Selena Gomez Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez Taylor Swift

In December 2014, Selena Gomez appeared in a video for Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” song. The two have been friends for several years and have also been inseparable. This friendship has helped them through both highs and lows in their careers, and fans are eagerly awaiting their collaboration. In the meantime, Swift is celebrating her 30th birthday, and Gomez recently appeared in a new music video for “Bad Blood.”

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift

After several years of friendship, Selena Gomez shared a throwback photo of herself with Taylor Swift on Instagram. Gomez captioned the photo with a sweet message for her longtime BFF. Swift responded to the post by writing: “I love you like a love song bay beh.” Many fans are convinced that Swift meant more than a simple acknowledgement of their friendship. Whether or not Swift was actually missing Gomez during the COVID-19 pandemic, the two have a strong bond.

The relationship between Gomez and Swift began in 2008, when both women were dating the Jonas Brothers. The two were rumored to be dating when Taylor released his film, “Knives Out,” and Selena’s sweater was similar to Evans’. The singer revealed in an interview with KISS FM UK in 2017 that the pair met when she was dating the brothers. Gomez joked that Swift’s friendship was the best thing about the Jonas brothers. Both Swift and Gomez have been spotted together at various events and award ceremonies.

Image 467 Selena Gomez Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been friends for years, but they’ve recently had a falling out, and their relationship is shaky. Gomez was not alone in this struggle, and she’s been vocal about it on social media. In addition to Selena Gomez’s recent relationship with Taylor Swift, Gomez and Swift have been seen at events together. They’re now both famous all over the world, and they’ve both made their mark in the entertainment industry. They have starred in movies like Another Cinderella Story (2008), Princess Protection Program 2009, Monte Carlo (2011), and Spring Breakers (2013).

The two women recently performed at the 2021 Grammy Awards together, and the pair appeared to be in good spirits. While Gomez’s appearance was not as public as Taylor Swift’s, the two singers’ fans have expressed their admiration for one another on Instagram. Swift and Gomez praised each other on Instagram. Their new album, “Revelacion,” is currently No. 1 on the survey.

In addition to their public feuds, Gomez and Taylor are still close friends. They played together live and twirled at award shows together. Their friendship began in 2008, and they even met during the premiere of Some Other Cinderella Story. The two have even attended the People’s Choice Awards together. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift: Is Their Friendship Still Strong? They’ve Been Together For Several Years

In the year 2021, Taylor Swift introduced Gomez to the audience at the BRIT Awards. Recently, Gomez shared a picture of a bracelet that reads “SG3.” The bracelet might be a hint at their upcoming collaboration. Gomez fans are already imagining what their collaboration would sound like. There’s no official confirmation yet, but the two women have shown a mutual respect and affection for one another and have been close friends ever since.

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