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Risk of Rain 2 Tier List 2023 – Best Characters

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List 2022

In Risk of Rain 2, there are many characters available to choose from. There are two different tiers for each character. A Tier One character has the most base HP, while a Tier Two character has the highest base defense stat. A Tier Two character should be careful and strategic in their playstyle. Unlike other characters, MUL-T players cannot simply walk out of the game and start killing everyone. They must strategically place turrets around the map, and use their shield to protect themselves from damage.


In the latest update of Risk of Rain 2, the game now has a Tier List 2022! The tier list is based on the number of votes collected from 275 players. The best tier list will be at the top, while the worst one will be at the bottom. Here, we will examine the most important factors to consider when creating a character tier list:

Rex is a great offensive character, but he is also a risk for new players. Unlike other characters, Rex relies on his own HP to deal damage. It’s important to use items to maximize your damage output, or else you’ll find yourself stuck on a low HP map. The Risk of Rain 2 Tier List 2022 will help you decide which character to play! If you are confused and don’t know where to start, check out our Rex guide.


The Artificer class is an extremely versatile class in Risk of Rain 2. The main difference between an Artificer and a Mage is that the Artificer’s attacks are more powerful and their cooldowns are more manageable. As such, it’s a great choice for players who want to take on enemies with a high damage output but have limited range. The first section of the Risk of Rain 2 Tier List 2022 focuses on the character’s power and potential.

The Artificer is one of the most powerful survivor classes in Risk of Rain 2. However, his damage output is limited by the types of items he can obtain in the game. The Artificer has three primary abilities. Each of them deals different damage, but they are both powerful. In addition, the Artificer can launch a flame bolt that ignites enemies and can hold up to four nano-bombs. There are three other abilities available to the Artificer, including the Flamethrower. These abilities require special challenges in order to unlock.


The Loader is a highly mobile survivor in Risk of Rain 2 that has insane damage and great mobility. The main disadvantage of this survivor is its lack of ranged damage, as she can only deal punch and shock drone damage to flying units. Because of this, she is best suited for those who are experienced in the game and are prepared to spend some time grinding. However, the game’s consistent buffs have made the Loader a top-tier melee survivor in the early game.

Despite the low mobility, the Loader has plenty of HP and excels at killing bosses. He also has the second highest HP in the game, right after MUL-T. While this character is not the strongest or most durable character in Risk of Rain 2, he is still the most versatile melee class. The downside of playing a Loader is that he lacks mobility, but he can easily fortify himself and throw a shield when needed.

image 78 risk of rain 2 tier list


Whether you are a seasoned Risk of Rain 2 player or you’re just starting out, it’s always a good idea to check out the Risk of Rain 2 character tier list. Each character has a different playstyle and personality, so ranking them is never easy. This guide is specifically designed for this game, and it has been updated after a recent patch. In this Risk of Rain 2 tier list, you’ll find all the top characters and their tiers.

The Huntress is a powerful survivor with a low health pool but high damage and mobility. The glaive and homing arrows that she carries make her a powerful weapon for clearing groups of enemies. The glaive also lets her shoot while sprinting, making it perfect for close combat situations. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use the arrow rain ability to swarm enemies with arrows.

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The tier list of Risk of Rain 2 is based on the characters in the game. This tier list is divided into four sections, each with their own power, potential, and role. You can also categorize your favorite characters based on their tiers. Here are some of the most popular heroes:

Artificer: This character is a mid-tier survivor. They don’t have the best traits, but they can be useful for completing boss fights in multiplayer. They also have some great item stacks, which give them an additional 8 seconds of life. But be careful with Artificer: their weaknesses are a bit shaky, and they aren’t as effective as other characters.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier Listing (Character Details).⇩

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

You will find all details regarding the Risk of Rain 2 character tier list.

Risk of Rain 2 – S Tier ►  

Bandit – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

Bandit is one the most versatile survivors of the current meta. His ability to use sneak attacks to do high damage can make Bandit one of the most versatile survivors in the current meta. Bandit is a skilled man, so it might take him some time to master his unique abilities.

Captain – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

The Risk of Rain 2 game currently has 12 characters. As a survivor character, each character has unique abilities that can be used to defeat monsters. We rank characters based on their combat effectiveness. S-Tier survivors make the best choices in any situation. On the other hand, D – Risk of Rain 2 tier list people have ineffective skill sets and are not worth focusing on.

Bandit is one of most versatile survivors in current meta. Bandit’s abilities enable him to perform sneak attacks that deal high damage. Bandit’s skill set is quite high, so Bandit may need to take time to learn the nuances of his character.

Loader – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

At level S, you get Crazy Spider-Man the loader. He can do anything. The loader has been in the game for a while and hasn’t been updated for a whole year. His primary abilities are always without damage. This is further enhanced by his character being the best melee survivor of Risk of Rain 2.

The Chargers have second-highest health pools in the game. His entire character is flawless because the loader was always the king in the beginning of the game. With the recent 1.0 patch, they’ve improved their raid meta, and players can be guaranteed a process that progresses through green items with longevity.

The main problem with this Risk of Rain 2 Tier List Guide was the fact that almost all characters are unique. The chargers were the only important feature that they lacked. She is the most mobile survivor of the game and continues to cause incredible damage.

For the new at risk of Rain 2 players reading this level guide, I recommend that you don’t jump straight into the loader. He can be difficult to control, especially since his swing mechanic requires a lot of consistency because that’s the only chance he has of harming enemies. On the other side of the coin, you’re not very interested in adopting his swing mechanic. You can wait for the Thunder Gauntlet’s charge to take effect, which can deal up to 2100% of damage. The M551 pylon is also slow to reload and requires patience.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List – A Tier ►

Artificer – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

We all know that Artificer should be on B. However, I believe he should be upgraded from C to B. Artificer received several buffs recently, including an increase of nanobomb damage and additional falloffs during combat. The developers realized that Artificers only have one role, and that it is to deal high damage. He has made an important contribution to the debate about whether the nanospear is superior to the nanobomb. The blast radius, damage, force and force of the latest patch 1.0 have all been changed significantly. The Ion Surge also has a minor twist, but it doesn’t feel necessary.

Artificer is our opinion. She feels like the most resilient survivor due to her high DPS. However, her feelings of worthlessness and ineffectiveness will change as the game progresses. It’s difficult to deal with her mobility with objects. This problem gets worse as he has more opportunities to loot and find the right items. Likewise, I still don’t understand why the devs aren’t making changes to their primary cooldown, which is still Artificer’s biggest drawback.

This list of 2 levels with rain risk for Artificers is based on the assumption that you still want it to be used. You should try to find the right setup for the flamethrower, ion surge, fireballs, and loot chests. On the other hand, if you haven’t used Artificer, we highly recommend it to new players because its high DPS and slow speed make for a nice natural development process.

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The Heretic – Best Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

The Heretic is the most secret playable character in Risk of Rain 2: He is the most useful character in Risk of Rain 2 because he has the highest base health, speed, and damage among all Survivor characters. He has a negative effect on his health regeneration. This causes her to lose her health over time.

Huntress – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

Also known as the game’s glass canon, Huntress is probably the most versatile and strong survivor in Risk of Rain 2. Combining his damage per second with the target is incredible. Her speed and ability to melt enemies are the best part about her. She can also fire while running, which is useful in situations where she’s trying to turn or back up and still block an enemy. Huntress is also a master of the hit and scale elements. You can’t help but be impressed by her ability to survive aggressively. Elementary is sleek and precise but lacks range. Secondary and special, such as ballista, make up for this.

It’s safe to assume that Huntress is a decent survivor, and it’s fair to rank her in Risk of Rain 2 tier list A. But it misses some key aspects of the game. This is what it keeps repeating: His main rank has the greatest problem. It is not uncommon to have to come up and cause damage. You find out that his health is one of the worst in the pool game. Huntress can be fragile against aggressive enemies who can bring down your entire team in one blow. Huntress is fighting several targets so you must focus your efforts on just one enemy.

Huntress will always be an A-tier survivor, all things considered. His skill is everything a survivor needs, and it’s topped with a crazy trick, which is debatable but to me the best thing in the game. Huntress would have been level A+ if her health pool had not been so low.

Mercenary – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

Risk of Rain 2’s first release was when all magazines listed Mercenary as tier A. His talents, including double jumping and I-frame, were some the strongest in the sport. He received a significant nerf during a recent update. This significantly affected his original health, regeneration, and cooldown. It sums up the whole character, and I’m not sure it was a good idea to weaken him so much.

Nowadays, mercenaries have become a mere shadow of their former selves. That doesn’t necessarily lead to the conclusion that he’s a bad survivor. It’s just that with so many changes in his abilities, he has become extremely unpopular. It would also be better for novice players to learn the basics of their techniques before jumping into the game expecting miracles.

MUL-T – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

Unsurprisingly, MUL-T made some good buffs as a robber, and now he’s back on the road. Hopoo Games agreed with Mul-T that he was a little behind the times and needed major overhauls. Mul-T was able to make a few minor changes, which is a difference from other characters like Mercenaries. Now, the transport mode cooldown has been reduced to six seconds. The rate change period has been reduced from 0.4 to 6. We also got some updates to the nail gun that we use for spamming. The Proc coefficient was changed to 0.6. Also, Damage has seen a lot of improvement, with it going from 60% to 70%. In my opinion, the biggest MUL-T update, which has brought it back to the A – Risk of Rain 2 tier list, was an increase in base throttling.

MUL-T still enjoys the greatest health pool, and the most powerful weaponry. He is still a unique survivor with features such as “carrying two pieces of gear together” and is the only surviving survivor with armor compared to everyone else who has none.

The playing style of MUL-T hasn’t changed much. You’re just tanking and driving away enemies for good damage. We believe the MUL -T upgrade is still the best capability. The only reason some people ignore it is because it’s too slow (which is a misconception) and because the MUL-T is heavily dependent on the AOE item. The mobility factor is still available, but his attack speed is slightly slower. If you haven’t used the MUL-T in a while, we promise you that this update has really made you the strongest range survivor in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List – B Tier ►

Engineer – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

We start with Tier A and we have both the experts and the mundane: engineers. As of now, Survivor hasn’t received any updates and his ability to control the entire game via the turret remains important. He might also be Risk of Rain’s strongest man. We know that many people dislike her primary. However, it is not consistent. They are strong in ranged battles and can cause the most damage. While engineers’ mobility is not ideal, it is possible to achieve average mobility. However, the bubble shield (utility), helps compensate for this in the long term. We are most concerned about engineers feeling bored. The TR12 Gauss Auto or TR58 Carbonizer Turret is all working, and you’re just going along.

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Engineer is the best choice if you are just starting Risk of Rain 2. His ability to distract enemy enemies by using turrets then fortify him further with items such a Bustling Fungus or Soldier Syringe, Hellfire Tincture, Razorwire, and Hellfire Tincture is quite impressive. Be aware, friends that he’s an engineer because of the need to plan. We’ve seen many players get too aggressive against enemies in survival and then complain about the character. Engineers have more departments and are not able to squeeze out all enemies.

The REX – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

Rex is a Half-Plant, half-Robot survivor who has survived through many upgrades. Rex’s core ability, as everyone knows, is that he is a destructive independent survivor. He doesn’t need anyone’s help, and if I’m being honest. There have been times when we didn’t even catch an item at the beginning of the game and had to rely on Rex for the later stages. Rex’s unique ability to have a balanced kit is one of its key features. He can take severe damage and still live without problems.

As of now, Rex hasn’t been updated much. He still has natural toxins that can slightly slow down enemies’ armor, speed of movement, and damage. The Seed Barrage is a destructive mortar. And who can forget the Tangling Growth Spam? These characteristics are what define you. They all can be used to completely defeat enemy bosses.

Rex cannot reach A because of his health problem during battle. Hopoo games are often criticized for their inability to lose HP. We think that everyone agreed that this was the best option to balance the game over the years. We wouldn’t say we liked its dynamism; Its slow pace is hard to digest. Rex can be frustrating because it is so repetitive that you have to use certain abilities. However, he can heal his self from level 1, without the need for any equipment.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List – C Tier ►

The Acrid – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

In multiplayer, Akrid has been used a lot by us. My friend often uses Akrid with Blight while we use Poison in duets. This creates an incredible combination that can reach higher levels. Acrid is, however, the last character we would choose to be in solo mode. His skills are good, but he doesn’t provide more value than being a hit-and-run expert. If you look at his main, vicious wounds, that’s good, but then you have the mercenary who does the same thing much better and can survive the later stages, unlike Acrid who always kills enemies. It’s not easy to finish.

Acrid has recently been granted a regeneration buff, which further enhances Brutal Wounds or Ravenous Bite. However, 10% of Acrid’s health is still below the normal.

If you like Akrid, I recommend that you only use it in multiplayer. If that’s not possible, get all the necessary items such as a guitar, ceremonial dagger, gasoline, and will-o-the-wisp. Acid is unable to do more than a melee attack. Acid will survive much later in the game. For me, that will always be Level B (at most in Survivor Mode).

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List – D Tier ►

Commando – Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

While Commando was a prime survivor in the first game, he hasn’t been anything amazing in the second game. Commandos aren’t unique in their technical skills, which is the main problem. They are common among survivors. If you look at his main one double tap. It is not compatible. It is not compatible with phase blast and secondary phase round.

Additionally, tactical dives along with the slide are especially noteworthy after the Frag Grenade Update. Commando has no single target, grab, dps, AoE, damage and utility. These are very important features to me. Again, tier lists are subjective, so if you have fun with his insanely fast proc coefficient relying on double tap, through 2×90% damage. Commando is useful in many situations in-game.


Risk of Rain 2It is a great cooperative shooter that offers fast-paced gameplay and a colorful world. You will find a wide range of characters, all with their own personalities and designs.


The Commando is a jack of all trades who has a very good kit, making him a great choice for beginner players, but who falls short when it comes to killing high-threat targets. While his kit is flexible enough for most situations, he falls down horribly when his items are decent. His main problem is his lack of consistent damage, mobility, and AOE, which makes him rely on powerful item synergies to get through the game.

The Commando is a good choice for beginners, as he’s relatively low-level compared to other characters in the game. While he lacks the high-end stats of other characters, he is still a very solid choice for players who want a basic combat style. The first part of his tier list describes his strengths and weaknesses and how he can best maximize his potential.

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