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Revived Witch Tier List Reddit & Reroll Guide September 2023 – Best Characters

Revived Witch Tier List

If you are looking for Revived Witch Tier List Reddit, then you have come to the right place! There is a tier list for each Doll in the game, and you can check out the individual lists for each class as well. These lists are likely to change over time, as more characters are released.

Choosing a Guardian

Revived Witch Tier List Reddit

When playing Revived Witch, choosing the right character is crucial. The Revived Witch tier list will show all characters, and you can choose one based on their strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you’re considering becoming a destroyer, you should know that this character can deal a lot of damage. If you’re looking for a tank that can take down guardians without much trouble, the destroyer may be the best option for you.

Revived Witch tier lists are a great resource for new players. You can see what other players are playing and see which ones are ranked higher than others. This list is based on general consensus, opinions, and statistics from experienced players. It’s a great way to get a general idea of what each character is worth and which isn’t.

The Revived Witch tier list has four different tiers, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The top tier houses the best characters, while the bottom is home to the weakest ones. The top tier also features reroll guides and rankings for other characters in the game.

Choosing a Guardian is an important part of the game, and the Revived Witch tier list is a guide to help you choose the right character. It can help you find the best choice for you based on various factors, from the strengths of the character to the behavior of the player.

Revived Witch Tier Record of Greatest Dolls/Characters Ranked 2022

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Our record is totally primarily based on the opinions of gamers on discord and information shared by gamers in social media channels. In order we play extra of the sport, this record will probably be up to date aacccordingly. So with that stated, listed here are all the most effective characters you may get in Revived Witch Tier Record:

TiersHero CharactersCharacter ClassRarityHero Faction
S TierAfallenGuardianURMercury
S TierAmanamiCompellerURMercury
S TierEllaDestroyerURSaltstone
S TierMayahuelMageSSRMercury
S TierMineerMageURMercury
S TierTuonelHealerURSaltstone
S TierUshpiaMageSSRMercury
A TierAkashaMurdererURBrimstone
A TierArcanaCompellerSSRMercury
A TierCaledoniaGuardianURBrimstone
A TierCynetiaHealerSSRSaltstone
A TierGoorveigCompellerURMercury
A TierLa CrimaCompellerSSRMercury
A TierYuiDestroyerSSRSaltstone
B TierFloraHealerURSaltstone
B TierInn & LouMurdererSSRBrimstone
B TierKyphonDestroyerSSRSaltstone
B TierLuanGuardianSSRMercury
B TierNornHealerSSRBrimstone
B TierPakaneMageSRMercury
B TierTamaCompellerSSRSaltstone
C TierAnemoneMageURMercury
C TierCetessGuardianSRBrimstone
C TierCrocheHealerSRBrimstone
C TierCzerniCompellerSRMercury
C TierElisMurdererSRBrimstone
C TierHildaDestroyerSRSaltstone
C TierMikotoCompellerSRMercury
C TierMortimerHealerSRSaltstone
C TierNemesiMurdererSRBrimstone
C TierNocturnaMurdererSSRBrimstone
C TierOctaviaDestroyerSRSaltstone
C TierRudaHealerSRBrimstone
C TierShuffleMurdererSSRBrimstone
C TierViolaMageSSRMercury
C TierYothayaHealerSRSaltstone
C TierYuruguGuardianSRMercury

Reroll in Revived Witch?

Right here’s the way to reroll in Revived Witch:

  • Reroll in Revived Witch is automated, you don’t should manually do something.

Not like different gacha video games, the place you need to create a brand new account, create a brand new account, or erase save information,  you don’t should do any of these processes right here. Revived Witch has inbuild reroll function, which you should use any time you are feeling like attempting a distinct character or intention for higher ones.

Choosing a Compeller

While a Compeller is a great support buddy for the Revived Witch, there are certain things to consider when selecting this class. First, it is important to understand the roles of these characters. Compellers are designed to recover HP for their teammates. As such, they should be fit and have both attack and defense skills. A Fighter can be assigned to protect a Compeller if needed. Besides, a Compeller has the Kapla Battle Ready ability that lasts for 10 seconds. Furthermore, the Physical Damage they deal matches 200% of their ATK.

In the Revived Witch game, the Compeller has many different roles. These characters can be used to support allies in the team or even play as the tank. However, their skills are quite different from those of a tank. Compellers are good at restoring health and buffing their allies. As such, they should be selected carefully.

The Revived Witch tier list is a useful tool for players who are just starting out. It can help them better understand the game and improve their gaming skills. It also helps them choose the characters best suited to their playstyle. The tier list begins with S tier characters and moves through the middle tiers.

The Revived Witch character tier list is based on several factors and the general opinion of gaming communities. The tiers are divided into four categories: the top tier contains the strongest characters, while the bottom tier contains the weakest characters.

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