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Escape From Reserve Map Tarkov Latest Information 2023

Escape From Reserve Map Tarkov Information

In the last update to Escape From Reserve Map Tarkov, Battlestate Games added a new expansion to the Reserve map, two new quests, and various bug fixes. In addition to these additions, the new update also includes several technical improvements and bug fixes. These improvements and fixes will allow you to make better use of the Reserve map.

The Bunker

The Reserve map Tarkov in Escape From Tarkov is one of the most exciting and competitive maps in the game. It includes multiple areas where players can find loot, which can be very useful during raids. The map contains a military facility and a secret supply depot. Players can play up to 10 on this map, and competition is fierce.

The Reserve map Tarkov is set in a hilly area. It has ten extraction points, as well as a huge amount of ground to explore. This makes it a great place to plan your safe exit. You can also find loot that you might not have figured out otherwise.

The Reserve map is small, but it has a lot of areas where you can encounter enemies. The Chess pieces buildings in the center and the Train Station in the bottom right of the map are key areas to focus on.

The Armored Train

Reserve Map Tarkov

The Armored Train is an enemy that spawns in the Tarkov Reserve. It can be very difficult to spot. It is often the focal point of a map and can be difficult to navigate. In the game, this vehicle is accessible to Scavs and PMCs. It will appear at a building called the White Rook about 25 to 35 minutes into the raid. The Armored Train will honk twice before it takes off and once again when it departs.

The Armored Train can be found near the rolling-stock repair and maintenance depot. It will only appear once in a raid, so be sure to keep your eyes open. You can also use this vehicle to travel from location to location. It can only transport one player at a time, so be sure to make a plan for it. There will be several ways to get on board this vehicle, and each one will have its own advantages and disadvantages.

The Armored Train is a useful vehicle to take out enemy PMCs, as the player will be able to quickly kill them with it. It also contains a weapons case. In order to access the weapons case, you must activate the Bunker Hermetic Door on the first bunker. To activate the Door, you must reach a specific building in the southern area of the Reserve. The lever must be pulled for 4 minutes for it to activate, so remember to keep this in mind.

The Airspace Control Center (CPKV)

The Airspace Control Center (CPKV), also known as the White King building, is an important location in Tarkov’s Military Base. It is a massive three-story building with an open roof. It is the central point of the game, and is a popular spot for players to gather. The building also features a welcoming sign and a large number of PMCs.

This center provides automated airspace planning and enhanced airspace execution. It also coordinates airspace usage with military and civil aviation forces. It has a direct link to the Theater Air Ground System (TAGS) and interfaces with the Joint Force Air Component Commander.

Escape From Reserve Tarkov Map Extraction Level:

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Reserve has 10 extraction factors, scattered all through the map you’ll be able to plan a protected exit if you’re finished along with your aims. Due to its measurement, Reserve Map brings huge floor to discover, with superb loot you’ll be able to nonetheless plan a protected exit if you understand the place are the all 10 extraction factors positioned on Reserve Map in Escape From Tarkov. 

Here’s a Map by, with all the required Extracts and Loot updates. On the suitable backside, you’ll be able to see the checklist of Extraction Factors. With over 10 Reserve Exits attempt to be on the nearest level each time you might be finished along with your goal. This may pace up your extraction and you may safely bounce out of the battle and win the spherical. Right here is the checklist of all Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map extraction factors.

  • Bunker Airtight Door
  • Cliff Descent – Paracord and pickaxe required
  • Scavs Land – If PMC, carry scav. IF Scav, Deliver PMC
  • Sewer Manhole – No backpack required
  • Armored Practice – Look forward to the practice
  • Gap within the Fence by the Mountain – Scav Extract
  • CP Fence – Scav Extract
  • Heating Pipe – Scav Extract
  • Depo Airtight Door – Scav Extract

Armored Practice is positioned close to to the rolling inventory restore and upkeep depot. This extraction level is not going to be out there on a regular basis, however if you’re close to so far regulate the practice. It would honk twice and can anticipate 7 minutes. Airtight Door is a bunker door close to the army guard barracks. This can be utilized each time, journey to the southwest of the helicopter in the direction of a shack. Unlock the door and you’ve got 4 minutes to exit.

Sewer Manhole close to the PTOR is one other exit level that you should use anytime on Escape from the Tarkov Reserve map. So bear in mind this spot, it’s at all times lively. There’s one limitation of utilizing this exit level you can not take your backpack.

The White Knight

The Reserve Map is a congested area in the center of Tarkov, and is home to several important keys and enemies. You must be able to recognize these enemies and their callouts in order to defeat them. Learning the map’s layout is extremely important for duos and squads, and it’s also very helpful to know the enemies’ rotations.

You can find the “White Knight” building in the eastern part of the map. It is located north of the Train Station building and south of the White Queen. This three-story building is a perfect location to loot military and industrial materials, and you can enter the roof to find a hidden passage.

The Reserve map supports every playstyle, from aggressive PMCs to passive players who want to sit back and wait for the action to come to them. There are several good locations for PMCs to use MP7 guns to pounce on enemies in buildings and underground tunnels, though any assault rifle will suffice. The map is also small and offers long sightlines, which are ideal for sniping. You should take care not to get trapped by the Scavs, as the map is littered with them.

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