Latest Scary Fortnite Map Codes 2022

Scary Fortnite Map Codes

Scary Fortnite Map codes are a great way to increase the scare factor in your game. These codes can be found on the website of the game, and they will allow you to unlock additional content and features in the game. There are many different types of scare maps available in Fortnite. If you’re looking for one that’s really scary, you may want to check out The Apartment. This map is packed with jump scares and takes players through various locations. The core of a Fortnite Horror map is the jump scare.

Paranoia Tantrum 2

Paranoia Tantrum is a narrative Fortnite Map that is full of jump scares and puzzles. It is perfect for solo Fortnite players looking for a tense Fortnite Horror experience. Players will find that they need to use clues to escape the maze. There are also multiple endings to the map, so it is possible to choose what type of ending you want.

This Fortnite map is inspired by the popular Saw film franchise. Players will have to explore the dark and mysterious tunnels in order to solve puzzles and escape alive. This is by far one of the scariest Fortnite maps, and is a great choice for those who like a little mystery.

Lost in the Unknown

Scary Fortnite Map codes

This map features an eerie forest and plane crash. It was created by ARMYSETS and can be played solo or with friends. Another great map for a scary Fortnite experience is Alverton Hills: Livingston. This map allows up to four players to play at the same time and is sure to scare you!

It’s a survival horror map similar to The Forest, but much scarier. It begins with your character surviving a plane crash and gets progressively scarier as you explore. It’s no wonder the map is the inspiration for many jump-scare videos on YouTube.

There are several other scarily fun maps available for Fortnite. The VHS Project has multiple Backrooms. Another map in the series is The Final Reckoning, which can be played in two Backrooms. In addition to these, there is the Alien Nightmare, which takes players on a scary adventure. In this map, you’ll have to escape from a creepy clown. Another popular horror map is the Lost in the Unknown, which has multiple Backrooms.

Evil Awaits 9.0

The new version of Evil Awaits is now live, and it’s one of the most terrifying maps in the game! The black and white mystery/horror map features a creepy atmosphere, and players must solve a puzzle to figure out what’s going on. It’s the latest in a series of popular maps, with over 20 to choose from.

The map is inspired by creepypastas, a popular form of YouTube horror video. It has a maze-like layout, with small things placed on the floor to make you wonder if you’re seeing things or not. Though not as challenging as other Fortnite maps, this map still manages to give players some of the best scares.

The Lab Escape

For fans of horror maps, the Lab Escape on Scary Fortnite Map is a great choice. The game starts with you waking up in an abandoned laboratory. You need to solve puzzles in order to escape. The game has seven levels that are filled with jump scares and fun puzzles. It is also perfect for solo play, with plenty of challenging areas to explore.

The map’s name comes from the Saw movie series, which is regarded as one of the scariest franchises ever. It requires players to solve puzzles and find secret paths to escape. It’s a stressful game that tests your wits and brains.

Scary Fortnite Map Codes List 2022

image 230 scary fortnite map codes
  • Mystic Mansion – 9872-3680-6180
  • Dead by Fortlight – 8099-5981-3796
  • Living Manor – 0863-1321-3485
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s – 1393-6270-2901
  • Code of the Oliver Japanese Horror Map – 5279-536-2390
  • Evil awaits lucy – 5706-4716-3544
  • Resident Evil 7 Recreation – 6496-9997-4696
  • Patient 104 – 5553-3300-1757
  • The Cursed Forest – 6024-5002-6192
  • Bad Dreams – 5707-5919-7318

1. Mystic Mansion – 9872-3680-6180

The mansion is a game that allows you to have a Mario party and a board puzzle. These puzzles are both fun and haunting. This Fortnite map is very scary and will probably give you nightmares.

2. Dead by Fortlight – 8099-5981-3796

You will be chasing two characters with an infinity sword. You must eliminate all generators in order to survive. To win the game, you need unity. All your teammates can collaborate to distract and hide the killer and then escape.

3. Living Manor – 0863-1321-3485

This map will turn players against one another to win the game. You will quickly discover how terrifying and frightening the game can be with only a torch for a weapon.

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s – 1393-6270-2901

Our favorite five nights at Freddy’s is on Fortnite now. This video captures Fortnite’s true essence and is a must play.

5. Code of the Oliver Japanese Horror Map – 5279-536-2390

If there’s a clown following you, it will be scary. You will need to escape from the clown and other strange places in a Japanese environment.

6. Evil awaits lucy – 5706-4716-3544

It may sound like a lot of fun, but babysitting Lucy will quickly show you that it is not. This may be Fortnite’s most haunting map, thanks to its jump scares and the perfect soundtrack.

7. Resident Evil 7 Recreation – 6496-9997-4696

Resident Evil is often paired with horror. The best thing is Fortnite and Resident Evil Mashup. This Resident Evil 7 Recreation Map will help you fight the zombies Fortnite-style.

8. Patient 104 – 5553-3300-1757

This map shows a strange hospital setting that has a bit of everything. You can expect a jump scare and some exploration, but this map doesn’t contain too many complicated and technical puzzles. It’s easy to just have fun with the game, without feeling geeky.

9.The Cursed Forest – 6024-5002-6192

The environment of the cursed forest map is dark, haunted and filled with graveyards and creepy jungles. This game can quickly get very adventurous and screams horror.

10. Bad Dreams – 5707-5919-7318

Bad dreams can make it seem like you’re in a nightmare, which will leave you wondering if you are awake. These are very short maps, and the mechanics of these games are so complex that it will be difficult to play by yourself.

House of Torment

For those who enjoy the horror theme in their Fortnite games, the House of Torment map is a must try. This map is filled with mysterious rooms and abandoned buildings. The art style is also beautiful and there are a variety of sound effects to create a sense of suspense.

This map requires you to play in the first-person perspective, so you should be ready for some frights. The game begins with a walkthrough of a haunted mansion, with eerie horror sounds, minimal lighting, flickering candles, and unexpected pop-out scares.

The map has many different rooms, props, and consequences for wrong guesses. Players are given two nights to complete it. It’s slow, but it’s well worth it.

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