Sea of Indolence Lost Ark Helpful Guide 2022

Sea of Indolence Lost Ark Helpful Guide 2022

Sea of Indolence – Lost Ark Guide

Sea of Indolence Lost Ark Helpful Guide, The Deep Sea Orboros boss in Sea of Indolence is a very straightforward boss that can be killed with a variety of tactics. Its attacks are telegraphed and include AOE circles and cone attacks. It also summons a shark creature that fights alongside you, buffing your damage.

To defeat him, players must stay vigilant and be aware of the environment. Orboros can summon poison areas in the bottom of the sea, which must be avoided. You should also keep an eye on the oxygen meter, which is displayed on the mini-map. The oxygen meter will change in response to different attacks. If the players do not keep an eye on it, they will lose their wetsuits.

To defeat the Deep Sea Orboros, players must be ready to use their scuba gear. This gear will grant players a new set of abilities, which they can use to kill enemy mobs. They must also use their new abilities to advance through the map. If they can defeat the Orboros, they will gain access to the Shankrim Deep Sea Shark Summon, which grants a massive damage buff to your party.

Air bubbles

Sea Of Indolence Lost Ark Helpful Guide
sea of indolence lost ark

In Sea of Indolence, there is a recurring theme of low oxygen, and players will want to be aware of this throughout the game. To do this, players can check their oxygen gauge and watch their fellow players’ breathing. While they are swimming, they should also avoid any yellow telegraph assaults, as these will reduce their oxygen supply more quickly. In addition, players should look for purple refill vegetation that lines the area, which respawn slowly. However, these plants only work when the oxygen level is below 50%.

The Sea of Indolence dungeon is the first of the eight-player dungeons in the game. To complete the dungeon, you must have a total of eight players and have reached level 50 and 960 item levels. You will also need a diving suit, which grants you new abilities.

Breathing gauge

The Breathing gauge is an important part of the game, and it’s important to know how to use it. Using your gauge will help you survive in the game’s underwater levels. In addition, you’ll need to equip special suits in order to survive underwater. You’ll also need to have eight people in your party to survive in the dungeon.

The Breathing gauge is also an essential feature in the Abyssal Dungeon in Sea of Indolence. The gauge will change color as your oxygen level decreases. You’ll also need to check your gauge during boss encounters to ensure you don’t run out of oxygen.

Sea of Indolence Dungeon Mechanics Information for Misplaced Ark

Image 91 Sea Of Indolence Lost Ark
sea of indolence lost ark

To start with, you want 8 individuals to do this dungeon. There are two bosses that it’s essential get rid of to be able to full this dungeon. Due to TenTen on YouTube for his or her simple clarification of this dungeon.

  • First Boss
  • Second Boss

The best way to Beat the First boss of Sea of Indolence in Misplaced Ark

Earlier than you begin the combat it’s best to get conversant in the particular diving go well with that your character is supplied with. The reason being you get new abilities with this go well with so figuring out how they work will come in useful and also you received’t need to find out about them through the combat. Now let’s examine the steps to defeat it.

  1. The primary boss appears like a three-headed dragon.
  2. Spam your assaults on the dragon. It’s going to launch numerous assaults, dodge them.
  3. You’ll be able to acknowledge the assaults by their pink shade. They are going to both be a circle to point out how a lot space the assault will cowl when launched. Or it is going to present a path, representing the vary of the assault.
  4. When you see these pink indications transfer out of the way in which and you can be protected.
  5. The second factor it’s essential look out for would be the shark-like minion.
  6. When this shark spawns focus all of your assaults on it as an alternative of the dragon.
  7. Defeating it is going to additionally grant you an assault buff.
  8. This buff will come in useful when you find yourself taking down the dragon.
  9. Repeat these steps to defeat the primary boss.

The best way to Beat the Second boss of the Sea of Indolence

Earlier than heading to the second boss it’s best to get used to the brand new oxygen bar. It is a mechanic that will present the depletion of your oxygen ranges underwater. Refilling them is straightforward you may both stand on high of an air bubble to refill it or devour a flower. Each of those refilling gadgets respawn a couple of seconds after you devour them. Now allow us to examine the steps to defeat the second boss.

  • The second boss is a large octopus-like creature that has two phases.
  • Part 1
    1. Within the first section, this boss will primarily do 4 assaults.
      • Stomp: A giant pink circle will seem displaying the world the place all of the stomp assaults will do the injury.
      • Hand sweep: A spread of pink shade is proven and the boss will sweep in that vary attacking any gamers in there.
      • Crimson balls: These balls may have a yellow circle as an alternative of a pink one to point out their vary. This yellow circle signifies that the assault will do injury to your oxygen stage and reduce it.
      • Protected zone assault: Because the title suggests that is an assault that may have a protected zone. This assault covers the entire space aside from this protected spot. So the one approach to keep away from getting hit by this assault is for you and your occasion to collect on this protected zone.
    2. Now that you’re conscious of his 4 assaults, dodge them whereas dealing injury to it.
    3. You’ll know the tip of section 1 if you destroy the boss’s legs.
  • Part 2
    1. Within the second section, the boss will do 5 assaults.
      • Crimson balls: This time they present the yellow cone of a spread to point out their space of impact. It will once more do injury to your oxygen ranges.
      • Smack: Similar to the stomp in section 1. It’s going to continuously smack on the gamers and these smack assaults will present a pink vary to point out the assaults. The frequency of this assault is much more than its stomp assault from the primary section.
      • Sprint: It’s going to leap again to cost after which sprint on the gamers whereas petrifying them. In case a participant is unable to dodge this assault they may get petrified.
      • Hand Sweep: It’s going to present a blue vary and sweep on the gamers in that vary.
      • Protected Zone: This assault is identical assault it makes use of in its first section.
    2. Similar to earlier than, see what sort of assault the boss makes use of to be able to dodge it and begin spamming your assaults on it. If you fully deplete the boss’s well being bar you’ll defeat it.


The Abyssal Dungeon, Sea of Indolence, is a Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. It is part of the Gate of Paradise-gebied, and it requires the Forge of Fallen Pride -kerker achievement. Players must have 960 or more item level to enter the Abyssal Dungeon.

To reach the Abyss in Sea of Indolence, players must have 960 item level and be level 960 or above. This Abyssal Dungeon contains two bosses, each offering a moderate challenge. It is recommended that you team up with eight people, and make sure your party has a high item level.

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