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How To Complete Real Housewife Challenge in Bitlife 2023?

Real Housewife Challenge in BitLife

The Real Housewife Challenge in BitLife is a fun, yet difficult, task that involves many different skills. If you are looking for tips on how to become a real housewife, read this article. You will discover tips on becoming an alcoholic, a real housewife, and more!

How to become a real housewife in BitLife

Real Housewife Challenge in Bitlife

To become a real housewife in BitLife, you need to start off with a new character that is unmarried and young. The new character must also have certain stats, such as high looks and smarts. After a while, you will want to start looking for ways to earn money.

You can do this by playing the Real Housewife Challenge in Bitlife. In order to complete this challenge, you must be a female character and marry a rich person. You can get stats and money in the game by completing the challenge. Once you get a lot of money, you can be a real housewife in no time.

The Real Housewife Challenge in Bitlife is a weekly challenge in BitLife. Each week, players will be given a new task to complete. These tasks are simple but have many different ways to complete them. Once you complete one challenge, you’ll receive a reward, and another one to complete.

How to become an alcoholic in BitLife

The Real Housewife Challenge in Bitlife is a weekly challenge in which you are required to play as a female character. In order to participate in this challenge, you must have certain stats. These stats include smarts and looks. Money is another important stat, so you need to make sure that your character has a lot of money.

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To become a real alcoholic, the easiest way is to spend money. This can be done by spending money on alcohol or gambling. However, you must be careful. Alcohol addiction can lead to severe mental and physical damage. In the game, it is important to be aware of what actions you want to take to become a real alcoholic.

You can also become an alcoholic in BitLife by spreading rumors. If you’re able to spread rumors about other women, you’ll be invited to parties. This will lead to a large amount of money and rewards. However, be careful not to spread rumors about your own character. You’ll be causing damage to your reputation and can end up with enemies.

How to complete the Real Housewives Challenge in Bitlife

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  • Bitlife is looking for a female character.
  • You can attend a party with the person you started a rumor about.
  • You can develop any type of addiction.
  • You can purchase a range Rover from your local car dealer.

The first step is to make sure you create a female character because it’s the ‘Housewife Challenge’.

The next step is to get married to someone wealthy. Look for the money stat in the relationship tab. Green means that the person is wealthy. You should also keep in mind that gifts are a must for wooing the person throughout the dating process. You will eventually be in a position to ask them out, and then you can propose.

This next section is a classic from the Mean Girls manual. Do not have less than three female friends. You can become their enemy by committing hostile acts to them once they are your friends.

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You will need to create a rumor about your partner in the next step. This can be done via the rumor tab in the relationship tab. Next, select the party option. Then go to the party along with the person about whom you started a gossip.

The last part is the most important. You will need to be a wealthy soccer mom to get a Range Rover for your Starbucks runs. Go to the Car Dealer option to buy the vehicle from the dealer.

How to spread rumors in BitLife

In BitLife, spreading rumors is an important skill that you need to learn in order to be successful. You can spread rumors about your friends using the option “start a rumor” found under the relationship tab. Before you can use this option, you must be friends with the target person. You can become a friend by giving gifts and doing nice things. It is also possible to request the friend status of someone else.

To spread a rumor, click on the ‘rumor’ button on the Relationships menu. You will have to be 12 or older in order to access this button. If you are younger, you will have to wait until you reach a certain level of the game before you can start spreading rumors. Do not spread rumors about friends with low health or you may lose them to a rumor.

Spreading rumors is another great way to make friends in BitLife. If you know someone who is in trouble with the law, you can use rumors to make your life easier. However, rumors can be difficult to control, so make sure to follow these steps carefully.

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