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If you haven’t tried Arbiter Vildred yet, you should check out this article to learn more about the hero. It will give you a good idea of how to get the best out of her. There are a number of things to keep in mind when you choose to play a hero, from what they cost to how they stack with other units. It will also help you decide which unit to choose based on your own playstyle.

Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred in Shadow Rose’s Epic Seven is an excellent all-around hero that has a lot of utility. She has defensive and offensive abilities and her ultimate is an excellent damage dealer, but she’s vulnerable to heroes that have extinction. Read on to find out what makes her such a great all-around hero! This character is a great pick for both PvP and PvE teams, and is worth checking out.

In Shadow Rose Epic 7, Arbiter Vildred fulfills the role of thief. He once believed in the Goddess and her Covenant, but he betrayed them and joined forces with Acolyte Kayron. He possesses the full power of Archdemon Anghraf, allowing him to strike a group of enemies at once. This class is ideal for those who like to thrash enemies and use their high speed to gain an advantage over the opposition.

SS Bellona

SS Bellona is a mid-range DPS pick that is best used with Specimen Sez, a tanky healer. Although she cannot outpace fast units, she is a decent pick against teams with non-water elements. Here are some tips to use her in the right situation. Here are some tips to use SS Bellona in your team. Read on to learn more about her role in Shadow Rose Epic 7.

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SS Tier characters are good enough to be the main tank in the game, but they don’t have the same bonuses and abilities as their SS-Tier counterparts. SS-Tier characters are great at PvP, but don’t expect to see a huge increase in damage with them. AoE-damaged attacks are their strong points. These characters can be effective in both PvE and PvP scenarios.


When it comes to DPS, the Shadow Rose is a good choice for most players. It’s a generally useful unit, and her abilities are useful in all content types. Her ability, Defense Down, will dramatically swing your team’s Combat Readiness in your favor, regardless of what your opponent’s element is. Additionally, her ability, Sequential Cutter, will help you break down an enemy’s defense, giving your team a powerful advantage in any matchup.

The D Corvus team composition can be rounded out with a strong D tier character, such as Iseria. She can work well as a bruiser, but her high D-tier cost will make her not very useful for killing Seaside Bellona. A tier D unit, Iseria is still useful if you need defense break and skill cooldown reset, and she can buff one key unit. In addition to D Corvus, you can also bring in Tamarinne and Yufine for a CR push.


In Shadow Rose Epic 7, the TamaIseria combo is one of the best options. She does almost everything better than S.Rose. Her only flaws are unhealable and CR pushback. However, it is possible to counter that by using other units with the same skill, such as Bellona, Yufine, and S.Rose. This is especially helpful if you want to push forward with your team and get your main. You can also carry Iseria and Yufine and let them do their own things as long as you have their attention. It is also possible to make them respawn faster.

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