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Shining Beyond Tier List September 2023 Best Characters!

Shining Beyond Tier List

If you want to know which characters are in the top tiers of Shining Beyond, read this article. It will give you the details on tier A, tier B, and tier C heroes. We will also take a look at the characters that are available at the end of each tier. You should be able to find your favorite heroes if you are able to find some good tips on the game.

Characters in Shining Beyond tier list

When playing the Shining Beyond game, you can choose between a variety of characters. The tier list is a useful tool for choosing an avatar for the game. Each character has its own special power. You can choose a tank, warrior, or guardian based on how you want to play. Tanks are a popular choice because of their tanky and defensive skills while guardians have buffs and chain lightning damage.

While not as overpowered as S-tier heroes, the best Shining Beyond heroes offer strong defense and high damage output. In addition, these heroes are suited to all game modes. They are also capable of being leveled all the way up to the highest tier. Characters in the B-tier aren’t necessarily bad, but they aren’t great either. While they don’t excel in any specific skill, they are still capable of getting the job done and are not OP. As such, they should be prioritized.

Characters in tier B

There are many Shining Beyond tier B heroes you can use to complete missions. Some heroes are more useful than others. These heroes are not as OP as S-tier heroes, but they will do well enough in any situation. They can be upgraded, leveled to the maximum, and used in all game modes. Shining Beyond is a free game, and you can download the Android or IOS version of the game. Some heroes to consider include Lucille, who is an Acolyte/Mage, and Emiko, an Archer/Ranger. Regardless of the hero you choose, there are a few other classes worth looking into.

Heroes from Shining Beyond tier B should be considered a good investment, since these heroes have high-quality equipment and abilities. In addition to this, they are available more often on rerolls, so they are a great option if you’re just starting out. But if you want to get a lot of heroes at the beginning, you might want to focus on Tier 3 characters, which are good average choices. While they might not be very powerful, they will help you learn the basic activities in Shining Beyond.

Characters in tier C

If you are looking for the best heroes in Shining Beyond, look no further! The best characters in the Shining Beyond game series are all overpowered and have special abilities. Their high defense and damage output are what make them excellent choices for any team composition. And since they are so powerful, you’ll want to prioritize them. They can be used in any game mode and any team composition. So how do you choose the best characters in Shining Beyond?

If you’re looking for a character that can perform well in any game mode, look no further than the A tier. This tier is not as OP as the S tier, but it’s still a decent place to start. They have the potential to be upgraded and leveled to a high level and are useful in almost all game modes. B-tier characters aren’t bad either, and they can get the job done just as well. However, they’re not OP. In fact, they’re not guaranteed wins.

Characters in tier D

The best Shining Beyond heroes are overpowered and have unique abilities that set them apart from their peers. They are also good in any team composition, regardless of game mode, and are worthy of your first priority. However, you will need to be careful when choosing a character. Here are some guidelines on how to choose the best Shining Beyond character:

Using the same class for all missions in Shining Beyond requires a certain strategy. Heroes are different and some are easier to use than others. In general, Warriors, Rangers, and Rogues are your best choices. While there are other classes that can be effective, Rogues are often better support characters. The best Shining Beyond characters are also listed by tier. We hope this article helped you pick the best characters for your team.

Shining Beyond Tier List – (Best Characters)⇩

Below you will find a complete list with all the characters as well as their base tiers and class types. These are the top heroes, ranked in order of their Shining Beyond tier 2022 tier list.

Jenny is our favorite Rogue. She can become invisible and use life-stealing abilities to survive. His skill grants him high DPS and his basic stats include the following.

Jenny is here to help.

  • Fallen Mastery –The unit does less damage to the Fallen than the Fallen but actually causes more.
  • Assault Rush –This skill gives you a 30% chance to trigger the CTR, increasing your speed by 5.5%.
  • Shadow – This skill can be used to increase CTR, Crit. This skill is useful for increasing damage, HP, Switch limit and Chance to dodge.
  • One More Round –Get 13 mana.
  • Tower Dominance Tower battles cause less damage, but actually do more.
  • Pangea Effect Deals 192.5 percent of Jenny’s attack damage.
Shining Beyond Tier List

Shining Beyond Tier List (Best Accolyte).⇩

Lucille is the best Shining Beyond Acolyte because she can eliminate enemy buffs when necessary. Because of his healing abilities, Lucille is the best choice to protect your team. The following are its base figures.

Lucille is here to help.

  • Event mastery:Event battles are less damaging for the unit, but they do more damage.
  • Purity Objective This skill reduces Lucille’s total HP by 80%.
  • Divinity:This skill can increase ability defense, block damage, critical damage and ability damage. It also helps to dodge chance.
  • Phoenix’s Psalm: Reduces 42 percent of damage
  • Adventure Mastery:It does less damage during adventure battles, and actually causes more damage.
  • Holy Smite Provides a 30 percent chance to activate the skill while healing Lucille’s HP by 9 percent.
  • Elemental MasteryThe unit actually causes more damage than it does to the elements.

Shining Beyond Tier List (Best Archer)⇩

Artemis is a skilled missile expert, allowing her to do the most damage to opponents. Her weapon does serious damage, but it also protects her in all situations. These are its base figures.

Artemis is here to help you.

  • Undead MasteryThis unit is less likely to take damage from the undead, and does more damage.
  • The Art of DeceptionIt provides a 30% attack probability and raises the Critical Chance to 4%
  • Black Barrier Removes status negative effects.
  • Tactics: This skill increases Deflection Chance. HP, Dodge Chance. Skill Effect. Critical.
  • Arena MasteryArena combat is less damaging and does more damage than the unit.
  • Abyssal Soulseeker: This ability launches 3 missiles capable of dealing with 162.5 percent of the hero’s attacks.

Shining Beyond Tier List (Best Warrior)⇩

Athena can become a powerful warrior by leveling up early on the game. She is the best self healer and has reflective abilities. Her block rate also improves. The following are their base statistics.

The Athena skills are available.

  • Fallen Mastery: Although it does less damage than the Fallen, it actually causes more damage.
  • Keep an eye out for the Watchful ProtectorThis skill can increase your chances of being blocked up to 22.5%
  • Taunting Slam50% chance of an attack being launched
  • Fortitude:This skill significantly increases Break Limit, Skill Defense and Skill Defense.
  • Arena Mastery The unit actually does more damage in arena combat than it does to itself.
  • Penance AegisRemediates 42.5 percent of the damage.


We are proud to say that this is our philosophy. Shining Beyond Tier List. In this post, we give you a complete list all Shining Beyond characters.

Characters in tier E

You can select from four different class groups in Shining Beyond to complete missions. These groups allow you to level up your character and progress to specific six jobs. Each class group has their own unique abilities, so choose the best one for your needs. There are also different levels of difficulty for each character, so be sure to explore all your options before selecting a class. A character’s tier rating will vary depending on their specific abilities and team support, so be sure to play a few characters before making a final decision.

Shining Beyond features many unique heroes for you to choose from. Each class has unique skills and strengths, and you can choose one to explore dungeons and fight various enemies. This idle game is free and available on Android and IOS devices. Choose between Lucille, an Acolyte/Mage, and Emiko, an Archer/Ranger. All three are excellent choice for starting out, but they’ll have a limited role in tier E.

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