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The trailer for Shenhe was released on December 29, 2021. The trailer was dark and melancholic, hinting at the cursed character’s backstory. Developer MiHoYo confirmed some details about Shenhe’s abilities and moveset in the trailer. Her Cryo abilities help the party and increase her damage based on her current Attack. In addition, Shenhe uses a comb to comb her hair.

Shenhe is a 5 star Cryo polearm character

The 5-Star Cryo Polearm character Shenhe is a specialized off-field DPS who specializes in applying Cryo. While the Elemental Skill isn’t as strong as Ganyu’s, it is still a useful option for off-field DPS, as it deals resistance shred to opponents. Shenhe is perfect for teams with a permafreeze, physical eula, or melted ganyu as their mains.


Shenhe is a crane Adepti, meaning “God of the Crane”. Shenhe uses a cyro claymore, and has probably the highest DPS of any 5 star character. The good news is that the character has been in the game for quite some time. Genshin Impact 1.3 leaked some of her details, and Shenhe has been around for a while now.

She uses a Calamity Queller as her weapon of choice

As an Elementalist, Shenhe uses a Calamity Queller, a five-star polearm that has a large base attack. This weapon has the unique Extinguishing Precept effect, which gives her 12% Elemental damage when used during off-field play. In addition, her Consummation passive increases her attack by 3.2% every second, doubles if Shenhe is not on the field, and provides excellent damage to her opponents.

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The Calamity Queller is a 5-star polearm with a large secondary stat, which helps to boost the overall attack. It also has a unique passive skill called “Extinguishing Precept,” which boosts Elemental damage by 12%. Consummation stacks are also useful, as they increase attack by 3.2% every second, and can stack up to six times. A better alternative to the Calamity Queller is the Catch, which increases the Elemental Burst damage by 16 percent and critical rate by 6.

She has an elemental passive talent

If you’re looking for an AOE support class, Shenhe’s elemental passive talent is “Shattering Ice.” This ability grants Shenhe an elemental skill called Icy Quill. This passive talent is a great way to boost your damage output on enemies. When you use the passive talent, you will deal more damage and have higher ATK. Stacking this talent with a shield provider can make your support team more effective.

In addition to being an excellent DPS character, Shenhe also has an elemental passive talent. This passive talent increases Cryo damage done by all members of your party, which is particularly useful if your party is mostly made up of physical heroes. Shenhe’s Cryo damage is increased proportionally to her ATK, so you should equip a powerful polearm with the highest ATK. The best in slot weapon is the Calamity Queller.

She has a comb for her hair

As a child, Shenhe lived in a mountain and became familiar with eating herbs. In her remote adobe, she did not have the luxury of being picky. To keep her hair soft, she chewed on Qingxin stalks. When she was young, she had black hair. During a lesson, her teacher gave her a Jade Comb. She told her to comb her hair three times a day. In fact, she combed it at least twice a day until it was white.

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Although Shenhe and Chongyun have many similarities, they are not sisters. The former is a congenital positive, and Shenhe is the aunt of Chongyun. They share many characteristics, and many hoped they would be siblings. As such, many speculate that Shenhe and Chongyun were adopted by the Cloud Retainer. In reality, though, they are cousins.

She eats divine herbs

Shenhe is a mortal with an extraordinary constitution and a great aptitude for adept arts. She has lived her life in seclusion, cultivated divine herbs and consumed mountain dew. While she is still quite distant from earthly existence, it’s been suggested that she may have Adepti characteristics. The curious red string tied to her body might be the source of her discomfort with the taste. The mystery surrounding Shenhe’s identity and what he eats is part of the mystery that surrounds him.

In the east of the village, a branch family of exorcists lived. Their mother died of illness and the young daughter disappeared. The father of the family then hanged himself from a tree in the yard of his house. The young girl’s disappearance was implied to be Shenhe. However, when Chongyun discovered the note, he didn’t dismiss it as untrue.

She drinks mountain dew

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