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Slice Of Life Sims 4 – Easy Way To Download & Install Mod

Slice Of Life Mods For Sims 4

The Slice of Life mod will allow you to customize your Sims by removing or turning off certain systems. The mod will also let you change 16 different personality types. These include the ‘Crooked Sim’, ‘Sick Sim’, ‘Angry Sim’, and ‘Sweet Sim’.

Body Image

Body Image is a mod for Slice Of Life Sims 4 that allows you to customize how your Sims look. You can make them feel more confident and have more fun. For example, a character that has been defeated in a fight will have a bruised face and may be covered in bandages. You can also make them have dirty hands from a lot of food. In addition, they can have acne and get pimples.

The Body Image mod for Slice of Life Sims 4 has several features that will make the game more realistic. It also adds new emotions and makes your Sims aware of their body types. You can even use mirrors to make your Sims feel better about themselves.

Social interaction with sick Sims

Slice Of Life Sims 4

The Slice of Life mod is a powerful addition to Sims 4. This mod allows you to interact with your Sims more realistically. You’ll be able to make more choices about the people and activities that your Sims can do, and create deeper storylines. This mod also introduces more realistic illnesses, injuries, and conditions. Your Sims will change physically depending on how they feel, and you’ll be able to make them blush or bruise when they’re angry or cry when they’re sad.

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The Sims will feel uncomfortable when they’re sick. They’ll have to deal with their symptoms and communicate with their families. They can be sent home or sent to the hospital to recover. It’s important to treat their illnesses before they turn dangerous. You can also help them by providing them with vaccinations, although some of these treatments have adverse effects.

Menstrual Cycle

This menstrual cycle mod for Slice Of Life Sims 4 will let your sims go through their monthly cycles. The new system lets your sims change their pads every couple of hours, experience cramps and headaches, and have mood swings and food cravings. The good news is that the menstrual cycle is optional, so it’s possible to turn off your sim’s periods and keep them from affecting your life.

The menstrual cycle mod adds a new factor to The Sims 4: women will have their own menstrual cycle, which lasts for six days. If your sims aren’t using birth control, they’ll be more likely to get pregnant. This can cause issues, like unwanted rug rats. The menstrual cycle mod also fixes some compatibility issues with WickedWhims, so you can now customize the length of your cycle.


Adding recipes to the game allows players to experiment with different dishes and make them as unique as their personality. Recipes can be used to make new foods, and they can be stored in bowls, bread bins, and other storage options. You can even try to make your own versions of classic recipes, like pizza.

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The Slice of Life mod is an all-in-one mod for the game, and comes with a lot of features. For example, it plays with the emotions of your sims and makes their lives more realistic. In addition, you can use cellphones to communicate with your Sims.

Learn how to Obtain and Set up the Slice of Life Mod for Sims 4

image 557 slice of life sims 4

For the reason that Slice of life mod solely requires the bottom sport, you possibly can obtain this mod from KawaiiStacie’s web site with out the necessity for different packs. Comply with these steps to downloading the mod appropriately:

  • Go to The Sims Catalog website
  • Obtain the base recordsdata for the Slice of Life mod anyplace in your desktop
  • Now, unzip the compressed folder to get the bottom sport
  • Drag your .bundle recordsdata within the Sims 4 “Mods” folder
  • Comply with this path to search out the Sims 4 mods folder – Paperwork/Digital Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
  • Now, create a Slice of Life folder
  • On this folder, you need to create an SoL Base folder
  • Now, put the SoL base (Injector and Menus) on this folder
  • Now, go to the KawaiiStacie website and to the SoL menu
  • Select add ons or packs that you just wish to obtain
  • Transfer the put in recordsdata to the Slice of Life folder in mods (not the Base folder)
  • Ensure the script recordsdata are in the identical folder because the mods

Now, if you begin the Sims 4 sport, you must get a immediate that may present you which of them mods are put in. Make it possible for the Slice of Life ones are additionally there.

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Additionally it is essential to notice that there are two variations of this mod on the Mod Standing web page. Gamers should select one as you possibly can’t play with each.

Menstrual Cycle in Slice of Life Sims 4

The Menstrual Cycle is a fun mod for Slice of Life Sims 4. The game’s female characters will go through a period every month. During this time, a female Sim will have cramps, headaches, and a variety of other symptoms, including food cravings and mood swings. You can give your Sim medicine to deal with the symptoms, and you can even turn off the period for your Sim if you don’t want them to go through it.

Each Sim has a different Menstrual Cycle. Each cycle has four distinct phases. The first day of the cycle is the day when the Sim first begins bleeding. This is known as the “First Day of Period” and increases the chances of conception. After this point, the Sim’s next period is the Luteal Phase, which is the thickening of the lining of the uterus.

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