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How To Get Sol AUT In A Universal Time Roblox 2023? Helpful Information

How To Get Sol In A Universal Time Roblox

Sol AUT is a buffed, non-canon version of Jotaro’s Star Platinum. It has an improved meta for both PvP and PvE. Fortunately, there are some methods to get this new character. First, you can get the Sol Stand. This is easily obtained by using the Stand Arrow that you randomly receive.

Sol is a non-canon version of Jotaro’s Star Platinum

Sol is a buffed version of the Star Platinum. Sol can be found in the Roblox game A Universal Time, which is based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and also features characters from other popular series. Sol is blue and black in color and wears fingerless gloves.

When attacking, Sol can use his R or F attack, which has a long windup. His Nuclear Fusion attack sometimes fails to damage the enemy, but sometimes it does. It can also be a Stand. However, there are several problems with Sol.

Nocturnus is another non-canon version of Jotaro. This version of Jotaro’s Star Platinum doesn’t have the time-stopping ability. The Star Platinum has a purple star on it, but it isn’t canon. In addition, it has a black scar on its face. It also has black hair with blue in it.

Jotaro’s Star Platinum has superior strength, as well as superior precision and speed. It is also able to punch through giant diamonds, which is much more powerful than any other character in the game. The Star Platinum’s time-stop ability is superior to King Crimson’s time skip or erase abilities. The game also allows players to defeat Diavolo.

It is a buffed version of the Star Platinum

How To Get Sol AUT In A Universal Time Roblox 2022?

The Star Platinum is one of the most popular Roblox characters and Sol in A Universal Time Roblox is based on this character. Sol is a blue and black character who wears fingerless gloves and is a buffed version of the original. Although the character isn’t canon, players can still use it to their advantage.

Sol’s attack starts by charging energy and then attacking with a star-shaped path. His attack is very powerful and deals AOE damage. Holding T while hitting an enemy increases its range. This attack will stun enemies and will deal damage in a star-shaped path.

Sol is obtained by defeating the NPC Dio in the forest. He can be summoned for 500 Robux and has a 30-minute respawn time. After defeating him, you can head to the Star Platinum Stand and accept the quest “Creation of the Cosmos”. When you complete this quest, Sol will appear in your inventory.

It is a rebalanced version of the Star Platinum

Sol in A Universal Time Roblox is rebalanced from the original Star Platinum. It starts off charging up energy and then attacks in a star-shaped path. It can block and break instantly, and teleport to the cursor. The old name for Sol was Jotaro’s Star Platinum, and his oldest model featured Jotaro’s Hat.

The Star Platinum has purple skin and black hair with gold accents. He wears black gloves and a red scarf. He also wears guards and short boots. His face features human-like features including a nose, eyes, mouth, and ears. His moves include a right punch and a left punch. His last move is a powerful left-arm uppercut.

How to get Sold in AUT

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To begin with, your character shouldn’t have any Stand. If your character does have a Stand that isn’t “Star Platinum”It can be reset by an NPC within the game. “Ability Resetter”. This will give you a fresh start. The first step can be skipped if Star Platinum is your Stand. Let’s now look at the steps required to obtain Sol in A Universal Time.

  • From an arrow get the Stand “Star Platinum”
  • Dio is defeated
  • Select “Yes” when asked “Do you wish to know the cosmos?”
  • Now complete the quest “Creation Of The Cosmos”. You will need to complete the following tasks.
    • Star Platinum allows you to inflict up to 5k damage
    • Star Platinum helps you to block 1500 damages
    • Five Timestop Kills
    • Kill Dio with Star Platinum. Make sure you have Tales of the Universe Book on your action bar.
  • After you defeat Dio while doing the last task of the quest again select “Yes” when asked, “Do you wish to know the cosmos?”

Solve Abilities & Damage

  • Standing Summon Press Q, it summons the Stand but doesn’t do any damage.
  • LMB ComboClick the Left Mouse Buttons to send Sol throwing 4 punches. Three of them deal 9.25 and three do 30 damage.
  • Teleport barrage:Hold E and move the cursor toward the opponent. Your player will teleport to the opponent with Sol, dealing 4 damage per strike, and 10 for your final punch.
  • Intangible PunchPress R, Sol will activate a blue forcefield on its right side. After 3 seconds, it throws the punch and deals 50-60 damage to the enemy.
  • Nuclear FusionPress T to throw a blue-colored Blackhole sphere at your character in the direction you are facing. This Blackhole will cause damage along the way and explode when it reaches the end.
  • Sol StarClick F to start building your attack. Once the buildup is completed, it will attack everyone within your range.

It has a rebalanced meta for both PvE and PvP

If you’re planning to play Sol in A Universal Time Roblox, you’ll want to make sure you keep up to date on new stands. Some characters have remained strong while others have been significantly nerfed. As such, it’s important to stay current on the latest changes in the meta to determine the best options. As an example, Gaster from Undertale is a very effective character that can be used in both PvP and PvE.

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