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Reaper 2 Shikai Tier Latest Checklist 2022

Reaper 2 Shikai Tier List

The Reaper 2 Shikai Tier List is based on the community’s input on the game. The tiers are based on the strength and weakness of each shikai. Each shikai in the game has a prestige level before being unlocked. The list aims to help players determine which shikai are strongest and which ones are weakest.

Soul Reaper

In Soul Reaper 2, you can find the Shikai Tier List from S to C. Shikais can be unlocked through various methods, but the order within a tier does not matter if you want to unlock a specific Bankai. In order to evolve your Zanpakuto into a Bankai, you must first reach stage 5 of the game. Next, you need to enter the Meditation State, where you must press the ‘P’ key to switch into a different tier. You’ll then be able to sort through the titles displayed in the chat box and choose the one you want to evolve into.


The Reaper 2 Shikai Tier List lists each of the shikai in order of their strength, which is based on user input. The shikai are divided into tiers, ranging from s to c. As with any other game, each Zanpakuto has a prestige level that must be reached before it can be unlocked. The tier list is a guide to help you determine which shikai are the most effective, and which are the weakest.


The Quincy are the rarest race in Reaper 2. They have a chance to appear on the Shikai Tier List only 15% of the time and must be level 25 to be unlocked. You can unlock the Quincy by using the What’s Your Name? button or unlocking a Shikai code. To unlock the Quincy, you need to be at least level 5. You must also be level 6 to obtain the Shikai’s Primero form, which is the strongest Resurrection form. It has three powerful moves and can stop or decimate any enemy in its path.


Reaper 2 Shikai

The Reaper 2 Shikai Tier List is a list of the best shikai in the game, based on user input. Bankais are ranked in S to C tiers, where shikai of lower tiers are weaker and higher-ranked ones are more powerful. Players can view this list and decide which race and shikai are best for their play style.


Reaper 2 has introduced a bankai tier list that is based on the input of the community. This list ranks the shikai from s to c, where s is the strongest and c is the weakest. This list is helpful in determining which shikai you should use when you’re playing the game.

Quincy’s reroll guide

In Reaper 2, you will discover 9 unique Shikai, all of which have their own unique powers. Not all of them are equally powerful, so it’s crucial to know which ones are the strongest. With this Reaper 2 Shikai Tier List, you’ll be able to determine which ones are best for you.


Hollows are the most powerful class in Reaper 2. Compared to Quincies and Soul Reapers, Hollows are more powerful, and they have better PvP and PvE mechanics. Quincies are excellent for PvE grinding, but trail in PvP. Once you unlock your Vastochar form, Hollows become even more powerful. However, this evolution process requires a lot of grinding.

Reaper 2 Shikai Tier Checklist from Greatest to Worst

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Earlier than we test this record, these are simply my suggestions for the most effective Shikai within the recreation. You would possibly disagree with this record primarily based in your favourite Shikai from the anime or the sport. That’s fantastic as every of those has totally different skills, so one would possibly go well with some gamers whereas others could not discover them helpful. So in case your most popular Shikai is positioned on a special tier you’ll be able to nonetheless get pleasure from utilizing it. Now allow us to test this record.

Ryujin JakkaS Tier
SenbonzakuraS Tier
SakanadeA Tier
Sode no ShirayukiA Tier
BenihimeA Tier
ShinsoB Tier
Katen KyokotsuB Tier
WabisukeC Tier
ZangetsuD Tier

The S Tier Shikai are the most effective within the recreation. A Tier Shikai are second near them and yow will discover them equally helpful when used correctly. B Tier Shikai are fairly helpful and shouldn’t be thought-about unhealthy. C Tier Shikai is okay and D Tier Shikai you’ll be able to keep away from utilizing.

Shikai Rarity and Customers

These are the rarities of every Shikai, your possibilities of getting them in the event you plan on getting your palms on them, and the customers of every Shikai.

  • Ryujin Jakka
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Likelihood: 4%
    • Consumer: Captain Yamamato
  • Senbonzakura
    • Rarity: Uncommon
    • Likelihood: 12%
    • Consumer: Byakuya
  • Sakanade
    • Rarity: Unusual
    • Likelihood: 34%
    • Consumer: Shinji
  • Sode no Shirayuki
    • Rarity: Unusual
    • Likelihood: 34%
    • Consumer: Rukia
  • Benihime
    • Rarity: Uncommon
    • Likelihood: 12%
    • Consumer: Kisuke
  • Shinso
    • Rarity: Uncommon
    • Likelihood: 12%
    • Consumer: Captain Gin
  • Katen Kyokotsu
    • Rarity: Uncommon
    • Likelihood: 12%
    • Consumer: Captain Shunsui
  • Wabisuke
    • Rarity: Widespread
    • Likelihood: 50%
    • Consumer: Izuru
  • Zangetsu
    • Rarity: Widespread
    • Likelihood: 50%
    • Consumer: Ichigo

Zanpakuto tiers

The Zanpakuto tiers in the Reaper 2 Shikai game are based on input from the community. These zanpakuto are used to determine the strength and effectiveness of soul reapers. They come in different types, from weak to powerful. Below is a list of Zanpakuto and their tiers, which range from S to C.

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