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Rainbow Six Siege Tier List Latest Operators Ranked September 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Tier List

Rainbow Six Siege Tier List has a number of different Operator classes, which are each useful for different purposes. The A-Tier Operator is a good choice if you don’t necessarily want to be in the top team. Generally speaking, these operators can be very effective on some maps and spots.

Agent Thatcher

Agent Thatcher is a versatile and highly effective team player. Her main ability is to disrupt electronic equipment, making her an excellent choice against Defenders. This also makes her an effective counter to Breach Denial Agents. Thatcher is so powerful that it’s almost a necessity for any team to have one. Thatcher also has a powerful secondary weapon – a P226 – which has good bullet damage and a high magazine capacity. She also has a Muzzle brake which can compensate for vertical recoil and a silencer, making her a stealthy choice. Moreover, she can also equip explosives and Claymore, allowing her to perform even more damage.

Thatcher is a great all-purpose attacker and is a popular choice among experienced players. Due to her versatile abilities, she can attack anywhere and use her emp grenades anywhere. She also has the ability to use her M762 Assault Rifle, which is one of the most lethal weapons in the game.

Agent Blitz

Rainbow Six Siege Tier List

The Rainbow Six Siege Tier List is based on how good a particular Operator is in the game. Operators can contribute to a team by clearing reward-giving content. These operators are often a great choice for squads that want to maximize their effectiveness on any map or in a particular spot.

In Agent Blitz, you’ll use your skills and knowledge to defeat the enemy. The Agent Blitz is a good choice if you’re looking for a tank that can strafe the enemy, as it excels in 1v1 situations. It’s a very versatile class, and requires a lot of practice to get good at playing it.

The Agent Blitz’s pick rate has increased and his ability to use Cluster Charge is now much stronger than before. He also has the ability to deal damage to enemies using his AK-12. The German intelligence operator has a good lineup of primary weapons and a unique scanner that can locate any electronics on the map.

Agent Fuze

As an Attacker in Rainbow Six Siege Tier List, Agent Fuze is an aggressive and versatile character. She can easily wipe out an entire team of enemies with her explosive Cluster Charges, though her bulk means she takes a lot of damage. As a result, her true potential is largely dependent on how she uses her Cluster Charges.

Another Attacker in Rainbow Six Siege Tier List is Agent Buck. This character can create openings in destructible surfaces with his Master Key. However, you must be very good at using cards to make him effective. Amaru is another option for attacking from below, but it takes a large amount of res to use it.

Agent Thermite

As a member of the team, Agent Thermite is a reliable operator with the ability to breach reinforced walls. However, his weakness is electrified walls, which are common in many Rainbow Six Siege sites. However, his ability to leave a huge hole can help him create important backdoors.

In addition to helping Hard breachers, Thermite also has several other roles on the team. He can be supported by specific operators, including the Shock drone, which can destroy electronic devices. However, he must maintain line of sight on a utility to be able to use this powerful tool.

A great way to use Agent Thermite is to use Hibana to breach reinforced walls. Hibana’s X-KAIROS launcher can fire thermal explosive pellets that act as breaching charges and can be used on non-electrified walls. Hibana can also be shot from a distance, which makes her extremely useful in rushing tactics.

Rainbow Six Siege Tier List

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  • Click Ctrl+F to search for your favourite operators. Or interact with the three dots at the top of your phone browser.
  • Simply enter the name and click the link to search for the operator in the list below.
  • You can use the arrows to move the screen towards the operator of choice by using the pop-up boxes.
  • Now, scroll down and simply look for the Tier List rankings of your favorite operator in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
HibanaS – TIER
AruniS – TIER
MiraS – TIER
ValkyrieS – TIER
JagerS – TIER
KaidS – TIER
MozzieS – TIER
SmokeS – TIER
Zofia.S – TIER
SledgeS – TIER
ThatcherS – TIER
DokkaebiA – TIER
EchoA – TIER
CapitaoA – TIER
IanaA – TIER
KaliA – TIER
MaverickA – TIER
MelusiA – TIER
MuteA – TIER
MaestroA – TIER
NomadA – TIER
VigilA – TIER
ThermiteA – TIER
WamaiA – TIER
ZeroA – TIER
BanditB – TIER
BuckB – TIER
GlazB – TIER
GoyoB – TIER
FloresB – TIER
JackalB – TIER
NokkB – TIER
RookB – TIER
LesionB – TIER
PulseB – TIER
TwitchB – TIER
ThunderbirdB – TIER
YingB – TIER
AlibiC – TIER
CastleC – TIER
BlitzC – TIER
CaveiraC – TIER
ClashC – TIER
FinkaC – TIER
GridlockC – TIER
FrostC – TIER
FuzeC – TIER
KapkanC – TIER
MontagneC – TIER
OryxC – TIER
TachankaC – TIER
AmaruD – TIER
Warden.D – TIER
BlackbeardD – TIER
LionD – TIER

Agent Mute

Agent Mute is one of the most versatile agents in the game, and while she isn’t one of the most flashy agents, she plays an essential role in strategy. Mute focuses on information gathering and countering the enemy’s strengths. Her two primary weapons are the Signal Jammer and the Armored Camera, and she can block drones with either of these.

Agent Mute is a defensive agent that works extremely well against drones. Her jammers prevent attackers from collecting any information, including the location of the drones. This is important because drones are often used to gather information. If you can jam their drones, they will become useless and can’t be used.

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