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Roblox Stateview Prison Script 2023

This is Roblox Stateview Prison Script hack works in 2022 with pastebin link. You can use this free Roblox Stateview Prison Script updated in 2022 and start cheating in the game.

The Roblox Stateview Prison is a group for role-playing games. It was started by rez_b. It received a large amount of attention following the Flamingo video, which made it the largest prison group on the site. You can enter and exit different rooms in this game, which resembles a facilitation center and a real prison. There are several exits and rooms within the game that can be entered. The objective is to break the locked doors and escape from the facilitation guards.

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Roblox Stateview Prison Script

Roblox Stateview Prison Script

The Stateview Correctional Facility also offers many game passes. The most important one is the Governor, which you can get by being a BoG member. However, the Chief of Staff has no perks and cannot violate staff rules. The second in command is the Compliance Director, which owns Statview. While a player can be any of these three positions, they can only control one of them. The Prisons can only be accessed by members of the Governor group.

You can get a game pass for the with Roblox Stateview Prison Script to Correctional Facility by completing certain tasks. There are many different levels of game passes available, and some of them even increase your level. There is a rank called “ERT” in the game and you can get this rank by reaching level four. To join the ERT, you must complete training, pass an inspection, or purchase the ERT Gamepass. Once you’ve reached the rank of ERT, you can take on the role of an ER in the prison.

You can also choose to become the Chief of Staff in the Stateview Correctional Facility. You can gain this rank by becoming a BoG member. But this rank doesn’t come with any perks. You can only choose to be the CR in the game and not the Governor. This role is a lot of fun and rewarding. It’s a great opportunity to try out a new position in a new prison.

The ERT is the main force in defending the Stateview Correctional Facility. The CR team is the leader of the group. You can join the ERT by obtaining level four, attending training and passing the inspection, and purchasing the ERT Gamepass. You can also get an ER gamepass to upgrade your character’s equipment. CR Team members can access Admin Commands to make the world more enjoyable.

The Stateview Correctional Facility’s original owner, rez_b, decided to move the game to another group after he was Roblox Stateview Prison Script from Roblox. Despite the ban, he tried to gain the same privileges as the others. As a result, the Stateview Correctional Facility is now a group with multiple members. The CR team had an interesting discussion with the CRZb owner and they ended up with a compromise.

HOW TO USE Roblox Stateview Prison Script ?

  1. Click the “Download” button
  2. Wait for 30 seconds to be to the Free Roblox Script Code
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  5. Launch your free roblox exploit
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