Skullgirls Tier List September 2022 Best Characters

Skullgirls Tier List September 2022 Best Characters

Skullgirls Tier List – How to Select the Best Fighters in Skullgirls Mobile

The Skullgirls Tier List includes each of the characters’ tiers. The A tier includes fighters of high quality, such as Peacock, Squigly, Fukua, and Cerebella. The B tier contains average fighters, which you can beat to claim great victory. But if you’re looking for a lower-tier fighter, you can go with a low-level character instead.


The Peacock is one of the most hated characters in Skullgirls, and it has earned a poor reputation with players of all levels. Beginners and mid-level players both call him “broken,” and he lacks the necessary strategy to succeed in the game. This is because his combos are easy to land and his zone results are very low, but that does not mean that he is worthless.


If you are new to Skullgirls, you might be wondering where Squigly fits in. In the video above, you will find him ranked in the low tiers. While he’s not the top-tier character, he has a decent ability set and can assist a team win in most situations. But before we discuss why he’s on the low tier list, we need to understand why he’s there.


In this guide, you will learn how to select the best fighters in Skullgirls Mobile. Each fighter in the game has a tier, which indicates how good or bad they are. The D-tier fighters are usually the most terrible fighters in the game, but they do have unique abilities and strengths. This guide will tell you which fighters to choose for your party. There are many great characters in this game, and you will love exploring them!


The Painwheel is a fast, multi-hit assist move. Painwheel has a short recovery frame, which makes it ideal for use as an escape move to avoid a boss’ attack. The move can punish a wide variety of moves and is useful as an escape move or attack while fullscreen. The move can also be chained up with a few more button presses, which gives the user more time to connect the next move. However, the Painwheel cannot be charged up with HK Buer Reaper, which means the character can’t cancel out his attack.

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If you’re a long time player of the Skullgirls series, you’ve probably seen the tier lists. But what is this list, and how can you use it to your advantage? Ultimately, a Skullgirl Tier List can help you choose the best character for your playing style. Let’s find out! Here is a quick overview. Hopefully, this information will help you choose your favorite character.

Which Skullgirls Game character do you think is the best?

Here’s a list of the top Skullgirls Game characters


Skullgirls Mobile has a unique game experience in the mobile gaming industry. This is not due to its unique gameplay mechanics but also because of its innovative approach regarding the character roster.

Plus, the game’s cute and cartoony style can be reminiscent of titles like Genshin Impact and Pokemon Masters EX. However, it provides a different experience from these games. Skullgirls Mobile is a high-octane mobile combat game that combines tactical combo execution with quick thinking.

You get an engaging mobile game with this combination.

If you’re looking to improve your fight game skills, then download SkullgirlsMobile available on the official website. Start collecting the variants that you require.


When you’re playing Skullgirls, you can use the Beowulf tier list to make sure you get the best value for your gold. He is an excellent player for the mobile version of the game, and he cares about his fans and the rest of the world. He is very dedicated and showed this when he told the crowd that the match against Grendel was fixed, and promised them that he would defeat Skullgirl Marie.

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