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Shangra Lost Ark Island Guide 2023 – Location, Event, Rewards, & More

Lost Ark Shangra Island Guide

Shangra Lost Ark Island Guide – Get the most out of this quest by understanding the location of certain quest items. For example, you can acquire the Song of Spring by completing The Garden Path Quest and Shangra’s Pure Energy. You also need Wine Buff to progress on most sections of Shangra Island. Peach Wine and Blooming Spring Peach Wine both give five minutes of Wine Buff. You can also get Peach Wine by completing A Visitor to the Ladies’ Hot Spring quest. You can also make Blooming Spring Peach Wine using Peach Wine and 20 Shangra Flower Dew.

Azure Wind Island quests

Shangra Lost Ark

One of the Lost Ark islands you can explore is Azure Wind Island. This island is a good place to explore and find new quests, as well as gather Island Tokens. You can also ride mounts to earn rewards on this island, including Mokoko Seeds, Cloud Steed, and the Wind Mane Mustang. There are many quests to be found on Azure Wind Island, and some of them are hidden.

There are three types of quests to complete on the island. First, you can complete the Yellow Marked quest. This quest requires you to find all 31 Toy Horses. When you are near one, a Chime will sound. Once you have completed the quest, you’ll receive a special reward.

The second type of quest is called the “Quest for Kadan” and requires you to complete two islands. You can get a double reward if you complete both tasks. You can find the object in Blue-Eyed Calvasus’ room in the northwest corner of the island.

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Mokoko seeds

The Mokoko Seed is a rare collectible in the game. They look like little yellow bean-like creatures that blend in with the landscape. To collect them, press the G key and a loading bar will appear. Once you have collected a Seed, it will appear on the map in the location where you found it. You can also use the Alt-J key to open an interface that tracks collectibles. This interface will focus on the Mokoko seeds and give you a hint as to where to find them.

One of the most fun collectibles in the game is the Mokoko Seed. There are over 1200 of these tiny fruits scattered around the world, and a little bit of hunting can get you a lot of them. They can be used to get special skins or boost stats in the game. If you collect them all, you can unlock all of the rewards from the Mokoko Exchange.

The Mokoko Seed is located in the eastern part of the island. It is located in a shrub in the middle of a path. You can find it by walking south and downwards.


While the timer on Lost Ark Shangra Island is a helpful tool, it’s also worth keeping in mind that it will reset after a certain amount of time. You can check the timer by going into the alarms menu. Once you’ve set the timer, a whirlpool will appear in the sea around 10 minutes before Shangra Island appears. The island itself spawns in different locations each time you visit, so make sure to coordinate where you’re going to spawn.

The Lost Ark Shangra Island works similarly to the Ghost Ships. The island icons will appear on the map, but they won’t appear on the map for the entire game. This means you’ll need to keep an eye on the schedule in Procyon’s Compass to see when the island will be available to visit. To help you out, there’s an option to sign up to get an email notification when it’s time to visit the island.

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To reach Shangra island, you need to have a Lost Ark ship and a combat level of 50. You’ll also need to have at least 250 equipped items. Once you arrive, the island will display a timer, which is a helpful guide to getting to Shangra as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, you’ll run the risk of the whirlpool appearing in the spawn location.

Shangra Island Information in Lost Ark

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Like I’ve talked about above, Shangra Island is an Occasion-based Occasion. So, everytime you see it, it gained’t be there for lengthy. Shangra Island in Misplaced Ark has 3 areas that it spawn in. These areas are:

  • In between Anihc & Arthetine
  • Within the Triangle shaped by Tortoyk Island, Luterra & Vern.
  • Between Vern & Shushire.

Shangra Island will spawn in considered one of these areas at any given time in Misplaced Ark. A whirlpool will seem on the location which can point out that the Island is spawning right here. Because it’s a limited-time occasion, it’s best to get assist out of your buddies or different gamers. Coordinating on the place it’ll spawn will assist everybody concerned. When you get to the Island, you’ll have to do the Shangra Occasion.

There are numerous quests you’ll have to do as you get to the Shangra Island in Misplaced Ark. You will get the Music of Spring when you full The Backyard Path Quest after which the Shangra’s Pure Vitality. Most sections of the Island would require you to have the Wine Buff. To get the Wine Buff, you will have to devour a Peach Wine(Grants 5 minutes of Wine Buff) or Blooming Spring Peach Wine(Grants 5 minutes of Wine Buff). You will get the Peach Wine by finishing both A Customer to the Women’ Sizzling Spring or Shangra’s Finest Wine. The Blooming Spring Peach Wine will be made with one Peach Wine and 20 Shangra Flower Dew.

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To get the Island Token, you will have to purchase and plant a Thousand-year-old Tree Bud on the Thousand-12 months-Previous Jar for 5,600 Agency Peach and plant it within the Shadow Realm. After speaking to the NPC, you’ll get the Island Coronary heart because the reward.


Lost Ark has tons of islands, but the one where you spawn is always different. This is especially true of Shangra Island, which spawns in three different areas on the map. You can always try different spots and see if you can make it to the same spot each time.

Getting peaches on Shangra Island is fairly easy, but you have to work cooperatively with other players. Farming peach blossoms is the fastest way to collect peaches in this location. Peach blossoms drop two firm peaches each, so farming them is the most efficient way to get a lot of them.

There are seven Mokoko Seeds in Shangra Island, and they can be found in the sea near Shangra Island. The secret to finding them is to approach the mokoko seed.

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