Read King of German Mercenaries

read king of german mercenaries

If you’re looking for a good book to read this summer, you’ve probably heard about King of the German Mercenaries by Thomas Harris. It is an excellent read that will help you learn about the German mercenaries of the 1500s. Whether you’re a fan of war or not, King of the German Mercenaries is definitely worth checking out. It features two prominent German players whose lives are a lot like yours.

Read King of German Mercenaries

The story of the Hessians is compelling. Hessians were German mercenaries, although they were officially considered auxiliaries. While mercenaries served foreign governments on their own accord, auxiliaries were hired by their own government. The smaller German states relied heavily on these soldiers, and Hessians were no exception. These soldiers fought alongside the British as full units, and they wore existing uniforms.

The perception of the mercenary varies depending on historical and socio-political contexts. In 1756, soldiers from Hesse-Cassel and Hanover were viewed as a public embarrassment, while those from Brunswick were deemed necessary to defend the British Iles from French invasion. The resulting perceptions differ dramatically today. So the real question is, what were the mercenaries doing in 1776?

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