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Maximize Your Game with Slime Rancher Cheats: PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch

Slime Rancher Cheats – Tips and Tricks to Level Up Your Game

Yo yo-yo, what’s up hommies! This is, your guy. We have the hottest cheats to help you win Slime Rancher. You heard it right. We have all the secrets on how to earn points, levels, and patches like no one’s business. Let’s relax, grab some snacks, and get started.

What is a Slime Rancher?

Before we talk about hacks and cheats I want to explain Slime Rancher. You play the role of Beatrix, a girl who goes to faraway planets to become a rancher. Instead of raising chickens and cows, you will be raising adorable slime creatures. You’ll need to care for them, feed them and even sell their poop. This sounds pretty crazy, right?! You’d be wrong, it’s actually quite fun.

Now that we have all that out of our system, let’s get on with the business. Do you want some cheating ideas? Well, I got you covered.

Slime Rancher Cheats on Xbox One and PC

Let’s first talk about basic cheats that can be used across all platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch).

Infinite energy:Are you right, no one wants to constantly refill their energy bars? With this cheat, you don’t need to. You just need to pause the game, hold Shift (on Xbox), and then enter the code EnergyHax (without the quotes). Voila! Your energy bar will be bursting at the seams.

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Infinite MoneyYou want to become a millionaire slime farmer? You can. The energy cheat is simple: pause the video, hold Shift on a PC or Xbox, and then enter the code MoneyHax’ without the quotes. You’ll have a lot of cash to make your fellow ranchers jealous.

You can unlock all slimes and areas:Tired of waiting in line to unlock new areas or slimes? This cheat will unlock all areas and slimes in the game. Hold the Shift key (on Xbox One) or the left bumper (on the PC), and pause the game. Enter the code “UnlimitedHax” (without quotes). Boom! Boom!

Slime Rancher Cheats For Nintendo Switch and PS4

If you are playing on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4, you may feel excluded from the cheat party. Fear not, my friends, because we have some tricks that will work for you as well.

Teleportation:Are you tired of running around all over the place trying to reach different areas? This cheat allows you to teleport anywhere in the game. Find a teleport point (they look like large mushrooms with eyes). After you have found one, pause the game and press the left bumper (on PS4) and L (on Switch) to enter the code teleportHax (without quotes). You’ll be whisked away from the game to any teleport point of your choice.

Simple ModeYou don’t have to feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities associated with being a slime-rancher. This cheat will help. Press and hold the left bumper (on PS4), or L (on Switch) to pause the game and enter the code “ChillMode”. This will make your slimes more friendly and help you grow your crops faster. It’s like being on a Hawaiian beach.

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Wrapping up

There you go, hommies. These are our top tips for Slime Rancher to help you win this game like a boss. Remember to cheat responsibly. You shouldn’t make the game harder for yourself and others. These hacks can be used to enhance gameplay and make it more enjoyable. It’s all about having fun.

Thanks for being cool with me today. I hope these cheats will help you improve your slime ranching skills. Keep cool, keep flying, and have fun, my cheaters.

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