Soul Calibur 6 Tier List September 2022 Best Characters

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List September 2022 Best Characters

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

The best fighters in Soul Calibur 6 aren’t necessarily the best ones in the game. The best fighters aren’t necessarily the ones that everyone should be playing. There are certain characters that are just more useful than others. You don’t need to worry about buying the wrong character if you know where to look. We’ll take a look at Ivy, Taki, Nightmare, Seong Mi-na, and other top characters.


In SoulCalibur 6, Ivy is one of the most popular characters with a unique weapon. Her sword, called the Ivy Blade, rips up opponents partially, while giving her tons of damage and insane zoning potential. She also has a powerful speed boost, which is perfect for destroying characters who try to close the distance. You’ll have a hard time keeping up with her because she’s so powerful.

As for the SoulCalibur 6 character tier list, this is based on the game’s current state. The list is a great resource for both newcomers and experienced players who want to learn about new characters. SoulCalibur VI is part of the legendary Soulcalibur series, and it includes a diverse roster of new and returning fighters. Let’s look at the top fighters in the game.


The following Soul Calibur 6 character tier list features some of the best fighters in the game. While the list is subjective, it does show the differences between certain fighters and their level. The fighters in the S-Tier have better power against specific opponents, and they are the most powerful. While learning how to use these fighters isn’t as simple as it might seem, this is a good place to start.

The S-tier consists of the strongest characters in Soulcalibur VI, and are the most likely to win tournaments. These characters have fast moves, strong attacks, and amazing combos. The A-tier characters aren’t as strong as the S-tier fighters, but they are still dangerous opponents. The C-tier fighters are the weakest and have the fewest attack power.


The Nightmare is the main antagonist in the Soul series. The character first appeared in Soul Edge, but made his proper debut in Soulcalibur. Nightmare is the host of the cursed sword Soul Edge, which most of the other characters aim to take. If you are looking for a new character to play, Nightmare is definitely worth looking into. This character has overabundance of movements and defensive manoeuvres, and two Just Frame instantaneous input capabilities.

The Nightmare has a high damage output but is not the best counter-fighter. Despite this, he can be terrifying to attack. Seong Mi-na, on the other hand, is a speedy long-range fighter who is capable of knocking opponents out of the ring. However, this character suffers from low damage output. You may wish to try Nightmare in a practice match first before deciding to buy it.

Seong Mi-na

If you’re looking for the best character to play on the Soul Calibur 6 Tier List, Seong Mi-na is the one for you. Her unique playstyle and long-range weapon make her an excellent choice, though she falls short when fighting close opponents. Seong is also equal to Kilik, but has her own weaknesses. Read on to discover what makes Seong such a good pick in the Soul Calibur 6 Tier List.

A tier list is useful if you’re looking to become a competitive player. Knowing how to match up characters is essential because you can choose between the best option based on your skills and playstyle. The Soul Calibur VI tier list was compiled by experienced professional Soulcalibur players who studied the matchups between different characters to come up with the best possible matchups.

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Soul Calibur 6 Tier List Wiki – Characters Ranked⇩

Below are the lists of Soul Calibur characters tier wise so now let’s start.

S Tier – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

Note – Inferno isn’t included on this list as he is banned online and from competing tournaments.

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List Guide – Best Characters Details⇩

These are Soul Calibur 6’s best characters details. They will allow you to learn more about your favorite characters.

Raphael – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

Raphael is an extremely efficient fighter with high maneuverability. This means that as the player’s skill level increases, his viability increases exponentially. The players have many adaptable combinations with different ranges that allow them to adapt to any situation. Raphael’s dominance in tournaments and ranking matches attests to his greatness. Raphael’s weapon is Flambert.

Amy – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

Amy Soulcalibur, a purple-colored shaman with lots of roses, is one of the most frightening things. Although it takes her a while to warm up in combat, she will always win. Up close, she is a beast, but she doesn’t have complete control over Raphael’s floor. Amy’s weapon is Albion.

Ivy – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

Ivy excels at controlling the battlefield. Her long-range sweep attacks, long-range melee and long-range melee can take out opponents in close quarters. She is not very powerful and can fight fighters using ranged weapons. Ivy’s weapon is Ivy Blade.

Yoshimistsu – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

Yoshimitsu’s inconsistency is due to 2 factors: the setting and the skill of the player. Yoshimitsu’s opponent is in a difficult position when the player has enough skill. He is an expert at deception, with super-fast attacks and high damage. They are extremely fast and can be used with very little preparation. Yoshimitsu’s weapon is Manji Sword and Fu-Ma Blade.

Siegfried – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

Siegfried is best at counterattacking, shifting momentum in his favor. Because he is armed with excellent defensive equipment and has a long range that allows him to control the space, Siegfried can accomplish this. If Siegfried’s opponent plays temporarily, he will also be able to freeze him. You can achieve this by using their initial approach and methods. Siegfried’s weapon is Clockwork.

Sophitia – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

Sofia is a great option for beginners because of its simple but solid move set. He is a skilled performer with good combinations and a quick pace. Sofia’s weapon is Sword and Elk Shield.

Cassandra – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

Sopithia’s fundamentals are nearly identical to Cassandra’s. Cassandra’s biggest advantage is that she has more offensive tools at close range. Cassandra is a rush character who wins the neutral first and then pins the opponent in the corner. Cassandra’s weapon is Owl Sheild and Omega Sword.

Zasalamel – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

It is difficult to deal with Zasalamel online. Chances are you’ll get caught up in his tricks if your latency changes even a little. Zasalamel also has strong neutral play, good zoning options and a powerful soulcharge. Zasalamel’s weapon is Kafziel.

Cervantes – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List >>

Cervantes has a high skill potential, so it’s worth spending extra time practicing with him. He is a skilled brawler and can deal damage. His moves focus on medium-to-long-range footies. Cervantes’s weapon is Acheron & Nirvana.


This is our Soulcalibur VITier List post. In this post, we discuss a complete list Soulcalibur characters tierwise. Then we put all Soulcalibur best character’s details for a better understanding of actually good characters.


There are many competitive characters in Soul Calibur VI, including Geralt, the Witcher, Inferno, and others. Here is a look at each character’s tier and where they fall on the list. It’s important to note that some characters are better than others, so it’s important to choose the right character for the matchup. This article will discuss each character’s strengths and weaknesses and how they differ across the tiers.

Reversal Edge – Geralt is a strong melee fighter with strong attack range, and her ability to use a reversal edge gives her an edge when she hits. Also, her Soul Charged signs do not cost meter, so she can spam them freely. Geralt’s Reversal Edge gives her some really cool gimmicks related to her Lethal Hits, such as her ability to deal massive damage without risking any meter.

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