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Genshin Impact – Reminiscence Of Seirai Guide & Picture Locations in 2023 Helpful Guide

Genshin Impact – Reminiscence Of Seirai Guide

In Genshin Impact 2.1, a world quest called “Reminiscence of Seirai” requires you to take pictures of landmarks of Seirai Island. To begin, you must speak to Oda Tarou, an adventurer near a crafting station. He will tell you the location of a picture to take and the location is marked by a small shrine. Once you find the picture, a Digging prompt will appear next to it.

Genshin Impact 2.1

image 290 reminiscence of seirai

Reminiscence of Seirai is a world quest in Genshin Impact. To complete it, players need to collect Picture Commemorating Seirai Island. Once they have obtained this item, players must take a picture of the Seirai Island. This can be done by using the camera icon. It will automatically adjust to the correct angle.

The game’s Reminiscence of Seirai quest requires the player to take pictures of four landmarks on Seirai Island. The only problem with this quest is that there are no clear directions. To begin, the player must talk to a nearby adventurer, named Oda Tarou, and take his picture. Oda Tarou will then give the player three more photos to recreate.

Genshin Impact 2.1 is a new game with a variety of different quests. Reminiscence of Seirai is a world quest that requires players to collect four photographs of different locations around Seirai Island. A guide can help players with this quest and provide a step-by-step walkthrough.

How to Completion Reminiscence of Seirai Quest In Genshin Impact

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To complete the Reminiscence OF Seirai quest, you will need to take four photos of Seirai Island.These photos must be a recreation of Oda Tarou’s images. Here are the steps:

  1. This is the place to start. Visit the shrine near Fort Hiraumi shrine, between the Teleport Waypoints.
  2. You can find the shrine near you. Grab a Picture Commemorating Seirai Island.
  3. After taking the picture Go to Inazuma City to talk to Furuya Naboru.
  4. Next, Talk to Oda Tarou. He can be found in Inazuma City as well.
  5. Oda Tarou will then provide you with the photos of Seirai Island you need.
  6. Click the images and go to the locations.. In a moment, we will inspect all locations.
  7. Once you have taken all four photos, you can return to Oda Tarou for the final step of the quest..

Here are all locations shown in the images for this search. Thank you Map GenieTheir interactive map of Teyvat.

Picture commemorating Seirai Island

  1. Fast Travel to the south Teleport Point on the island close Fort Hiraumi
  2. Go northwest from here towards the area indicated on the map. Then, face southwest and adjust your camera.
  3. After everything is aligned properly, you can take the picture.

Picture Commemorating Seirai Island, (II).

  1. Fast Travel to the Statue of the Seven – Electro.
  2. Continue onwards towards the marked area.
  3. Face Southwest, adjust the camera, and then take the photo.

Picture Commemorating Seirai Island III (III)

  1. You can travel quickly to the Teleport Waypoint in the northwest corner of the island, which is located near the Koseki Village.
  2. Continue south until you reach the area marked on the map.
  3. Face east, and take the photo

Picture Commemorating Seirai Island, IV

  1. You can travel quickly to the Teleport Waypoint in the north of the island, near Amakumo Peak.
  2. Next, face south at the indicated location.
  3. Take the photo by setting the camera.

You must take the photos back from Oda as explained previously. This quest will reward you with:

  • Adventure EXP 200
  • Inazuma Reputation EXP: 20
  • Primogems: 30
  • Hero’s Wit: 2
  • Mora: 15000

Genshin Impact 2.1 Reminiscence of Seirai world quest

In the Genshin Impact 2.1 game, the Reminiscence of Seirai quest asks you to take a picture of the landmarks on Seirai Island. This world quest rewards you with a unique item. After completing this world quest, you will receive 30 Primogems and an achievement.

The Genshin Impact 2.1 patch brings a host of new content to the game, including a new world quest. It also adds new skills to the game, such as fishing. It also enables players to obtain The Catch polearm. It also gives players a new leveling system, which means you’ll be able to unlock higher levels much faster.

In order to complete the Reminiscence of Seirai World Quest, you must collect the Picture Commemorating Seirai Island in four places. This world quest is pretty easy to complete as long as you know where to look for the pictures. Once you’ve collected all four, you’ll need to examine a small shrine in the Seirai area to find the picture commemorating the island.

The first location in the game is on the island of Seirai, east of Koseki Village. This location is near the Statue of the Seven. You need to take pictures of the statue and three of the surrounding cliffs.

The next area is located on the northern portion of Seirai Island. This location is marked on the map and has four locations that you can take photos of. After you have taken these photos, you can talk to Furuya Noboru or Oda Tarou at Inazuma City. You can also take photos by using the camera and the photo options in the Paimon menu.

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