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Skullgirls Mobile Tier List 2023 – Best Characters Stats

Skullgirls Mobile Tier List

This Skullgirls Mobile Tier List has been compiled by community voting. The highest ranking tiers are at the top and the lowest are at the bottom. To add your ranking to the list, you must first register, log in, and publish your tier list image. Then, vote on your favorites!


Skullgirls Mobile Tier List

When looking for an operative, there are two options when it comes to tiering up: Fukua and Valentine. Both of these characters are close to identical except for a few differences. Fukua’s zoning tools and double jump make her more useful in zoning, while Valentine is weaker defensively. Both are good fighters, but one has the advantage over the other in terms of mobility.

As mentioned, the Tier List for Skullgirls Mobile was created with the idea of tiering up with high streak Prize Fight matches. This tier list was made based on the consensus of 5 senior community members and was not influenced by the Hidden Variable. While the tier list was created with new players in mind, it should still be a great starting point for those looking to improve their game.


The Skullgirls Mobile game offers a highly dynamic and engaging plot. The game also features an outstanding roster of fighters. Because of its large roster, however, many players may have difficulty determining which fighters are best. That is where a Skullgirls Mobile tier list can help. This list ranks all of the fighters in the game so that you can see which ones have the best attributes.

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Beowulf is a high damage hero with a high mix-up. His marquee ability gives him a 15 damage boost when his HP is lower than normal. The character also has a prestige ability that charges 50% every time he enters Hype Mode. This skill allows Beowulf to deal Hype damage to his opponent every 20 seconds of combat. The downside of this skill is that it requires a significant amount of time to learn.


Cerebella is a great character to play in Skullgirls Mobile, as she is a brute type of character. She has two giant muscular arms on top of her head that she uses for different attacking moves. Despite being slow, she can also block and minimize enemy attacks with her Hammer Toss move.

Skullgirls Mobile is a 2D fighter game. Each character has a different set of skills and abilities, and you can choose from over one hundred character variants. Each character has a tier list to help you find the right one to play as.


Skullgirls Mobile is an action-packed fighting game that was released on Android devices in May 2017. It was later ported to various PlayStation consoles, PCs, and Xbox 360. The game is set in the Canopy Kingdom, and serves as a prequel to the upcoming Skullgirls 2nd Encore. It introduces the concept of Skull Hearts, which are special items that enhance the abilities of the players. Once players reach level 20 or higher, they can start to explore the story of their chosen characters.

Eliza is a very strong fighter, but she is not the best choice for beginners. Her attack is the weakest, and her speed is the slowest. Her main problem is that she has only one dimension. Although Eliza is considered one of the most powerful Skullgirls in the game, she has only one dimension.

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The MS Fortune

The MS Fortune is one of the best fighters in the Skullgirls Mobile game. She is able to use zone abilities, extended limbs, and puppet systems, and she has good damage output and mix-ups. She is also an excellent choice for beginners.

Currently, the MS Fortune in Skullgirls Mobile comes with 15 different variants, each with a unique skill set. These character variations are available as cards and are collected throughout the campaign. They are grouped into tiers based on the different skills and abilities they provide.

Skullgirls Cell Tier Record 2022

image 42 skullgirls mobile tier list

The characters in Skullgirls Cell have been denoted by the next tier record:

  • Meta – SS Tier
  • Core Unit – S Tier
  • Good – A Tier
  • Usable – B Tier
  • Poor – C Tier
VariantPF OffenseRift OffenseRift Protection
Star YoungsterUsablePoorPoor
AgeleMeta Surprise


Fireplace BrandedMetaGoodPoor
Galactic Glamour


Materia LadyGoodGoodUsable
Mannequin ChiefGoodGoodMeta
MoonStruckCore UnitGoodUsable
Ninja StarGood0Poor
Photo voltaic AptitudeGoodPoorPoor
Star ShineMetaGoodUsable
Timeless HeroMetaGoodUsable
Triple Menace000
Beast KingGoodMetaUsable
Darkish MayGoodGoodUsable
Dragon Brawler


Freedom Fighter


Hype ManUsableUsablePoor
Quantity OneUsablePoorPoor
Snake ChunkCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Weekend Warrior


UsableCore UnitGood
Wrestler XUsableUsableUsable
WulfsbaneGoodCore UnitUsable
Beat FieldUsableUsablePoor
Dream BandUsablePoorMeta
Epic SaxCore UnitGoodUsable
G.I. JazzPoorPoorGood
Heavy SteelGoodUsableMeta
Non-public DickUsableUsableGood
Resonant EvilPoorPoorCore Unit
Treble MakerUsablePoorUsable
Armed ForcesUsableUsableGood
Huge PrimePoorPoorGood
Mind FreezeGoodGoodCore Unit
Felony ThoughtsCore UnitCore UnitCore Unit
Grey MatterUsableUsablePoor
Heavy HandedCore UnitGoodGood
Star SpangledCore UnitGoodGood
Toad WarriorCore UnitMetaPoor
Creature Of Behavior


DoubliciousCore UnitMetaUsable
Evergreen EvilGoodUsableMeta
Coronary heart of Darkness


Core UnitMetaPoor
Immoral FiberUsableUsableMeta
Jaw BreakerMetaMetaUsable
Rainbow BlightCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Sundae CollegeUsableUsablePoor
Temple TyrantUsableGoodPoor
XenomorphCore UnitGoodGood
In DenilePoorPoorUsable
Bloody Valentine


Diva Intervention


Core UnitCore UnitUsable
Inside ItemsGoodGoodUsable
Lapis LuxuriousUsableUsableUsable
Mummy Dearest


Pink VelvetGoodCore UnitGood
Scarlet ViperGoodUsablePoor
Stand OutCore UnitMetaGood
Tomb & GloomUsableUsablePoor
Unhealthy Hair DayGoodGoodPoor
Unhealthy Ms FrostyGoodGoodPoor
ClaMeta CutterMetaGoodCore Unit
Djinn FrizzMetaMetaGood
Dread LocksUsableUsableMeta
Frayed EndsUsableUsableUsable
Hair ObviousUsableGoodPoor
Idol MenaceGoodGoodGood
Parasite Weave


Core UnitGoodUsable
Rock StarUsableGoodUsable
Wind SweptGoodGoodUsable
Tough copyPoorPoorPoor
Chameleon Twist


Feathered Edges


Infernal TwinUsableUsablePoor
Evening TerrorUsableUsableUsable

Phantom Threads



Core UnitMetaUsable
Rain shadowPoorPoorUsable
Shadow Puppet


Souls sisterGoodUsablePoor
Splitting PictureGoodGoodMeta
Vaporwave Vixen


Core UnitCore UnitCore Unit
Simply KittenUsableUsableGood
Claw & OrderMetaCore UnitUsable
Feline FortunateUsablePoorUsable
Furry FuryGoodGoodUsable
Hack n’ SplashCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Meow & Furever


GoodGoodCore Unit
Ms. TrialGoodGoodPoor
Purrfect DarkishCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Rogue AgentGoodGoodGood
Time Thief000
Wind StalkerUsableGoodGood
Biting ChillyToBeDeclared
Blood DriveUsablePoorPoor
FireflyGoodUsableCore Unit
FlytrapCore UnitMetaCore Unit
Freaky FridayMetaGoodGood
Grim FanUsableUsableCore Unit
NeuromancerCore UnitMetaMeta
Rage Acceptable


Uncooked NervUsableUsableGood
Twisted MettleUsablePoorGood
ShelteredCore UnitGoodPoor
Heavy ReignUsableUsablePoor
Ivy LeagueGoodGoodPoor
No EgretsUsableGoodPoor
Princess SatisfactionUsableCore UnitUsable
Regally BlondeUsableUsableGood
Dangerous GingerPoorPoorPoor
Shadow OpsCore UnitCore UnitPoor
Star-CrossedCore UnitGoodPoor
Summer season SaltMetaMetaUsable
Dream CatcherGoodGoodUsable
Freeze BodyMetaGoodGood
Imply OneMetaMetaPoor
Pea ShooterGoodCore UnitPoor
Prism PlumageToBeDeclared
SketchyUsableCore UnitPoor
That’s All People!


UntouchablePoorPoorCore Unit


Blue BomberUsableUsablePoor
Blue DisplayPoorPoorMeta
Head HunterGoodGoodGood
OverclockedCore UnitCore UnitMeta
Persona AMetaistant


GoodGoodCore Unit
Terror ByteGoodGoodPoor
Stage FrightPoorUsablePoor
Bio-ExorcistMetaMetaCore Unit
Lifeless WarmthUsablePoorUsable
Lifeless of WinterPoorPoorCore Unit
Gang InexperiencedGoodGoodGood
Love CraftedMetaMetaCore Unit
Almost Departed


Plot TwistedGoodGoodMeta
PoltergustCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Scared StiffPoorUsableUsable
Thrill ShriekerCore UnitGoodPoor
AMetaasin’s Greed


Graveyard Shift


Icy ScorchingUsableUsableUsable
Kill PleasureCore UnitCore UnitCore Unit
Final HopeUsableUsableCore Unit
Oh MaiUsableUsablePoor


Silent KillCore UnitMetaGood
Surgeon Common


MetaMetaCore Unit
Trés StylishMetaMetaGood

Ben Birdland’s character

Ben Birdland is a former policeman who was turned into a cybernetic weapon by the mysterious Dr. Avian. He is the first male character to appear in Skullgirls Mobile, and his character, Big Band, can observe players’ fights. Although he is not the most powerful fighter, he is a useful tool in combat, and will also be an excellent spectator. However, his character is not suitable for beginners, as he is limited to only one dimension.

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There are many characters in Skullgirls Mobile, and the characters are categorized by their skills and abilities. The best characters are listed at the top of the list, while the worst characters are at the bottom. This list is designed for new players to provide a good starting point for playing the game.

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