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Best Stand Awakening Tier List 2023

The Stand Awakening Tier List For World of Warcraft

The Stand Awakening Tier List is a ranking system for the game that is based on community votes. The highest ranking tier list is shown at the top and the lowest ranking one is shown at the bottom. In order to submit a tier list, you must be logged in and publish it to the website.

Star Platinum: The World

Stand Awakening Tier List

The Star Platinum is one of the strongest Stands in the game. Though it lacks range, it is still capable of overwhelming most Stand users. As a result, Jotaro soon finds out just how powerful this Stand can be. It is the best Stand to start out with, but it will take a while for you to reach this level.

Fortunately, there are tier lists for Stands Awakening! These lists can help you compare the different stands in the game and see how they compare against each other. Each tier has a different level range. It’s important to know what each tier entails before playing it.

Magician’s Red

Magician’s Red is one of the most underrated Stands in the game, but it is one of the most powerful. It’s relatively cheap to get and can easily defeat A and S Tiers. However, it must be used wisely.

Its moveset is very powerful and it deals good damage to opponents. However, it is not as powerful as it once was. Time Erase, which makes you invisible, makes it easy to run away from a losing fight. In addition, Flanking Jab increases your speed by three times, and King Crimson can deal great damage as well.

In addition, it is very rare. There are only a handful of S Tier Stand Awakenings available in the game, and getting these rare items will take a lot of time. However, the rewards for obtaining these rare items are worth it in the end.

Sticky Fingers

When it comes to the Stands Awakening Tier List, you might want to keep Sticky Fingers on your list. Its combo potential is insane. When used correctly, Sticky Fingers’ Z move deals 25 damage and ragdolls any enemies it hits. It also has low cooldowns and is extremely versatile. You can use its stand to make a damaging chain and can stack multiple damaging moves to make it impossible for your opponents to avoid your attacks. However, this stand does require a fair amount of skill to work.

The best way to obtain Stands is to trade them among players. Depending on the tier, you can use a different stand to get a better moveset or a better stats. In general, the higher the rarity, the harder it is to obtain it. You can also obtain shiny versions of regular stands, which have the same moveset and power as the regular versions.

Full Stands Awakening Tier Record

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S + TIERClown Crimson, Unverified Bootleg Purple Man, Verified Bootleg Purple Man.
S TIERPhoto voltaic One Extra Time, DTW, DTWOVA, Sonic.
A TIERJSPOVA, JSP, Cosmic Luigi, Made on Hallows Eve, STW, Sonic.Exe.
B TIERWhitesnake: AU, Hallow’s World, Sans Crimson: AU, Star Platinum: The World, 1M Pot Platinum, King Crimson: AU.
C TIEREva C-Moon, ULF, Ender Crimson: AU, Golden Wind, Sticky Fingers, D4C, Eva-01, Sans Crimson, The World OVA OH, King Crimson: Requiem, Luigi’s World.
D TIERHerobrine, The World Biggest Excessive, Neo The World AU, Volcanic GER, Ender Crimson, Mario Platinum, ONI, Star Platinum OVA OH, Creeper Queen, Purple Haze, Spin, Steve Platinum, Pink King Crimson, The World: Over Heaven.
E TIERBootleg Pot Platinum, King Crimson, Mushy and Moist, Edgy Star Platinum, True Star Platinum, The World OVA, Volcanic Gold Expertise, Shiny Sword, Kars, Poisonous GER, Gold Mushy and Moist, Star Platinum OVA, Volcanic King Crimson, C-Moon, Star Platinum: Over Heaven, Made In Heaven, Vampiric The World.
F TIERGold Expertise Requiem, Hamon, Star Platinum, Vampire, Pillarman, Samurai, Sword, Volcanic Doppio, Volcanic Two Arm Doppio, The World, Hierophant Inexperienced, Whitesnake, The World AU, Gold Expertise, Oreo King Crimson, Manga King Crimson.
F – TIERStandless, Killer Queen, One Extra Time, Anubis, Loopy Diamond, Two Arm Doppio KC, Star Platinum: Stone Ocean, Poisonous Gold Expertise.

King Crimson Requiem

The King Crimson Requiem is a special summon in Stand Awakening that you can get after leveling up to 85. It is a powerful summon with low damage, low cooldowns, and a good escape ability. It is based off of the Diavolo’s King Crimson concept. This summon is unique because it has a scream sound effect when it dies. This sound effect is similar to the cry that Diavolo makes in Golden Wind. The original rarity of this mount was B+, but after the 3x event in A Bizarred Day Modded, the rarity was changed to B.

King Crimson is also the best Stand in the B Tier. It has excellent moves and can deal good damage to your opponents. One of its most impressive abilities is Time Erase, which makes it invisible for a while. This attack makes you able to move around while undetected, which is very useful when you’re losing a fight. Another great move is Flanking Jab, which cancels Time Erase and increases speed by three times. This makes King Crimson an excellent choice for people who don’t want to risk losing the fight, and makes it possible to escape easily when you’re losing.

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