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Sea of Thieves Free Hack ESP & Aimbot | Sea of Cheaters 2023

Sea of Thieves Free Hack with a lot of features such as Sot ESP hack, Aimbot, Skeleton esp and many more Free Hack features for Sea of Thieves

Developer of this Free Sot Hack is kierak well known developer from unkowncheats. He shared its personal Hack for sea of thieves free. He did remove A lot of features from his cheat but still this cheat is the Best Free Hack for Sea of thieves at the moment.

Let check this Best Free Hack for SOT Sea of Cheaters 2022

Features of Sea of Thieves Free Hack

Sea of Thieves Free HackSea of Thieves Hack Menu

Sea of Thieves ESP Wallhack Features

As can be seen from this excellent in Sea of Thieves Hack Menu, the Free sot cheat consists of 3 main categories.First category for Visual Hacks Sot with features such as Free ESP Wallhack, Global visual, Player ESP, Draw teammates, Draw name, Islands Esp, Megalodon Hack, Free Sot Items hack, Skeletons ESP hack, Ships ESP Hack for SOT, Animal esp and Mermaids Hack with a color changing option. Check this sot cheat too

Sea of Thieves Aimbot Features

In the Aim menu, in the Aimbot automatic aim cheat section, we see the Aimbot on/off option Gun Prediction (Pistol Rifle etc) Visibility Checks, Field of View, Ping Correction, FPS Correction, BulletDrop Correction, BulletSpeed Correction, Stick to Target, Activation Key, Lock-On It has Message, Field of View, Ping Correction, FPS Correction, BulletDrop Correction, BulletSpeed Correction, Stick to Target, Lock-On Message and many super Sea of Thieves Aimbot Features.

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sot free hacks

Sea of Thieves Hack Misc Features

There aren’t many features to be explained in this section, but there is a lot of features really work great for each other and I really recommend you to use them. With the Fast Cannon Movement misc feature, which is one of the most important features (I think), you will be able to fire Cannon really faster. I strongly recommend that you try this feature in the game. Really try it’s a super free sot cheat feature.

You can make yourself a CUSTOM crosshair with the crosshair swapping feature.

  • Player Visible Color
  • Player Invisible Color
  • Crosshair
  • Save Settings
  • Load Settings
  • Move Menu
  • Resize Menu

Sea of Thieves AimbotSea of Thieves Free Cannon Hack

How to use Sea of Thieves Free Hacks?

Now it’s time for an important point about how to use Sea of Thieves Free Hacks, please read here.

Works only with Steam cuz MS is not working well as it supposed to be
The game must be in English
|x| means that the feature isn’t working in the UC Version+ There’s no cannon Aimbot in this version.

  1. Download Sea of Thieves Free Hacks from download button
  2. Extract the rar to desktop or any place (pass123)
  3. Run the cheat and run the game
  4. Make sure your game is windowed fullscreen
  5. Press INSERT in game to open hack menu

Holding V Activates Loot Juggle
– Hack Menu : Insert
– Hack Menu Close Key : END

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