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Sony State of Play 2023

The Sony State of Play will be held in February, but it is unclear when the event will be. In the past, this showcase was announced on Monday, but Sony usually reveals details about its events on Tuesday. In the past, Sony has only made announcements on Tuesday, so expect it to be announced sometime in February. Here are some of the potential titles that could make an appearance at the event. You can also follow the stream live on Twitch or YouTube.

Sony State of Play

The State of Play event is expected to start at 5pm Eastern on October 27, and should last around 20 minutes. It will be hosted by a representative from Sony, and it will be streamed with English subtitles. IGN and other PlayStation-focused content creators are expected to co-stream the event. Once the live broadcast is over, Sony will also upload trailers and video games that are scheduled to be featured during the event.sony state of play

While the broadcast is free, it will cost you money to watch. It will run about 20 minutes and feature some of the biggest upcoming games for the PS4 and PS5. Fortunately, the live stream will be accompanied by video clips, so you can get a sneak peek at some of the hottest new games before they hit the market. And since the video is free, you can download it later for later viewing. You can also catch the State of Play trailers on the official website of Sony.

Sony Announces Second State of Play

The State of Play livestream will be back this week on Thursday, October 27. The livestream will focus on third-party games and features 20 minutes of reveals and fresh looks at previously announced games. Streaming the event will be available on YouTube and Twitch. The first State of Play broadcast, which featured Arkane’s Deathloop, started earlier in the day. While the game’s release date is unknown, the show is expected to feature new indie and third-party titles.

state of play sony

Today, Sony will be holding the first State of Play live stream in 2021. The stream will feature ten new games, plus updates on upcoming games, indie games, and games from last September’s showcase. Though the game lineup is not yet revealed, upcoming titles could be featured. In addition to the games shown during the event, Sony will also highlight the upcoming Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Days Gone, which will both be available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Although Sony has yet to confirm the complete lineup of games, the stream will most likely feature trailers for upcoming PS5 and PS4 games, as well as trailers for announced titles. Unlike previous State of Play shows, the State of Play will feature exclusive PlayStation 5 games and indie titles. However, it’s unclear what will happen to the PS4’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. There are still no details on the PlayStation 5’s launch date, so the show will be primarily focused on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PS5 lineup.

Sony PlayStation State of Play

The PlayStation State of Play livestream is coming this week. It will take place on Monday, February 25 at 2:30 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PDT. You can watch the stream via PlayStation’s YouTube and Twitch channels. You can also check out the live stream on Sony’s YouTube channel. If you want to see what happens on stage, you can follow the presentation live on both channels.sony playstation state of play

As always, the Sony PlayStation State of Play is live-streamed on YouTube and the PlayStation’s Twitch channel. The first 2022 State of the PS4 and PS5 State of the Play event will be held on February 3 at 2pm PT. The stream will last over 30 minutes and focus on the new game Gran Turismo 7. You can expect to see plenty of other details on Gran Turismo 7 in the stream as well.

The next State of Play will focus on the new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games. The show is not only expected to highlight the latest games for the PS4, but also feature updates for upcoming titles. While the livestream will focus on the new PlayStation 5 games, there is no word yet on the release date for God of War Ragnarok. The new game will be available in the first week of February, and the event is expected to be held on February 3 at 2 PM PT.




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