read king of german mercenaries

Read King of German Mercenaries

King of the German Mercenaries by Thomas Harris is a great book to pick up this summer. It’s a fascinating read that will give you information about the 1500s German merchant mercenaries. King of the German Mercenaries, regardless of your opinion on war, is well worth reading. It includes two prominent German players whose lives are very similar to yours.

Read King of German Mercenaries

The compelling story of the Hessians is fascinating. Although the Hessians were German mercenaries they were actually considered auxiliaries. Auxiliaries were employed by the government of the mercenary, while they served foreign governments as their own men. Hessians was not an exception. These soldiers fought alongside British full-scale units and wore pre-existing uniforms.

There are many historical and socio-political contexts that influence how the mercenary is perceived. The 1756 perception of Hesse-Cassel soldiers and Hanover soldiers was one of embarrassment and the other of necessity to defend British Iles against French invasion. These perceptions are vastly different today. The real question is: What were the mercenaries doing 1776?

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