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Elden Ring Sellen Primal Glintstone Not Working – Quest Bug Solution 2023

Elden Ring Sellen Primal Glintstone Not Working

Sellen Primal Glintstone Does Not Work? First, locate the Sellen puppet that is hidden in the hidden chamber. You can then use Primal Glintstone for Sellen’s revival once you have found it. You should then head to Castle Redmane. Talk to Jerren about the Radahn festival.


Sellen in Waypoint Ruins is available to help you with any issues you may have with your Primal Glintstone. She was a former student of Academy of Raya Lucaria. You should speak to her first to learn why she was exiled. You will be able make your primal glintstone shine again after speaking to her.

A bug in Elden Ring is the reason your Primal Glintstone won’t work. The bug in Elden Ring prevents you from moving the flintstone. This will make it impossible to complete your quest. This bug can have a negative impact on both the gameplay of the game and your questline.

A bug in the Elden Ring’s Sellen quest prevents you transferring glintstone from one body to another. To complete the quest you will need to use the illusory flooring on the right side Ranni’s Rise. You will find a secret room with a Sellen doll.


Sellen Primal Glintstone Not Working

You are not getting the Elden Ring Sellen Primal Glintertstone results you want? Sellen is hiding behind an illusionary wall. There is a way to free her from this prison. You will need to inject the Primal Glintstone in her body. You will be able to revive Sellen if you succeed.

The Primal Glintstone can be used to unlock quests or areas in Elden Ring. It can be found in the vicinity of the Three Sister towers and the Carion Manor. Also, it is located between Renna’s Rise & Ranni’s Rise. Azur, the sorcerer, is required to get it.

The possibility that you have received messages informing you of its location if you are unable to locate the Primal Glintstone. The illusionary floor is between two pillars. It is located close to the fourth Church of the Marika, Site of Grace. Radahn may prevent you from advancing in the quest.


Elden Ring has bugs that can prevent players from completing certain sections of the game. One such bug affects Solen’s quest. The bug prevents Solen’s quest from being completed and allows her to transfer the glintstone onto another person. This bug is caused when a prerequisite is missing in the game.

This bug can be found in several items, such as the Elden Ring Sellen Primal Glinchstone. This bug can cause players to be frustrated if they want to complete their quest. These problems can be solved by visiting The Church of Vows to pray.

Another bug hinders Sellen’s teleportation. You can find the Glintstone in Witchbane Ruins southwest of Fourth Church of Marika. You can get a Primal Glintstone to sellen by looking at this location.

Players must defeat Radahn to find the Primal Glintstone. Then, they need to bring the solden puppet back into the hidden chamber. Players can use the Primal Glintstone after defeating Radahn to revive the solden. This is the final step in the quest.

Sellen Primal Glintstone Not Working Quest Bug Solution in Elden Ring

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It will be possible to fix the Sellen Primal Glintstone Not WorkingBug by defeating Radahn, and speaking with Jerren.After you’ve completed these conditions, it is best to transplant the glintstone on the Three Sisters. Consumer u/IniwidReddit to share this repair. This thread will allow you to see their conversation. right here.

  1. Progress the Sellen’s quest till you get the Sellen’s Primal Glintstone.
  2. Defeat Starscourge Radahn. This is a critical step, as you must beat him to be able speak to Jerren.
  3. Subsequent, Speak to Jerren at the Redmane Fortress. All his dialogs must be ended.
  4. Get it now Talk to Jerren again at Witchbane Ruins.. And again. All his dialogues must be exhausted.
  5. Lastly, go to the Three Sisters and transplant the Sellen’s Primal Glintstone to her new physique.

If you have tried everything but are still unable to make progress, it is possible that you will need to accidently hit her. It is possible to reverse it by visiting the Church of Vows, praying and going to the Church of Vows.. It is important to follow the above steps in order to make progress within the questline.


You may have noticed that the Primal Glintstone of the Sellen Primal Glintstone Does Not Work. This is because of a bug in the game that prevents players transferring the glintstone from one body to another. Problem is, the bug doesn’t become apparent until the player has completed the questline.

There are quick solutions to this problem. You can visit the Church of Vows to pray if you accidentally hit something in the quest. This will make the situation right again and allow you to move forward. You can also talk to an NPC at Three Sisters ruin if the issue does not resolve.

Another solution is to speak to Jerren at the Witchbane Ruins and ask for the core Glintstone. This can then be transplanted into the Three Sisters. This problem can sometimes occur when the player accidentally hits the Three Sisters. In this instance, however, it is possible to reverse the hit.

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