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Sakura Bloom Locations In Genshin Impact 2023 Helpful Guide

How to Find Sakura Bloom Locations in Genshin Impact

You can find Sakura Bloom at various locations in the game. These locations include Narukami Island, Narukami Village, and the ruins of Narukami Village. It respawns after two days on the server. To find Sakura Blooms in the game, follow the steps below.

Narukami Island

Sakura Bloom Locations In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact introduced a new resource in the form of Sakura Bloom, a type of flower that is very useful in cooking, crafting, and character ascension. However, this resource is much different than normal flowers and requires a unique collection method. Unlike regular flowers, Sakura Blooms fall from the Sacred Sakura, which is found in the Grand Narukami Shrine. In order to collect them, players must use their Electro Attack ability on a nearby plant to harvest the blooms.

In Gneshin Impact Version 2.0, players are transported to the mystical land of Inazuma, where they can find new items and powers. One of these items is the Sakura Bloom, which is necessary for Kamisato Ayaka to achieve level 20. This item is spread out across the first island in the region of Inazuma, and players need to visit Narukami Island in order to find the best location to obtain them.

Once you have collected enough Sakura Blooms, you can use them in cooking and as an Ascension Material for Ayaka. However, if you want to make the most of your Sakura Bloom, you should use an Electro-based character and make sure they have electric-powered skills. The Sakura Bloom will respawn in 48 hours. Genshin Impact is available on PS4, iOS, and PC.

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The game Genshin Impact features a number of different places for you to find Sakura Bloom. These locations are all found in the game world. You can use the map to see their locations. This will help you to speed up your farming activity. The first location to find them is Grand Narukami Shrine, which is located below Narukami Shrine.

These places are located on Narukami Island, which is part of Inazuma. There are roughly 30 Sakura Bloom locations on the map, and each location respawns every 48 hours. It’s also worth noting that the locations condense quite tightly. This makes them easy to collect.

Another good place to find them is in a quest called “Gourmet Supremos, Assemble!” Located in the Inazuma area, Sakura Tempura is a good dish to prepare. Cooking it correctly will give you a boost to your shield strength for 300 seconds. You’ll also receive a special reward called Sakura Mochi, which will grant 900 to 1,500 HP to any fallen target.

Greatest Genshin Influence Sakura Bloom Places for Farming

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You’ll find Sakura Bloom within the wild, and most of them are huddled collectively within the Grand Narukami Shrine area. Head to this location close to Mt. Yougou.

How one can Harvest & Gather Sakura Blooms?

After you have noticed them, strategy the realm and assault them with Electro. That is how one can harvest Sakura Blooms simply. Other than this, in case you are carrying Electro power and also you stroll close to them, they may get collected too.

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Listed below are all areas from the useful Genshin Impact Interactive Map.

As you will notice, some extra good spots to farm for Sakura Blooms are:

  • Araumi Village (North of Grand Narukami Shrine)
  • Byakko Plain (South-West of Mt. Yougou)
  • Kamisato property (East of Mt. Yougou)

These areas will aid you pace up your farming exercise as a result of you will want to refill on quite a bit for character ascension.

How one can Use Sakura Blooms in Genshin Influence?

Now that you’ve loads of Sakura Blooms, you should utilize it for crafting functions.

  • Tricolor Dango – 2x Milk, 2x Snapdragon, 2x Sakura Bloom, 1x Rice
  • Summer time Competition Fish – 2x milk, 2x Snapdragon, 2x Sakura Bloom, 1x Rice
  • Electroculus Resonance Stone – 5x Naku Weed, 5x Sakura Bloom, 1x Amethyst Lump
  • Sakura Mochi – 2x Sugar, 1x Sakura Bloom, 4x Rice
  • Sakura Tempura – 4x Shrimp Meat, 2x Lavender Melon, 2x Sakura Bloom, 1x Flour
  • Snow on the Fireside – 4x Rice, 2x Sugar, 1x Sakura Bloom
  • Faux Fly Bait – 1x Horsetail, 1x Sakura Bloom

Sakura Bloom for Character Ascension

You should use it for Ayaka’s ascension so farm a number of this ingredient to have the ability to achieve this simply. You’ll initially want 3 however the depend goes from that to 10, 20, 30, 45 and 60.

Narukami Ruins

The Narukami Ruins are an important part of the Narukami Island quest line in Genshin Impact. This area is home to a large collection of hidden shrines, which can be found by completing the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest. In addition, it also contains a Teleport Waypoint in Araumi. While this waypoint is unreachable on the normal map, it can be used to reach the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss. This quest will grant players unique rewards and ascension materials for their new Inazuma characters.

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The ruins contain a large collection of treasures. One of these treasures is a stone slate. This stone can be found on the pile of dirt next to the stairs, and can also be found further inside the ruins. The ruins also contain a shipwreck, which can be used to teleport between areas.

The quest itself is fairly straightforward, and it will conclude with dialogue and cutscene. The next objective is to gather two items and align them with the pillars. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be required to talk to Kaji to complete the quest.

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