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Free Shield Hero Simulator Codes 2023 Free Pets, Boosts

Shield Hero Simulator Codes

If you love clicking games and playing shield hero simulator, you will be happy to know that there are some shield hero simulator codes that you can use to unlock all levels of the game! These codes are available online and will give you a boost in the game! All you need to do is to find the codes that will unlock the game’s hidden levels and get an edge over your rivals.


You can get free rewards, pets, and boosts by using Roblox Shield Hero Simulator Codes. The codes are available at the Gamersraft website. Just keep an eye out for expired codes. It is possible to get a new working code on a regular basis by bookmarking this page.

Shield Hero Simulator Codes are not only useful to unlock freebies and unlock the leaderboard, but you can also redeem them to make in-app purchases. You can use the codes to get more in-game items, but be sure to use working codes. Remember, working codes can expire at any time.

Hero Simulator codes can be redeemed from the lower right-hand menu. You can also check the game’s official Twitter page to see if there are any free codes. In addition, you can find freebie codes for other Roblox games on the site.

Sheild hero simulator

Shield Hero Simulator Codes

Shield Hero Simulator codes are a great way to get more items and boost your stats. The game is free and offers a wide variety of items. The codes are user-generated and you can redeem them to earn rewards. To use them, simply click on the MENU button on the Roblox Shield Hero Simulator app.

Once you have a working code, you can use it to get free boosts or free pets. Make sure that you do not use expired codes though as they will not work in the game. If you find a working code, you can copy and paste it into the code redeem section.

Click fighting game

There are several different ways that you can unlock codes in the Click fighting game Shield Hero. One method is to follow the developer’s Twitter account. This will allow you to stay updated on the latest codes. Another method is to bookmark this page and check for updates. This way, you can easily access the latest codes for the game.

The codes in this game can help you unlock various gifts and benefits. For example, if you get the code for leveling up a character, you can get a free gift in the game or an extra skill point. You can also use codes in the game to get more coins or to boost your character’s stats.


Codes for shield hero simulator allow you to get more freebies in the game, such as new pets and locations. You can use these codes to get more items and features, as well as unlock new features and leaderboards. However, you must be careful when you are using these codes because they might expire at any time. So, you should check back for new codes regularly.

Codes for the game are given out as rewards by the developers of the game. These codes can help you get different boosts, such as extra Yen earned from kills, or extra damage. The developers of the game will often hand out these codes to celebrate new updates, milestones, or other important events. Once you collect enough of them, you can redeem them for free items and gems.

All Shield Hero Simulator codes 2022

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We will provide a list of all the current codes and, further ahead, will add any codes that are no more working.

Codes for Working

You can either copy the codes or type them exactly as they are shown and then paste them into the game.

  • 1000likes – Redeem this code to get a companion kid boy pet.
  • 2000likes –  Redeem this code to get 2K Gem Pet.
  • mercenary – Redeem this code to get a mercenary pet.
  • Release – Redeem this code to get 500 Gem.
  • Roblox is adding more codes soon.

Expired Codes

  • As of right now, there are no expired codes.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Shield Hero Simulator

  • Launch the gameClick on the Twitter bird icon to the right of the screen.
  • You will see a new window where you can enter the code.
  • Click on the redeem button to instantly get your rewards

How do I get new codes?

You can follow @Players or @Players.senangla_robloxFollow us on Twitter, or come back here to see all the codes we have.

Tutorial for Shield Hero Simulator

  • For Hit Points, white monsters with white names will attack you.
  • Click Power up to convert Hit Points into Power
  • The Upgrade shop offers power upgrades to your shield weapon, armor and shield rank.
  • To boost your stats, buy Shield Pet
  • Get stats multipliers for your pet (pet xp) by training it.
  • Skill Shop: Use your power to improve your skills
  • Buy potion boost using gems. The shop is located near the spawn zone.
  • Upgrade your Shield rank to unlock more areas
  • Get more rewards by joining the Calamity Wave
  • Compete with others to become the #1 player on the leaderboards

Expiration date

Codes are redeemable in the game Hero Fighters Simulator, and they can be used to receive free gems or game items. However, you should be aware that these codes have an expiration date. These codes are often given to players by the developers of the game to reward them for playing, or to celebrate milestones in the game. If you are unsure of when a code is valid, you should check the game’s official website or Discord server.

The expiration date for shield hero simulator codes vary, so it’s best to keep track of your codes to avoid losing them. As long as you don’t use the codes too often, you can still redeem them for free gifts and rewards.

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