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Reality House Season 3 Winners Revealed!

Reality House Season 3 is now underway. If you are curious about who has left, here is a quick summary of the last eight contestants. Keep reading for more information about Peter Vigilante (Kian Lawley) and JC Caylen. Find out more about the cast of Season 3! What’s next? Also, check out our Season 3 spoiler page! We also reveal who the season’s winner is!

Season 3

The first two seasons of Reality House were dominated by drama and laughter from the housemates. However, this season saw two major turns-offs. The first was Tana Mongeau (the cast’s new addition), which was a complete disappointment. The twenty-three-year-old is famous for her storytime videos, and another, she made headlines for her recent release of a song featuring Bella Thorne. Mongeau became a popular social media personality, even though she was not a star on the show.

Eight contestants

The third season of the reality series will see eight contestants instead of the usual 12-13 influencers. Bryce Hall and Louie Castro are among the most prominent faces of the new generation. A poster featuring eight of them has been released. While the exact amount of cash on offer has not been revealed, viewers have shared mixed reactions.

Kian Lawley and JC Caselen

The final episode of Reality House aired on February 10, and it revealed a winner. The show’s hosts, known collectively as “Kian n JC”, were a long-standing friend and have been friends ever since. The duo have announced the date for the new season, and teased the arrival of their new house. They are now looking for their next contestants.

Peter Vigilante

Peter Vigilante, TikTok’s star, is also licensed as a fitness instructor and owns his own gym on Staten Island, New York. He has a YouTube channel that has more than 2k subscribers. His Instagram account is @petervigilante. He was a guest on Too Hot to Handle 2 Season 2. On Instagram, he is @petervigilante. He competed in pole vaulting competitions as a child and was featured in Too Hot to Handle on Netflix.

Camilla Colbro

Camilla Colbro of the Real Housewives of Orange County is a storyteller with a unique tale to tell. Before she joined TikTok, she was a professional model. She was a successful model even after her tattoos made her famous. Camilla Colbro, her husband, lists her relationship status on Facebook as married. Terrance Coleman Brooks, her husband, lists his relationship status at single. They are married now and have two children. But, according to their Facebook profiles they were once at the brink of divorcing.

Em Bodoe

Em Bodoe is most well-known for her tattoos, which include the spiderweb tats. However, she also has other interests and will be featured on Reality House season 3. She has tattoos that include spider webs and spiders as well as flowers and a tiger. On various parts of her body, she has had “WORTH” tattooed.

Louie Castro

Tonight is the start of season 2 of Netflix’s reality show Reality House. The new series will feature YouTube sensation Louie Castro as well as his sibling Yoatzi Castro. Louie’s sister is a YouTube star with over 733k subscribers, and 67,000,000 total video views. She is a hit instantly and her fans are eager to see more of her success.

Kane Trujillo

Louie Castro is one of many actresses, actors, and models vying to make it big on YouTube’s reality show Reality House. Kane Trujillo and Mariah are also among them. In the first season, there were twelve to thirteen influential people. Season three has only eight candidates. We can all bet that the lava girl will be there in season three.

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