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This is Sin and Punishment Cheats and Sin and Punishment Tips the Sin and Punishment game Developed by Nintendo and Treasure, Sin and Punishment is an action RPG game set in a near future, around 2007. Saki and Airan fight to save Earth from an alien invasion. The game features a dual-stick control scheme that enables the player to move and shoot his character using a reticle. Players must dodge enemy attacks and shoot enemies to win. However, a cheat can help you do just that.

Sin and Punishment Cheats

For more than two decades, Sin and Punishment Cheats has been compiling user reviews of video games. This site is one of the oldest, and continues to serve the gaming community. While this game’s archive will transfer to Metacritic after December 9 (more details below), the site has been in operation for years. Listed below are its top reviews. This game is similar to Star Fox 64 crossed with Space Harrier, but it is an original title with a twist.Sin And Punishment Cheats

Set in the near future of 2007, Sin and Punishment was developed by Nintendo and Treasure. The game was originally released in Japan in 2000. The game takes place in a future where a genetically engineered species is raised as food and then mutates into Ruffians. The game features a futuristic setting where the Armed Volunteers oppress the Japanese people. Despite this, a mysterious woman with extraordinary powers leads a group of people to protect Japan. The game is full of action as players use their guns and dodge enemies to kill them.


If you have trouble finishing your missions, try a Trainer Sin and Punishment Cheats, it can fix most of the problems and boost your score. You can download a Trainer that is bug-free and updated. The cheats you can activate instantly are a great way to improve your game. With this cheats, you will be able to unlock all the skills in the game, unlock the Star Successor Mod, and get 1K extra Rifles XP.


If you’re looking for easy-to-use Sin and Punishment Cheats in Sin and Punishment, you’ve come to the right place. This cheatsheet contains more than just one secret for the game. There are cheats for Successor to the Earth, as well as tips and tricks. If you want to get ahead faster, you can also download the cheatsheet to learn about the other secrets and cheats in the game.

Sin and Punishment Cheats

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While the series of games from Treasure are mostly a mystery, the first game Sin and Punishment was a smash hit. It was released on the Nintendo 64 in Japan, and has been made available for the Virtual Console in many countries. Later in the series, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor was released on the Wii. A remake of the original game, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, appeared in the Wii Virtual Console in 2009. In addition to its Japanese release, the series also found its way onto the Nintendo Switch and was ported to the Nicalis console.

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The Star Successor Trainer for Sin & Punishment is a PC-based cheat application that provides 29 cheat options for the game. Using this cheat tool unlocks unlimited resources and other features in the game, such as unlimited devotion points. Other game hacks include the addition of Durantium and unlimited tools’ durability. The developer of this cheat software made this tool available to gamers for free. This means that anyone can install the cheat on their PC and use it safely.

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