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The trailer for Shenhe premiered on December 29, 2021. The trailer was melancholic and dark, hinting at the cursed character’s past. MiHoYo, the developer, revealed details about Shenhe’s talents and moveset in the trailer. Shenhe can use her Cryo abilities to help with the celebration. Shenhe can also improve her harm using her present Assault. Shenhe brushes her hair with a comb.

Shenhe is a 5 star Cryo polearm character

Shenhe is a 5-Star Cryo Polearm character and a skilled offfield DPS with a speciality of Cryo. The Elemental Ability is not as powerful as Ganyu’s but it can still be useful for off-field DPS as it provides resistance shred to enemy. Shenhe is the ideal choice for groups who use a Ganyu permafreeze, bodily, or melted Ganyu to their mains.


Shenhe is a crane Adepti. This is the “God Of Cranes” name. Shenhe has the highest DPS of any five-star character, and he uses a Cyro Claymore. The best part is that this character has existed for quite some time. Genshin Affect1.3 has some details about Shenhe. She’s been around for quite some while.

To select her weapons, she uses the Calamity Quelr

Shenhe, an Elementalist is proficient in the Calamity Queller. It’s a five star polearm with five stars that can be used for large-scale attacks. Shenhe can use the weapon’s Extinguishing Principle impact to inflict 12% Elemental damage when it is not on-field. Shenhe can double the damage she does each second with her Consummation passive and also increase it by 3.2% every second. It does amazing damage to her opponents.

The Calamity Queller, an elite 5-star polearm with a high secondary stat, adds spice to the overall attack. Calamity Queller’s passive ability, the “Extinguishing Principle,” increases Elemental damage up to 12%. Consummation stacks are very useful as they can increase assault by 3.2% per sec and can stack up to six times. The Calamity Queller is not as good as the Catch. It will increase Elemental Burst damage up to 16 % and the price by 6.

She has a basic passive expertise

Shenhe’s passive elements expertise in “Shattering Ice,” is available to assist in the selection of an AOE class. Shenhe has an elemental ability called Icy Quinll. Passive expertise can be used for increasing your damage output to enemies. With passive expertise, you’ll be able do more damage and have a higher ATK. You can combine passive expertise with a protection provider to simplify your help team.

Shenhe is a great DPS character. Shenhe also has an elemental passive skills. Passive expertise can be used to increase Cryo harm for all those who are bodily heroes. Shenhe’s Cryo damage increases with her ATK. A strong polearm with high ATK is a must. Calamity Quelr is the most powerful weapon in-slot.

To style her hair, she uses a comb

Shenhe was raised in a mountain home, and was first introduced to herbs as a child. Shenhe wasn’t able to picky with her distant adobe. To keep her hair soft, Shenhe chewed Qingxin stems. When she was younger, her hair was dark. Her trainer gave her the Jade Comb during a lesson. She advised her to comb her hair at the very least three times per day. She actually combed her locks at least twice daily until they became white.

Although Shenhe is close to Chongyun, they are not sisters. Chongyun is Shenhe’s aunt. Shenhe is a congenital optimist. It is possible that they could have been siblings because of the many similarities. Many believe Shenhe was adopted in China by Chongyun. They are actually cousins.

She enjoys delicious herbs

Shenhe is a mortal with an incredible structure and the extraordinary ability to master adept arts. Shenhe has spent her whole life living in solitude, growing divine herbs, and drinking mountain dew. Shenhe still feels far from the outside world. However, it is possible that her feelings could be Adepti. The curious pink string tied to her body could explain her discomfort with the style. Shenhe’s story is not limited to his eating habits and identification.

The village’s east end contained a department house for exorcists. Their mother died of illness, and their youngest daughter vanished. The father of their household hanged from the tree in his back yard. Shenhe was implied as having disappeared with the younger lady. Chongyun didn’t dismiss the word unfaithful, even though he discovered it.

She drinks mountain dew

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