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R6 New Season Update – Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 North Star

Rainbow Six New Season Update

This R6 New Season Update is aimed at making the game more challenging, as the new map, Outback, offers many new challenges and rewards. The game’s combat is now more realistic, and its new weapons and abilities are more powerful than ever before. We’ll also discuss the new weapons and how to use them, as well as new features, like the observation tool. Read on for more details. The following are a few of the changes made in the R6 New Season Update.

Operation Shadow Legacy

The R6 New Season Update will make some improvements to Ops. The game will now feature three new magnifications, better 1x optics, and accessibility options for changing optic colours. The bomb has been changed to a solid object, and roof hatches have been reinforced by default. There will also be a new Watch tab on the main menu. Players will no longer have to worry about spotting enemies, and they can also see their teammates and enemies in a spectator mode.

One of the new features in the game is the addition of a reinforcement pool. Instead of having two reinforcements per operator, teams can now share a reinforcement pool. This system will allow players to share reinforcements more efficiently and work together to eliminate their enemies. The R6 New Season Update will also feature a Ping 2.0 system. Pings will reveal which player is aiming at the objective and which is attacking them. In addition, yellow pings will now be numbered to help players identify which attacker is who.

Operation Vector Glare

The upcoming Rainbow Six Siege season two update brings a few new Operators and a fresh map. The game’s newest Operator, Sens, hails from Belgium and has a new weapon – the POF-9 assault rifle with a massive magazine. The update also brings the second new map to R6 in as many seasons. Players can look forward to battling it out on the new map Close Quarter.

The update also includes a Close Quarter Team Deathmatch map. Players can practice their skills in a Shooting Range before taking on another Operator. A new option lets players adjust the intensity of screen shake. Operators now have a third secondary weapon. The patch also includes a Reputation System that includes reverse friendly fire penalties. The update is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Support for the observation tool

Operators now have the option to use Observation Tools instead of the standard Camera. Players can now adjust the angle of their shot, which decreases the ADS speed by 20%. Players can now also adjust the synergy between Caster and Operator. New penalties have been added, including 60-minute, 2 hour, 24 hour, and 48-hour cooldowns, as well as abandon penalties, which have the same matchmaking restrictions as normal penalties. Support for the observation tool has been normalized for Operators, as well as the DSEG (Directed Shotgun).

Several gameplay changes have been made to the observation tool, including fixes for camera-related issues and other bugs. Players no longer have to worry about accidentally zooming out when using the Reflex B sight. Observation tool support has also been fixed for players with a Reflex B sight. Players can now easily switch between different cameras while viewing kill cams. Additionally, window frames no longer break when players use the observation tool on a barricade.

Changes to the Outback location

The Outback location in Rainbow Six: Siege is getting a complete rework, and it’s going to feature new features like the Thorn defender and a lot of other balance changes. There are also a lot of changes for other characters, including Finka, Valkyrie, Mozzie, and others. You can read on to find out more about the changes to this location.

The Outback map is getting a complete makeover, with improvements to walls, structures, and the ground. The map will now have better lines of sight and new exterior soft walls, making it more accessible for attackers. In addition to the map changes, there will also be a new High Calibre mode and a reworked HUD. These changes will go live later today on the PC test server.

Improved balance

The R6 New Season Update includes a new map, cheat reports in match replays, and restrictions on text chat. While Ubisoft has not revealed the new map, other changes include EMP grenades for some operators, and more. The new update also changes how Finka fits into the meta. But how will these changes affect the meta? Let’s take a closer look. Here are some of the biggest changes to the game.

The new update will bring some tweaks to operators and the overall game balance. New operator options will be based on feedback and in-game statistics, allowing developers to tweak the operators as needed. Among the eight operators receiving major updates is Lion. Instead of highlighting moving enemies with a red outline, his drone will now apply a ping debuff, similar to Alibi’s Prisma. This change makes it easier for new players to learn the ropes of Siege.

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R6 New Season

Rainbow 6 Siege has been going strong for over six years now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With the latest season comes the game’s 60th unique operator, and the Apocalypse event has just ended.

The sixth season’s first season is ending soon so fans eagerly await Season 2. Operation North Star. This will not only bring a new operator to the rescue, but also many improvements in the quality of your life.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the R6 new season, including its new operator, final release date, all patch notes, also how you can check out all the fresh updates quickly.

R6 New Season

R6 Releases New Season Date

Rainbow Six Season 6, the sixth season of Crimson Heist is nearing its end. This will make way for Y6S2’s launch of Operation North Star.

If you own Rainbow SixDownload the free trial servers for PC and you can test many of the new features in North Star. While most features will be ready to use for the next season, some of them may not be as planned.

R6 New Season Bug Fixes

There are many bugs fixed in the new season of r6. Here are all details regarding the bug fixes for the new r6 season.

Level design

Fix – Bulletproof camera’s seen are unclear when deployed on a server in a 1F server room look on a border map.

Fix – Ultimate Floors fully covered with fallen doors on the Favela map are very difficult to destroy with simple melee attacks & Maverick’s Breaching Torch.

User experience

Fixed – When a player selects another player on the scoreboard, the reporting function does not appear.

New Thunderbird Operator and Gadget

Operation North Star has a new defender operator: Thunderbird.

Thunderbird, a Canadian operator, is a strong defender and provides the best support for his teammates through his Kona stations. These devices can be deployed to promote healing for other nearby operators. They either improve the health of allies or heal full-health players.

Plus, if you’re down but not out, making your way to Kona Station will also be able to revive you. Be aware that attackers can easily target corner stations and can heal from them if necessary.

Thunderbird’s weapons and equipment of choice are as follows:

  1. SPAS-15 Shotgun
  2. Spear .308 Assault Rifle (NATO Sights)
  3. Q-292 Pistol
  4. Bearing-9 Machine Pistol
  5. nitro cell
  6. impact grenades

She will be simply available directly to Battle Pass owners or can be purchased three weeks later, on September 5 with Renoun & R6 credits.

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Changes in the R6 Season Map

Ubisoft has announced that they will be upgrading the favela as part North Star. This map’s thin walls and complicated floor plan gave attackers an edge, but these updates will make the favela a more balanced experience.

The map will shift into night and fireworks fill the sky. But developers also renovated the central buildings. The outer walls of the round are now indestructible. This prevents defenders crashing into the wall at the beginning of each round.

They’ve removed the ground-floor stair entry, meaning attackers will now have to enter “through two rooftop stair entries or through different windows and doors” for more close-quarters fights. At the same time, the interior is also now “much more navigable and interconnected,” allowing for more clever destruction-based plays.

All gamers will have access to the redesigned favela when North Star launches.

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R6 New Season – North Star patch notes

R6 New Season

Ubisoft also shared details about upcoming changes in gameplay and operators as part North Star.


  1. The number breach rounds has fallen from 3 to 2.
  2. Increased vertical recoil R4-C. Horizontal spread will be stronger and more stable to the right. The longer burst recoil will begin on the 8th bullet, instead of the 12.


HP is now granted permanently, as is the HP given by Doctor’s Stim Pistol.


When Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense is activate, the Corps is vulnerable to gunfire and melee attacks.
Now the device detects feet of enemies.


Rook now has the ability to combine deployment and equip interactions. He leaves his armor pack and applies it in the same move.


Valkyrie can take full control of her Black Eye camera, even if they are being operated simultaneously by another player (like Zero or Echo), and she will be the one to do so.


Vertical repetition will increase. Horizontal spread will be stronger and more stable on the right side. The 6 bullets will be used for long burst recoil instead of 12.


The ARGUS camera plays the same resource management role as the Shock Drone. Every 15 seconds, one-shot recharges. You can only stack one shot and the device has unlimited ammunition.

Bearing 9

Horizontal spread is now more stable than it used to be. The next shot is closer towards the center.


The vertical recoil and first shot kick have been decreased. Horizontal spread will be more predictable to the left and will begin on the 12th bullet, instead of the 6.

Tweaks & Improvements

All the new r6-season tweaks and improvements are available here.

Game balancing – Smoke balancing

  1. The smoke remote gas grenade’s diffusion system has been modified to stop the poison gas from reaching walls, floors, or ceilings.
  2. The canister is detonated and a new sound is created.
  3. The cloud will cause 0.66 HP of damage to operators every 15 seconds until they are removed from the affected area.

Interactions in Shattered Glass

  1. Players are now able to utilize Melee to shatter the glass of Mira’s Maestro’s Evil Eye, Black Mirror, and Bulletproof Camera. Scattered glass is opaque, and opponents can’t use tools to find it.
  2. When Meera’s black mirror shatters, vision on both sides is denied. Whenever the canister is destroyed, the object now shatters & explodes instead of falling to the floor.
  3. When the maestro’s evil eye is shattered, he has to open the device to see.
  4. The bulletproof camera can now be melee-resistant from its front. However, a direct melee could shatter it. Sphere of influence
  5. The field of effective feedback for Kaid’s Rtila Electrolaws and Nomad’s Airjabs has been updated to better represent their behavior.
  6. Area of ​​Effect feedback has been added to Ella’s GRZMOT mines and Jagger’s Active Defense to help players better understand their range.

Player Comfort

Check out Player Comfort, the new season’s care.

Defuser Interactions

  1. The auto pick-up of the diffuser has been disabled.
  2. The pickup action is now manual like it is for other instruments, but there is no animation and a signal appears when the player is in range (they don’t need to look at the diffuser).
  3. Drop interaction now has key bindings font update
  4. Updated Arabic fonts and Korean fonts to distinguish title and body text.
  5. Thai localization: Added spacing between title text and other text

Interface Preferences Update

Display preferences have been updated to allow for hiding the names of opponents or teammates. This makes it easier for players to use, particularly when recording content.

Statistical Data on Operators

The Statistics & Details section in the Operators section has been disabled. Ubisoft Connect allows users to view statistics.

Scoreboard 2.0

  • The new scoreboard will provide more information for newcomers regarding the format and development to the match.
  • Scoreboard has now added goal history. The icons now indicate the current status of each round. They also show match scores and swaps between defenders/attackers. Both ranked matches and unranked match are represented by restricted operators.
  • All PvP playlists will have their goal history displayed in the scoreboard. It can handle matches of any length.

Improvements – September Replay

  1. Replay’s low file size.
  2. Modified the way matches are recorded and removed the playback snapshot to allow for rewind.
  3. To improve match replay consistency, we modified the way that UI is recorded during matches.
  4. Motion interpolation was introduced to make animations smoother.
  5. The shortcut keys for replaying a match are displayed when you use F10 on your screen.
  6. For the tournament, there will be replays of matches that were able to be played.
  7. UX improvements for control bar
  8. The Match ID & Replay Beta labels are now displayed on the screen presenting the game mode & on the screen showing the round no.
  9. Support for the observation device (caster HUD).
  10. Support for Scoreboard 2.0.

Player Cards – Tools for Observation

To show operators when they are using the observation tools, feedback is added to player cards. This information will also be displayed in the Caster HUD. This information will also be available to terminated operators when they visit one of their mates. It aims to help players understand their team’s synergy and how they can help each other.

Game Health Updates

Here are all the latest R6 game information

Update for Abandon Penalties

  1. The penalty is now 60 mins, 2 hours 24 hours, 48 hours or 48 hours depending upon the level of escalation.
  2. The time limit for the abandonment penalty has been raised to 7 days (previously, it was 48 hours).
  3. Renown penalties are now the same length as matchmaking sanctions.
  4. This update is only for ranked and unranked users.

Exploit Bullet Holes

Through bullet holes in soft materials, the line of sight can be blocked.

Icons – Eliminated Operator

The transparent markings on the bodies of the operators removed have been replaced.

Flash Hider & Compensator Rework

  1. The compensator’s operation has been redesigned. It would now be more efficient to reduce the left & right iterations.
  2. Flash Header affects only the up speed. This makes the best guns slower.

Squad MMR Restriction – Placement Matches

  1. The squad MMR ban will now apply to all placement matches, regardless if the squad members are ranked.
  2. The current Squad MMR restriction is 700 MMR.

Rotations of Map

  1. This season’s revamped map is the favela.
  2. Ranked/Unranked Playlists – Favelas will not be featured in the map pool for Ranked and Unranked playlists.
  3. Newcomer Playlist – The Favela Newcomer Map replaces that of the beach at the pool. Bomb sites include coin farms/storage, coin farms/bunks and coin farms/storage.


This post contains all the Year 6 Season 2 R6 Updates, Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege North Star Leaks and Release Date, Gadget, Operator information.

Bug fixes

The R6 New Season Update brings a number of bug fixes. These include the reintroduction of previous result texts and slowing down cheaters’ re-entry after a ban. The game’s Match Replay feature has also been added to console versions, which saves the last two hours of gameplay for up to 12 matches. In addition, Replay controls have been added to the controller layout. Some unnamed UI issues have been fixed, while audio and SFX glitches have been rebalanced.

Among the other fixes, the Nitro Cell visual issue has been fixed. In addition, various collision issues have been resolved. These changes should make R6 New Season Update a worthy download for fans of the genre. The game is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We’ll continue to update this article as more details are available. And as always, stay tuned for the next Season Update! There are plenty of new content updates coming soon for R6!

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