Random Dice Tier List 2022 All Dice Ranked, Guide & Best Deck

Random Dice Tier List 2022 All Dice Ranked, Guide & Best Deck

Random Dice Tier List 2022

When it comes to playing Random Dice, it is vital to build a deck that consists of a mixture of all three types of dice. This way, you’ll be prepared for any situation in the game. The following Random Dice Tier List will help you decide what types of dice to use and which ones are best to avoid. The list also ranks the best decks. Once you’ve made your selection, you can start playing the game!


You can check out the Random Dice Tier List 2022 by visiting this page. As a seasoned player of the game, you may have noticed that the level of difficulty goes up with each year. Hence, a good way to improve your game is to spend some time analyzing the tier list. Moreover, a thorough study of the deck is essential for getting the best possible result. The dice that you use must be adjusted to suit your playstyle.

Dice of this tier are reliable and do reasonable damage. They are just as strong as S-Tier dice. However, their size and weight are not comparable with their superior counterparts. You should use C-Tier dice only during the beginning stages of a game. After this stage, you should switch to higher tier dice to maximize your game experience. However, you should be wary of using these dice in a higher level game.


The Random Dice Tier List is an updated version of the current list. Each dice has been ranked in accordance with their utility, performance, and rarity. In general, the highest-ranked dice are listed first. Next, there are average dice, and last are the least-recommended dice. Hopefully, this list will help you make the best decisions when buying random dice. If you’re in need of some help, you can contact a Random Dice customer support agent. They will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Regardless of the class, there are some great dice on this list. If you have a high-level character, you might want to consider Gamble for its high crit. Metastasis is another great dice that fits well in a high-end DPS deck. However, you might not be as lucky with the Guardian. This type of dice is great for Co-Op games but is generally unsuitable for PvP. Finally, don’t overlook Cracked Growth. It’s a cool dice, but it’s not very useful if you don’t have Lunar dice in your deck.


If you are looking for a B-Tier random dice list, you’ve come to the right place! This B-Tier list is based on user submission and personal experience, rather than extensive data gathered from the community. This tierlist is based on three categories of content: strategy, content, and dice. If you’re looking for a DPS dice for your rogue, consider picking up Gamble, as it has high crit. Likewise, Metastasis is an excellent choice for boss fights, and Mighty Wind and Modified Electric are both good DPS dice.

While there are a number of dice in Random Dice, some are stronger than they appear. Others shine under the right setup. As such, it’s vital to make sure that you choose your dice carefully to give yourself the best chance of winning. This B-Tier Random Dice Tier List is based primarily on PvP, but also considers other game modes. The Dices in this tier are the best and most versatile.


The Random Dice Tier List is updated every year. I created this list based on my own experience with the game. I have focused on 3 types of content: strategy, dice, and card properties. The first type of content is a deck building strategy, so I’ve listed dice that have high power and synergy with each other. In addition, I’ve added dice that I’ve never seen before, such as the Little Sister die, which has the most powerful power in the dice box. Ultimately, I’ve ranked my dice based on their synergy and their corresponding ranks.

D-Tier dice are mediocre. They are useful for grinding, and sometimes can complement your deck. However, they’re mostly made for support until you get better dice. This is why you should replace them as soon as possible. The better dice will help you win in the long run. The D-Tier dice are barely usable. If you’re still using them, do so quickly.

Random Dice Tier List 2022 (All Dice).⇩

below you will get all dice in the Random Dice Tier List it’s really beneficial for you to choose the best dice according to your gameplay and ease.

S Tier – Random Dice Tier List

These dice will shape the meta of the game. If you’re lucky enough to find dice at this level, it is worth focusing on your deck using these dice as your center. These dice will be of great help to you in any PvE orPvP battle.

  • Blizzard Dice
  • Typhoon Dice
  • Joker Dice
  • Growth Dice

A Tier – Random Dice Tier List

Random Dice Tier List – Tier A dice is much more than just great options to keep in your deck. They can deal very reliable damage and, especially if you pair them correctly, you’ll find them on par with strength comparable to S-tier dice. They may not have the same size as the dice on this list. However, if you do locate them, you should feel overjoyed.

  • Combo Dice
  • Mighty Wind Dice
  • Flow Dice
  • Assassin Dice
  • Moon Dice
  • Sacrifice the Dice
  • Summoner Dice
  • Solar Dice
  • Infect Dice

B Tier – Random Dice Tier List

Here we’ve included some dice that appear to be less useful than the Random Dice tier list A-tier or B-tier. This is not necessarily a loss. They might not have the same synergy as other dice or be as useful. However, they can still be extremely useful and complement any deck of cards. You should be careful when you invest in them.

  • Poison Dice
  • Shield Dice
  • Iron Dice
  • Metastasis Dice
  • Atomic Dice
  • Broken
  • Mimic Dice
  • Hell Dice
  • Arrow Dice
  • Thorn Dice
  • Supplement Dice
  • Gamble Dice
  • Nuclear Dice
  • Electric dice
  • Fire Dice
  • Modified Electric Dice
  • Critical Dice

C Tier – Random Dice Tier List

You can probably guess that the C-tier dice does not compare to your average dice. You can still find usefulness in them, but the problem is they don’t excel at anything. They can be used at the beginning of the game. However, as you progress in the game, it is best to replace them with those on the list.

  • Crack Dice
  • Mine Dice
  • Wind Dice
  • Gun Dice
  • Gear Dice

D Tier – Random Dice Tier List

D-Tier has dice that rarely work. They can be helpful in the early games to help you progress, and they can do some damage if you use them correctly. Replace them as soon possible.

  • Teleport Dice
  • Holy Sword DIce
  • Absorb Dice
  • Landmine Dice
  • Light Dice

LOL Tier – Random Dice Tier List

These are the dice that you should not forget. These passes, whether intentional or accidental, can only be described with one word. Bad. These passes should be avoided as much as possible. You should only use them if you don’t have any other dice available. Still it doesn’t sound good, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Death Dice
  • Lock Dice
  • Star Dice
  • Wave Dice

Best Dice in Random Dice game⇩

The strongest dice in the game are Blizzard Dice. Combining the ability to slow down enemies’ incoming waves is a nice feature. However, if you add a nuclear die, it creates a powerful combo that allows nuclear dice to stay in contact with enemies longer, causing more damage. These are the best.

Blizzard allows you to combine many dice, making this a great option for decks. This requirement made us the best pass in all of the game.

Random Dice Tier List – Best Random Dice Deck (PvP)⇩

  1. Atomic + Flow+ Typhoon + Growth+ Joker
  2. Flow Dice+Growth Dice + Modified Electronic Dice + Joker Daice + Sacrifice
  3. Assassin + Typhoon + Sacrifice + Growth + Joker
  4. M.E. + Moon/Lunar + Iron + Growth + Joker
  5. M.E. + Critical + Growth + iron + Joker
  6. Flow Dice+ Critical Ice+ Modified Electric Dice+ Growth Dice+ Joker Daice
  7. Hell + Blizzard + Typhoon + Growth + Joker
  8. Flow Dice + Growth Dice+ Typhoon Dice+ Joker Dice+ Thron
  9. Critical + Sacrifice + Equipment + Growth + Joker
  10. Sacrifice +.E. + Assassin + Growth + Joker
  11. Flow Dice+ Joker Dice+ Tiphoon Dice+ Growing Dice + Sacrifice
  12. Atomic Dice + Blizzard Dice+ Typhoon Dice + Joker Dice + Growth Dice
  13. Thorn + Blizzard + Iron + Growth + Joker

Random Dice Tier List – Best Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇩

Random Dice Tier List

Random Dice PvP Defense is where you aim to build the best possible deck, and take control of the PvP rankings.

There are many dice in the game. Each dice has its own unique characteristics and plays differently. Nuclear Dice is famous for its nuclear explosion-causing dice.

You can make three decks using different combinations of dice. A deck can hold up to five dice. Let’s know everything in detail and see all Random Dice – PvP Defense Tips and Tricks

How To Get Dice (Learn) –

Loot boxes are where you can get dice. You also have the option to earn them by playing in PvP matches. There are dice cards, dice boxes, and gold coins that can be purchased at the store. A free dice chest will also be available in every store; you can claim it daily to get a free dice card. In addition, you have the Imperial Crate section in the store, which has premium crates with high-level cards; legendary, unique, rare – also, common. Single-level legendary cards are best for competitive play. These premium boxes require you to spend a lot of money. You can earn diamonds through completing missions or reaching certain milestones. You can also buy at the store.

Be familiar with The Random Dice in the Deck

Each dice has its own unique characteristics and is different from the others. To ensure that you choose the right combination of dice, you need to first familiarize yourself.

Click the Dice tab from the footer menu. Tap the Dice List tab and tap Received Dice. Finally, click the Information button. You will find your type on the information page. There are many types of dice: Magical, Physical and Transform. Plus, you’ll see your attack speed, attack power, aim, and more.

Slow Debuff Dice

It is better if you add a slow die to the deck. These dice can slow down enemy action and help damage dealers deal greater damage. The slower they are the longer they remain on the field and do more damage.

Fill the Board as Soon As Possible

Spend your SP as you enter combat and fill in the gaps on the first board x15. This is the best strategy. SP: The number points required to roll the dice on a board. Spend SP and you get random dice. Tap the round button near the bubble message to purchase SP and create dice. Don’t Merge and Upgrade: First, make the dice and fill the entire board.


Random Dice is a challenging and amazing game that becomes more difficult the more you play it. You can download this game here Play Store. If you’re in it only for the satisfaction of blasting beautiful lights and wave after wave of enemies, then you might pass up this Random Dice Tier List.

If you want to dominate PvP and beat the game content, we recommend you carefully study this Random Dice Tier List. You should also adjust your dice according to your preferred style. It is a game. We hope you enjoy this Random Dice Tier List as well as our guide.


There is an upcoming expansion for the popular game Random Dice, and we’ve covered the tier list for the Assassin in an earlier article. The Assassin has two main roles: buffing and killing. In a PVP deck, the Assassin does a combination of damage, stamina, and buffing. However, the Assassin also has an advantage over other Assassin classes – she can kill or buff depending on the game mode you play.

The Assassin is one of the best classes to play in this game and has some of the most effective dice in the game. Her acrobatics skills are particularly useful, as they allow her to evade her enemies and sneak around in open areas. Her assassin Dice, for example, increase her SP by 80. The Assassin’s die, on the other hand, is the best option for attacking monsters.

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