs. You can also browse the custom song store called BeastSaber. There are thousands of tracks to choose from. Just make sure to check their ratings.

One of the most popular games on Oculus Quest 2 is Beat Saber. While the game comes with an ample number of song packs, playing the same songs over again can get quite boring. Fortunately, the community has created thousands of custom songs to add variety to the game.

After you’ve installed the game, you can sync tracks with your Oculus Quest 2 Beat Saber. If your Oculus Quest has USB debugging, you can connect the headset to your PC and issue commands to it. Follow the instructions on the screen, and select Done once you’re finished.

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