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Arbiter Vildred in Shadow Rose Epic 7

You must learn this text for those who haven’t but tried Arbiter Villred. You might get a better idea of how you can benefit from her. When you choose to be a hero, there are many things to consider. These are how the items stack up with each other. This will help you to determine the best unit for your playstyle.

Vildred, Arbitrer

Arbiter Villred is Shadow Rose’s Epic Sevens’ all-around hero and has many useful skills. She’s an offensive and defensive expert, and her last offers a nice injury. But she is susceptible to heroes who have passed away. You will learn why she is an incredible hero. This character is an excellent choice for any PvP or E group. This character is worth trying.

Shadow Rose Epic 7’s Arbiter, Vildred, plays the role of a thief. He believed in the Goddess and her Covenant as soon as he saw them. However, he was betrayed by them and joined forces with Acolyte Kayron. He is able to strike a variety of enemies directly and has all of the power of Archdemon Anghraf. This class is for those who enjoy thrashing enemies, and using their speed to gain an advantage over the opposition.

SS Bellona

Specimen Sez and SS Bellona are good options for a mid-range DPS. This tanky healer is great for SS Bellona. Although she is not able to beat fast items, she is a solid choice against groups that have non-water elements. Here are some ways to use her in the most effective circumstances. These are just a few of the ways you can include SS Bellona to your workforce. Find out more about Shadow Rose Epic 7’s Bellona function.

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The SS Tier characters are capable of being the primary tank in the sport. However, they do not have the same skills and bonuses as their SS Tier counterparts. Although SS Tier characters can be extremely efficient in PvP they don’t have as much injury as their SS Tier counterparts. They are AoE-damaged strikers, which is their strength. These characters could be very helpful in all PvE and PvP situations.


The Shadow Rose is an excellent choice for DPS. This unit can be used in all content types and is often very useful. Protection Down will significantly increase your workforce’s Fight Readiness regardless of the opponent. You can give your workforce an edge in any matchup by using the flexibility Sequential Cutter.

You can also add a D-tier character comparable to Iseria to help you spherical out D Corvus’ squad. Although she is a good bruiser, her high D-tier price renders her ineffective against Seaside Bellona. Iseria is a D-tier unit that can be used to provide protection breaks or ability cooldown resets. Additionally, she can buff one key unit. Tamarinne Yufine and D Corvus can be added to your CR push.


Shadow Rose Epic7’s TamaIseria combo with Shadow Rose Epic 7 is a good choice. She can do almost everything higher than S.Rose. Unhealing, CR pushback and unhealing are her only faults. This can be countered by using other items that have similar abilities to Yufine or Bellona. This is particularly useful if you want your chief to be able move along with your workers. Yufine or Iseria can also be brought along and let them handle their duties, as long your consideration is focused on them. You can make them respawn even faster.

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