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Elden Ring – Easy Way To Get Seedbed Curse & All Places in 2022

How to Get the Seedbed Curse in Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring, you need to collect a certain item known as Tarnished. Then, you can talk to Tarnished to get a key to unlock the cell of the Dung Eater, who lives in the sewers beneath the Royal City. You can do this at the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, which is downstairs, in a well below, and at the Underground Roadside. From there, you can find the Dung Eater’s cell, which is hidden underground and near the tunnel of Giant Poison Flowers.


The Seedbed Curse is an item you can find on a corpse tied to a chair. You can get it from the corpse in the Prayer Room in the Temple of Elden Ring. It will cost you 10 Gold to get. It’s a great item to use to make your character unique.

There are two ways to get it. The first way is to go to Leyndell. It can be found on the same map as the Seedbed Curse. The second way is to head south from the capital. The site is located on the East Capital Rampart, near the Site of Grace. You must climb the stairs or ladder to get to the site. Once you’re at the top, look for the item on a chair.

The Seedbed Curse can also be obtained from the Dung Eater in the Roundtable Hold. It drops the Sword of Milos when killed. You can also get it from the Loathsome Dung Eater, who can be found near the wings of the dragon.

Volcano Manor

Seedbed Curse

To get to Volcano Manor in Elden Ring, players must first visit the Temple of Eiglay. This place is full of enemies, including Snakemen. There is also a teleporter and a Rykard boss fight. Once inside, players must find the Stonesword Key to open the door. The Key is located on a body in a dark room, near a chair guarded by enemies. Then, they must take the path down to the door in the Volcano Manor lobby.

The Seedbed Curse is located in Volcano Manor, located on the Volcano Site of Grace. To find it, players must take the Stonesword Key and pass through the fogged wall. There are several enemies in this room, as well as the Seedbed Curse.

To get to the Seedbed Curse in Volcano Manor, players must have defeated the Godskin Noble. This challenge is found on the lower level of the Manor, near the stone fountain and red-leafed trees. The player must then climb the ladder and find a corpse that is infected with the Seedbed Curse.


When you reach Haligtree, you will be able to pick up the Seedbed Curse. There are two places where you can obtain this item. The first location is in the Prayer Room Site of Grace. This location is after you have gone up a short flight of stairs and crossed a narrow bridge. The second location is behind a pillar on a corpse.

Once you have obtained the Seedbed Curse, you can begin the story with the Dung Eater. You will need to find a bright red NPC in order to start the quest. The easiest way to get the Seedbed Curse is to follow the main questline.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the location by following the path from Leyndell. It is located near the West Capital Rampart. To reach this location, you must follow a path that is on the right side of the rampart. Then, climb onto the roof of the shed below. When you get to this place, you will find a corpse with the Seedbed Curse tied to it.

Second Seedbed Curse

If you’re wondering how to get the second Seedbed Curse in World of Warcraft, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s a pretty simple method to get the rare ring. Seedbed Curses are found on corpses that have been tied to chairs in different areas. The best place to get them is in the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace.

In the same area, you can also find an Elphael Brace of the Haligtree. You can find it by going north and then using the stairs to double back. Once you’ve reached the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find a corpse with the Seedbed Curse.

Seedbed Curses can be obtained in a variety of locations in Elden Ring. You’ll need five of them in total to get the ending in Elden Ring. You can get them from mutilated corpses. You can also find them in various locations, including the Sewer-Gaol, which is below the capital.

All Seedbed Curse Places in Elden Ring

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There are a complete of 5 Seedbed Curses that you’ll find in Elden Ring. Beneath are the areas of the place to seek out them.

  • Leyndell Seedbed Curse 1
  • Leyndell Seedbed Curse 2
  • Volcano Manor Seedbed Curse 3
  • Haligtree Seedbed Curse 4
  • Haligtree Seedbed Curse 5

Allow us to examine all of them.

Leyndell Seedbed Curse 1

  1. Quick Journey to the East Captial Rampart web site of grace.
  2. Head west from the location down the steps.
  3. As soon as down begin going southeast, preserve going straight, and cross a door that leads south.
  4. Use the steps on this room to go down.
  5. Subsequent, head west, and a elevate will take you down.
  6. Hold going straight and climb the ladder on the precise within the first room.
  7. Now, climb up the steps on this room.
  8. While you attain the above room you can see a physique on a chair.
  9. Pillage stays of this physique and you’re going to get the Seedbed Curse.

Leyndell Seedbed Curse 2

  1. Quick Journey to the West Captial Rampart web site of grace.
  2. Go south and previous the steps that lead down.
  3. Simply forward of those steps you may fall down the ledge on the precise. In case you jumped from the precise place it is best to discover a physique that you may pillage in your proper.
  4. Subsequent, go straight you ought to be heading southwest. On the left, you will note a tree main up ignore it as an alternative soar on the roofs on the precise.
  5. As soon as on these roofs flip behind and go for the door in your left you ought to be heading north.
  6. Hold going west on this room.
  7. When you attain the tip take a proper and it is best to attain a room that appears just like the Roundtable maintain.
  8. Go north from right here, then east from the following room.
  9. Hold going straight right here and on the other finish, you can see a physique on a chair. Pillage it and declare the Seedbed Curse.

Volcano Manor Seedbed Curse 3 – Easy methods to Get them

  1. Quick Journey to the Temple of Eiglay web site of grace.
  2. Take a proper from the location and use the elevate to go up.
  3. As soon as up go straight and comply with the pure path till you see the bottom on the volcano. Soar on the balcony and fall to the bottom. You need to be heading northeast.
  4. Comply with the bottom and head east, it is best to discover two gadgets to choose on the bottom.
  5. As soon as up take a left and fall down on the bottom to go north.
  6. Now preserve following the pure path and go up.
  7. Subsequent, flip left and go west. When you attain the wall take a proper and go straight.
  8. On the left, you will note a window-like entrance. Go inside.
  9. Subsequent head west, open the door, go straight then up the steps on the precise.
  10. When you attain up go north. On the far finish of the room flip proper and open the door. One can find the Man-Serpent Ashes right here.
  11. Comply with the steps up and go in the direction of the room with the white fog.
  12. Use the stonesword key right here and head inside.
  13. As soon as in, soar down the platforms and attain the underside of this space.
  14. While you attain down, flip again and you can see the Seedbed curse on the physique on a chair on the finish of this room. You need to be heading southwest.

Haligtree Seedbed Curse 4

  1. Quick Journey to the Prayer Room web site of grace.
  2. Take a proper from the location and preserve going straight and go down the steps as soon as.
  3. When you attain the tip flip proper and soar on the tilted platform.
  4. Go down and soar on the left space, you might be in the precise place in case you see candles and a Scarab.
  5. Go straight and soar on the tilted platform and go up.
  6. Flip proper and preserve going straight right here and you can see the Seedbed curse on the physique.

Haligtree Seedbed Curse 5 – Seedbed Curse Places in Elden Ring

  1. Quick Journey to the Prayer Room web site of grace.
  2. Once more, take a proper from the location and preserve going straight however this time go down the steps all the way in which.
  3. Don’t enter the room as an alternative flip proper and soar on the tilted platform simply outdoors the room.
  4. Once more, soar down and on the left, you will note stairs taking place. Comply with this path.
  5. Take two rights and you can see the final Seedbed Curse on the physique close to the jars.

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