Soûls and Gels

The Standards of Learning, or Soûls, are minimum expectations for students in the Virginia public schools and other subjects. These tests are used to measure students’ progress towards meeting these expectations. Teachers from all over Virginia examine the SOL test items for accuracy and fairness. They assist the state Board of Education in setting proficiency standards for students. These test items are based upon Virginia’s Common Core Standards. They are the foundation of state test development. Classroom teachers can review the SOL test items to prepare students for the SOL exams.

Soûls and Gels

Sols are very vulnerable and easily injured by other people when they first become parents. They grow up independent and can build mental and psychic barriers that can be quite strong. Anyone who attempts breaking these barriers could face serious consequences. Despite this, they are extremely warm and compassionate and strive to give this warmth to all. The process can take up to an hour. However, faculty and students should wait patiently for activation to take place.

image 18 Soûls

A gel is a concentrated sol composed of discrete particles. Gel has the same chemical properties and density as a solution, but is less dense than a sol. A gel’s particles are pseudo-regular, which is different from a solution. Sols have a crystalline structure. Each solution should be carefully considered as they can often be mistaken. You should also use them for research.

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