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Rivals of Aether Tier List September 2022 Best Characters!

Rivals of Aether Tier List

Characters in the B tier of the Rivals of Aether Tier List are relatively experienced and may not be as powerful as other characters in the game. Using these characters may take more expertise, but they are still competitive. Below is a list of Characters from each tier:

Characters in the second tier

In Rivals of Aether, the characters in the second tier are not necessarily bad. They are just not as powerful as their high-tier counterparts. While they do have some solid fundamentals and good potential, they tend to run out of gas after a certain point in the game. Because of this, they are good choices for new players, as they tend to have a higher level of enjoyment at the start of the game.

The objective of this Rivals of Aether tier list is to give players a full overview of each character in the game. Each character’s strength and weakness are compared with the opponents. The matchups between characters are determined by their relative strengths and weaknesses, and their skill level. We rank each character according to their knockback multiplier and determine whether or not they have the potential to win a match.

Wrastor is a heavy character with a strong, fast air attack. While his damage output is average, he has a wide range of useful skills and unique blocking combos. While his mobility is limited, he is still a solid option for a competitive playstyle. And don’t forget about Clairen, a classic sword fighter with a great deal of versatility and a powerful zoning tool: her attack is paralyzing.

Characters in the fifth tier

If you want to play your favorite character in Rivals of Aether, you should choose characters that fall in the S Tier. Characters in this tier are generally strong, but also need more skill to be effective. They may not be as strong as other characters, but they’re still competitive. Characters in the C Tier are the weakest in the game. Depending on their level, these characters can be quite useful.

This game features gameplay that is reminiscent of the Super Smash Bros. series, and it includes both online and offline multiplayer modes. There’s even a story mode you can play. To make your game experience more fun and enjoyable, you need to learn the ins and outs of the game’s character tier list. This tier list will help you learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

The best-known character in the Rivals of Aether tier list is Maypul, a legendary character that was introduced four years ago. He has a strong set of skills and is known for being very agile. His aerial abilities are also great, but his greatest strength is his watcher’s mark, which allows him to teleport and wrap enemies. Besides being a fun character, Maypul also has a lot of potential for growth.

image 158 rivals of aether tier list

List of Rivals of Aether Tiers – All Characters >>

It was a little difficult (at least for us) to make this rival the Ather Tier list. That’s because the smaller roster of rivals makes it easier for game developers to provide comprehensive support and updates to each rival. Many players agree that it doesn’t matter what character you play in tournaments or professional play.

However, we will try our best to provide an aether-level list of competitors, hoping to help newbies find a rival to make the game more enjoyable.

The Ather Tier List of our competitors will include four tiers: S A B C and B.

A-tier, on the other hand, would be great options with high odds of winning. Level B will allow you to play against average, fine opponents. In the end, C-Tier will list the “worst” characters (we’ve added guide intentionally so, as mentioned, all opponents are super viable).

Rivals of Aether Tier List

Rivals of Aether Tier List – S TIER >>

Below are the list of tier – S characters of Rivals of Aether game.

Forsburn – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Forsburn is capable of harnessing the power and versatility of smoking. Forsburn’s only problem is its steep learning curve. This makes it difficult for beginners. Some of Forsburn’s elemental powers include smokescreen, decoy, and consumption/combustion.

Maypul Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Maypool is the Rivals of Aether’s best character. Due to his strong strength and agile moves, Maypool is well-known among players around the world. She is agile and can move quickly on the ground. The Watcher’s Mark is Mypul’s most prominent ability, it can be used to teleport enemies to another location or even wrap them.

After the enemies are defeated, you can prepare for your next attack. The maple is fast and can kill your opponent in a split second. Maypul is one the most skilled fighting characters in Rivals of Aether. However, Maypul is not an easy character to retrieve. She cannot recover well from being hit by enemies. It is important for players to have all maple resources while they play.

Ori and Sein – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Ori and Sean team up to defeat their enemy in the Blind Forest. Ori uses Stomp and Glide to defeat their enemy, but Sean works with them using Spirit Flame and Charged Flame to put him between a rock or a hard place.

Ranno – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Raino, the third character based on water, uses toxic traps to defeat his enemies. This allows him to create combos. Raino also uses poison spin, poison stacks and other poisonous traps to make his enemies vulnerable.

Sylvanos – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Imagine a wolf, but with big leaves for fur and branches for legs, that’s Sylvanos. He is the ultimate villain of the Aether world and unleashes his fury through indomitable Evolution, Burrows and Wine Pins.

Rivals of Aether Tier List – A TIER >>

Below are the list of tier – A characters of Rivals of Aether game.

Absa – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Absa is the representation of enlightenment. He is agile and quick, making him one of the most difficult characters due to his unique play style. Condensed Storm, Thunder Bolt and Killer Cloud Control are all worth your time.

Etalus – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Atlas is the largest of the bunch and is the hardest to kill. His ice armor helps reduce recoil while his icicles offer the best edge protection. Atlas’ elemental powers include Armored Up and Heaviest. This makes him a hard guy to kill. His ice armor helps reduce recoil while his icicles offer the best edge protection. His elemental abilities include Armored Up and Home Ice Advantage.

Clairen – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

There may not be anything extraordinary about Claren’s attributes, but he can certainly deal damage with his sword. His extraordinary force field makes it difficult for enemies not to approach him. The fundamental forces that make up the Klairn include the ionized tip and plasma echo as well as the energy field.

Wrastor – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

The Wrastor is the most powerful character in the game. He can fly through the air and has quick movements. He can jump high and move quickly from one place to another thanks to his amazing jumping skills. He can jump up to four times per second and can launch air strikes against his enemies. He is able to take out rival enemies from the air. Most of his attacks can be carried out from the air, and you must have him there.

A forward- or downward-leaning attack skill can be used to hit enemies. The raster has the ability to create a stream or air that allows it move fast enough to take out enemies. In certain situations, the raster can also attack from the ground. Raster has the highest kill rates in the game.

Zetterburn Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Zetterborn is one of the oldest characters in Aether’s rivals, having the element of fire. He is a deadly and powerful attacker, with powerful attacks. Zetterburn is the best attack for any situation or level of play. He can kill all bosses and enemies. Zetterburn’s Fire Amp ability allows him to use flames against his enemies, making it the most deadly attack of all time.

This projectile can also be used to completely burn an enemy. Zetterburne can use the Fireball projectile to launch his attack far away. It is a frightening nightmare for the enemy when he hits them so hard. Zetterburn has the highest killing rate in the game. Zetterburn is a great attacker who can win more battles than any other player.

Rivals of Aether Tier List – B TIER >>

Below are the list of tier – B characters of Rivals of Aether game.

Shovel Knight – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Shovel Knight is a guest character in the game of the name. It can be used for different playstyles and matchups. You only need to visit the store to get updates. Shovel Knight’s elemental powers are Treasure Hunter, Relic and Armor, and Shovel Drop.

Orcane – Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Orken is cute, yes, but he’s as dangerous as he is cute. Orken is capable of complex, long-lasting combinations thanks to his quick attacks and control over the platform. His elemental abilities include puddle teleportation and bubble evaporation.

Conclusion >>

This is it. A concise, easy-to follow guide. Rivals of AetherTier List for players with varying abilities that can be relied on for a fun fighting experience mixed with natural elements.

Characters in the sixth tier

The following list is made up of the strongest characters in Rivals of Aether. While the first four tiers may be recognizable to many players, the six remaining tiers are often a little more difficult to master. This is due to the different gameplay mechanics and meter management of each character. However, a detailed list of these characters can help you decide which to choose when going into a battle.

This tier is comprised of characters that have good fundamentals and are solid choices for new players. Many of them are likely to be your favorite character and will be your primary choice in a game. Some of them are also interchangeable with characters in the S Tier. Therefore, if you’re a newcomer to Rivals of Aether, we recommend that you try out a character in this tier to get a feel for the game’s unique gameplay style.

The S tier is comprised of the strongest characters in Rivals of Aether. These characters are very versatile and particularly powerful versus other characters. The element of smoke represents Forsburn, a playable character who is most effective when scouting out the enemy. He can use his combo tools to attack and heal his own health. However, he does have some flaws.

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