Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform

Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform?

Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform

Rainbow Six Siege is cross-platform? We take a closer glance at Ubisoft’s most recent roadmap announcement as well as the game’s cross-platform status. Find out more by reading on! Rainbow six Siege was first released in 2015 and is still one of the top-selling games. Rainbow six Siege has enjoyed more than 40 million players daily since its release. The game is featured in almost every major gaming convention and is a top pick for a variety of reasons.


Rainbow Six Siege will not be available on PC and Xbox One. The cross-platform update has been delayed. Cross-progression allows players on all platforms to access the same inventory and progress as well as their player stats. As Siege can’t be disabled, players will have to own Siege across both platforms. Players will need to continue with the current state until then.

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Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege Roadmap

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six SiegE Cross Platform roadmap has new features and enhancements for the popular FPS. Cross-platform multiplayer will allow players from different platforms to queue up and share progress and unlocks as well as stats. The game will support cross-play for Xbox and PlayStation. Rainbow Six Siege offers cross-platform multiplayer and is well worth a look.

Ubisoft announces the Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform Announcement

Rainbow Six Siege provides cross-platform multiplayer for players looking to have fun with their friends. Although the original game was released almost six years ago, the series continues to receive updates. This includes cross-platform play. Ubisoft announced today that the tactical game will be available on PC, Stadia and Amazon Luna starting in 2022.

Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform

Rainbow Six Siege, a shooter video game, is available for the PC and PlayStation 4. It supports cross-platform progression and matchmaking. Your inventory will transfer from one platform onto the other, unlike other shooters. You must create an account with Ubisoft to play the game cross-platform. Log in with the same account. Rainbow Six Siege is available on all platforms, provided that you own the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform between PC and Stadia

You can cross-play Rainbow Six Siege in many ways with your friends. Cross-platform support is available for Stadia and PC. It also allows cross-progression between consoles and PC. The PC version allows you to compete against your friends and queue on one platform. This feature is only available if Rainbow Six Siege is installed on all platforms. Ubisoft also promises to support cross-progression.

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