Pokemon Spiritomb Weakness in (2022)

If you wondered about Spiritomb Weakness in pokemon and how to counter it and If you have a Spiritomb, you can’t use its normal attacks to catch it. Instead, you need to be patient and use your best Pokemon against it. The following are the best moves to counter a Spiritomb: slow, nature-based attack, evasion, or stealth. If you’re not a fan of these moves, you can just use the basic attack, which is STAB. If you’re a Fighting-type Pokemon, you can also use an STAB attack. Alternatively, you can try a Will-O-Wisp.

How to Counter Spiritomb Weakness

Spiritomb Weakness

If you’re playing with a Ghost or Dark type, you should use a Fairy-type move. The Fairy-type attack will be the most effective. The electric, water, or fire-type moves are the best. It’s a good idea to avoid using psychic or normal-type moves against it. The same goes for poison-type moves, which can cause serious damage. But, if you’re using a Fighting-type move against a Spiritomb, beware of the fact that its attack is weaker than its counterpart.spiritomb weakness

While the main weakness of Spiritomb is its low HP, it’s worth mentioning that its Sucker Punch can pick off a weaker Pokemon. If you’re using a Fairy-type Pokemon, you’ll want to avoid the Sucker Punch, since it pairs well with its Pursuit. But, if you’re playing with a Psychic-type Pokemon, you’ll want to use the strongest fire, water, or electric attacks possible. As far as normal-type moves go, these types are largely irrelevant to Spiritomb.

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Pokemon Spiritomb Weakness

The first Pokémon spiritomb weakness that you need to know is that it can only be defeated by other Fairy type Pokemon. You can use Shadow Ball and Scizor to stall this Pokémon while you heal, but you can also try to beat it with fire, water, and electric attacks. This is a good move for fairies, but they won’t do much damage to Spiritomb’s base stats. You can also use other attacks on Spiritomb, such as combos, held items, or special moves to get the upper hand over it.

pokemon spiritomb weakness

In Pokemon GO, the Spiritomb weakness is the Fairy type. It can be difficult to acquire, but its unique typing makes it a strong defensive tank. This means that it can do a lot of damage without losing its HP. This Pokemon isn’t vulnerable to Fairy moves, which makes it a good choice for PVP battles. Fortunately, it has no evolutions and can be obtained very easily.

In the previous generation, Spiritomb was scarier before Fairy-types were introduced. It still has the potential to be a great offensive tank, but it doesn’t have the defensive ability to be a reliable tank. The Fairy-type Pokemon make the Spiritomb’s weakness even more obvious. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose a tank if you want to beat Spiritomb. This will save you a lot of energy and make the battle easier for you.

What is Spiritomb Weak Against?

The base stats of Spiritomb are not very impressive. Fairy type moves are its best enemies and they will also make your opponent weaker to Fairy moves. However, it is not weak against Dark or Ghost moves. If you play a proper strategy and play your Pokemon wisely, you can still beat Spiritomb. Just remember to be careful with the timing of your attacks. A little practice will help you be more successful against this monster.

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what is spiritomb weak against

One of the biggest weaknesses of Spiritomb is its HP. Its high speed and low HP makes it a poor choice when facing it. If you’re looking for a counter, try a Fairy type Pokemon like Garchomp with its Swords Dance move. A good way to prevent Spiritomb from fainting is to use potions, but if you’re playing against a fairy-type, you can OHKO it with a powerful attack. Previously, Spiritomb was weak to Ghost and Fighting-type moves. But this changed with the introduction of Fairy-type Pokemon in Generation VI.

As a ghost and dark type, Spiritomb is weak to Fairy Pokemon. While you can use Foresight / Odor Sleuth and Fighting-Move to hit Spiritomb, it’s best to use another move or attack against it. Since Spiritomb’s speed and HP is terrible, it falls into the RarelyUsed category. So if you’re battling a Ghost or Dark-type, be careful not to overpower it.




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